Where the money goes

The Bereavement Counselling Service (South West)12-7-2017
providing appropriate clinical supervision for a team of specialist bereavement counsellors, ensuring safe practice and optimisation of services which are high in demand
Awarded: £1,000

Friends of Diptford School (FODS)3-4-2017
providing equipment to enable young children to increase their IT skills and knowledge in line with those of children in less rural areas
Awarded: £1,995

supporting rehabilitation of ex-offenders, giving them practical life skills to help them engage in their local community and become financially independent, avoiding the cycle of re-offending
Awarded: £2,400

Farm-Able Project23-05-2017
to enhance the quality of life for ex-servicemen and their families by providing access to training, rehabilitation and therapeutic treatment to help improve recovery from mental ill health and increase their skills and confidence
Awarded: £2,096

South Hams Citizens Advice Bureau21-03-2017
to recruit and train young people to become CAB volunteers, enabling them to develop life skills and employability whilst supporting others
Awarded: £4,850

Young Devon16-03-2017
to give young carers the opportunity to try new activities and attend a residential weekend giving them an essential break from the responsibilities of caring and a chance to have some fun with others in the same situation as them
Awarded: £6,770

Moor Trees8-12-2016
training and mentoring volunteers in scientific field methods and techniques to restore and re-create broadleaf woodland, volunteers are unemployed often suffer from isolation and poor social skills
Awarded: £2,000

South Dartmoor Community Energy24-11-2016
to fund support work for people struggling with financial hardship, one to one home visits and drop in session for advise on energy efficiency and fuel poverty
Awarded: £1,400

South Hams Lifestyles24-11-2016
supporting people with disabilities in South Hams, up-skilling and training to help with employment opportunities, for some considering their own business start-up
Awarded: £1,200

giving people with learning difficulties the opportunity to try out and learn new activities which boost their self-esteem, encouraging them to share new experiences and gives them confidence to join in and mix with others
Awarded: £2,000

Farm-Able Project24-11-2016
providing fully supervised placements which are designed to introduce service personnel suffering from Post TraumaticStress Discorder, to new activities, helping to secure employment or become involved in social and community action
Awarded: £5,000

Farm-Able Project19-09-2016
to enhance the quality of life for ex-servicemen and their families by providing access to training, rehabilitation and therapeutic treatment to help improve recovery from mental ill health and increase their skills and confidence
Awarded: £2,000

Food in Community CIC26-07-2016
supporting vulnerable groups in the Totnes and surrounding area with fresh organic produce which has been graded out, therefore eliminating waste and ensuring those that would'nt otherwise be able to afford it can still have a healthy diet
Awarded: £950

Diptford Parish Hall23-03-2016
supporting a computer club in a remote village, to upgrade equipment including broadband and purchase consumables , giving local people access to the internet and for some, particularly older residents, to continue learning new skills such as online banking and communication methods, increasing confidence and community cohesion
Awarded: £1,384

funding towards the salary for a paid member of staff for a charity run solely by volunteers, supporting visually impaired children aged 0 ? 25 years and their families
Awarded: £4,964

South Pool Parish Council28-01-2016
to fund meetings for the community of South Pool to work together to create an emergency resilience plan
Awarded: £250

Stoke Gabriel Cricket Club2-4-2015
to fund a clubhouse in South Hams to provide equipment for indoor activities, helping to encourage elderly members to participate in light exercise and promote a sense of well being, reducing isolation and loneliness
Awarded: £950

Proud2Be Project CIC (P2B)2-4-2015
to encourage social inclusion of LGBT people in rural Devon, raising awareness of discrimination and helping to build greater understanding and acceptance and promoting equality for all
Awarded: £1,000

On Track Education Services4-3-2015
enable a group of young repeat offenders to establish a social enterprise business in bee keeping, learning skills, developing their own self confidence, self esteem and self worth whilst earning an income, selling honey
Awarded: £995

Ivybridge Youth for Christ4-3-2015
to enable volunteers to engage with young people through the provision of a mobile refreshment van to provide a non judgmental point of contact to listen and help give advice with life choices
Awarded: £1,000

Dementia Friendly Parishes around the Yealm3-11-2015
Winner of the Keeping People Safe & Well Volunteer of the Year Award 2015
Awarded: £250

1st Ivybridge Scouts Troop22-10-2015
to support young members of a rural scout group with promotional t/shirts, helping to raise their sense of belonging to the team and identity as a club
Awarded: £300

South Hams Lifestyles21-09-2015
to support a gardening and healthy eating project in the South Hams for people with disabilities or long term health conditions, positive changes to health, wellbeing and energy levels with an emphasise on sharing and supporting each other
Awarded: £750

Youth Genesis Trust Ltd21-09-2015
training for volunteer youth workers supporting young people in Torbay with every day issues they face including health and wellbeing and with an emphasise on employability skills to increase their confidence to find work
Awarded: £900

Grow 4 Good South West Ltd15-06-2015
supporting a project in South Hams which aims to reduce social isolation and the likelihood of offending or re-offending by young people, improving their personal, social and life skills through horticultural work
Awarded: £1,300

Dementia Friendly Parishes around the Yealm26-02-2015
to promote, increase and develop a trained volunteer network supporting people with dementia and their families. Enabling them to remain in the community longer and reduce the number of referrals to GPs, unnecessary admissions to hospital or unplanned emergency admissions or respite
Awarded: £1,000

Newton and Noss Carers Support Group26-02-2015
to continue to provide a invaluable physiotherapist led, gentle exercise class for local residents in a rural area. The classes improve wellbeing health and lifestyle for participants to the extent that they can remain in their own homes
Awarded: £750

SP Fishermen16-06-2014
Fishermen's Equipment Grant
Awarded: £697

Stoke Fleming Youth Club15-04-2014
to support the running of a youth club which has been closed for 4 years, with the area being of low income families this will help young people to meet in a safe environment which will boost confidence, reducing isolation.
Awarded: £1,000

to support a project which enables women from minority ethnic groups on low incomes, to meet on a weekly basis to learn the importance of food hygiene and healthy cooking on a budget, in an environment they feel relaxed and comfortable, increasing their skills and confidence
Awarded: £880

Dartmouth Preschool14-04-2014
supporting a pre-school in an area of high social housing to finance a soft play area to encourage early learning and socialising in a safe environment
Awarded: £1,000

DO Flood27-02-2014
Devon Flood Fund - Emergency Relief Grant
Awarded: £250

Home Start South Hams21-02-2014
To provide practical and emotional support to Armed Forces' families with young children.
Awarded: £5,000

To provide residential arts and craft course for children with sight issues and their families.
Awarded: £2,500

South Hams Lifestyles20-02-2014
to provide raised beds for people with disabilities to continue to take part in gardening activities
Awarded: £1,240

Youth Genesis Trust Ltd20-02-2014
To provide a job club for 16-24 yr olds.
Awarded: £2,465

Dartmouth Yacht Club7-3-2013
To provide an after school Dinghy Sailing and Canoe Club
Awarded: £500

Kingsbridge & District Tinnitus and Hard of Hearing Group7-3-2013
to develop support group for people with hearing problems.
Awarded: £695

Award from Volunteer of the Year 2014
Awarded: £250

Vocal Advocacy4-11-2013
Award from Volunteer of the Year 2014
Awarded: £250

Dance in Devon7-10-2013
To develop a programme of dance activities in four local authority residential homes
Awarded: £29,960

Dartmouth Caring7-10-2013
to fund monthly arts and singing sessions
Awarded: £11,800

Food in Community CIC7-10-2013
To enhance well being by offering new skills and companionship and building community links and support networks.
Awarded: £26,370

Totnes Community Bus Association7-10-2013
To supplement the cost of a new community bus
Awarded: £30,000

activities that will improve the access and enjoyment of the outside environment for children with special needs and their families.
Awarded: £23,300

Dance in Devon21-10-2013
To encourage active older people to take part and take a lead in a high quality creative session and encourage self expression.
Awarded: £3,500

Dartmouth Caring23-07-2013
To provide advice, information and guidance to elderly and vulnerable people particularly in rural areas.
Awarded: £2,000

Food in Community CIC24-06-2013
to develop local food project promoting healthy eating and cooking skills to low income families
Awarded: £3,000

Totnes & Dartmouth Ring & Ride24-06-2013
To buy a laptop to help with admin side of running a ring and ride community service.
Awarded: £1,000

Transition Town Totnes24-06-2013
To provide older and vulnerable people in fuel poverty with advice, support and practical assistance to reduce their energy bills and increase the energy efficiency of their homes.
Awarded: £8,900

Young Devon24-06-2013
to provide a range of respite activities for young carers
Awarded: £5,000

South Devon Multiple Sclerosis Society16-05-2013
to provide physio sessions for people with MS.
Awarded: £1,000

South Devon Special Olympics Gymnastics Club16-05-2013
to provide training working with gymnasts with special needs.
Awarded: £638

Westnell Nursery17-04-2013
Devon Funding Network 2013 payment
Awarded: £3,243

Home Start South Hams18-10-2012
to provide debt adviceand other support to vulnerable families.
Awarded: £3,000

South Brent Recreation Association15-10-2012
To provide sports activities for 14-18 year olds
Awarded: £1,000

South Hams Lifestyles15-10-2012
to fund a Volunteer Support Worker to support our current clients
Awarded: £1,000

Stoke Gabriel Pre-school15-10-2012
to provide a pre-school assistant to make up for short-term drop in pupil numbers
Awarded: £938

Dartington Hall Trust14-03-2012
Awarded: £2,003

Sirona Therapeutic Horsemanship CIC31-01-2012
to purchase public liability insurance in order to provide Therapeutic Horsemanship to a wide range of participants with a variety of psychosocial need
Awarded: £1,335

Dartmouth Caring25-01-2012
to part fund a bridge worker who supports older or vulnerable local people who have difficulty in coping.
Awarded: £2,000

Grow 4 Good South West Ltd25-01-2012
to continue the work of the grow4good group
Awarded: £43,750

to invite the families to a Tactile Art and Craft residential weekend at Ashbury Manor Hotel in Okehampton.
Awarded: £1,000

South Hams Lifestyles3-10-2011
to build upon our already successful programme of Healthy Living sessions
Awarded: £2,100

Ringmore Parish Room26-04-2011
To contribute towards the cost of curtains for the stage and windows.
Awarded: £500

Shaugh Prior Recreational Hall26-04-2011
to purchase chairs for the hall to be used by the drama group and Over 60s Luncheon Club
Awarded: £500

Stoke Gabriel Boating Association1-4-2010
construction of steps to give access at high water to club facilities and boats
Awarded: £1,000

Dartmoor Search & Rescue Team Plymouth1-2-2010
the replacement and upgrading of the teams VHF radios
Awarded: £2,500

Halwell & Moreleigh Village Hall & Recreation Trust1-2-2010
to contribute towards the cost of Phase 2 of the village hall facilities
Awarded: £3,300

Stokenham Pre-School27-09-2010
the replacement of single glazed wooden windows with double-glazing UPVC frames
Awarded: £5,000

Harbertonford Village Hall21-07-2010
to provide a landscaped path from the road down to the hall to enable all users to access the hall and all its activities in safety regardless of the weather and their age
Awarded: £1,000

Kingsbridge & District Local Agenda 21 Group21-07-2010
to meet young people's needs in Kingsbridge by trialing a series of venues as youth café/chill out spaces
Awarded: £1,000

Independent Travellers Advisory & Support (ITAS)19-07-2010
to support and empower members of the new travelling community
Awarded: £5,000

Ivybridge Link and Community Hub19-07-2010
social group for adults with learning disabilities
Awarded: £4,970

South Hams Lifestyles19-07-2010
Helping people with disabilities to live healthy, active, independent lives in the community
Awarded: £5,000

Roborough Pre-school24-05-2010
to update and improve our garden area to cover all our areas of learning, and to add to our indoor sensory equipment
Awarded: £2,000

Cornworthy Allotment Association29-03-2010
communal facilities for Cornworthy Allotment Association's new site
Awarded: £2,000

Roborough Pre-school24-03-2010
to purchase resources improving our areas of learning, in numeracy, science, physical development and senses
Awarded: £831

Ivybridge Visually Impaired Club6-5-2009
to provide support and social events for visually impaired people in Ivybridge
Awarded: £500

Stokenham Parish Hall5-5-2009
to complete the refurbishment of the hall kitchen
Awarded: £1,000

Newton & Noss Network9-3-2009
to cover the costs of the volunteer administrator, and to purchase new software licences
Awarded: £1,500

Paignton Archery Club9-3-2009
to purchase new equipment for the beginners courses including equipment suitable for disabled people
Awarded: £1,900

South Brent Recreation Association9-3-2009
to provide 2nd year of funding for two youth workers to continue youth club provision
Awarded: £2,000

Stoke Fleming Cricket Club9-3-2009
to construct a new cricket pavilion, to enhance sporting facilities on offer in our local community
Awarded: £2,000

Victory Hall Landscove9-3-2009
replacement of worn out kitchen fittings and appliances
Awarded: £2,000

towards continued running of group
Awarded: £5,000

Wembury Allotment Association14-12-2009
to assist all members in the pursuit of allotment gardening as a recreation and to promote health, education and community fellowship
Awarded: £4,163

Loddiswell Playing Fields & Village Hall Trust26-10-2009
to provide equipment and play items for our playpark
Awarded: £2,047

Diptford Playing Field Group21-09-2009
to contribute towards the cost of purchasing and installing a new half pipe skate ramp
Awarded: £2,000

Diptford Pre School21-09-2009
Forest Schools - to bring Forest School sessions to our Pre-School
Awarded: £750

Kingsbridge Playspaces Group21-09-2009
Kingsbridge Steep Slope Adventurous Play Area
Awarded: £5,000

South Brent Village Hall Management Committee21-09-2009
provision of a cinema system
Awarded: £3,000

Wembury After School Club21-09-2009
to provide crucial daily wraparound care for the children in our community
Awarded: £2,797

Cool Recovery14-08-2009
Cool Recovery?s Credit Crunch Emotional Wellbeing
Awarded: £23,726

Plough & Share14-08-2009
to set up a Credit Union shop within Torquay
Awarded: £39,991

Halwell & Moreleigh Village Hall & Recreation Trust30-07-2009
cost analysis by Quantity Surveyor to provide definitive breakdown of construction costs for extension of village hall
Awarded: £564

Bridgetown Alive!29-06-2009
to contribute towards the cost of furnishing the Youth Group with equipment etc, and contributing towards the costs of the playworkers
Awarded: £3,418

Follaton Residents Association29-06-2009
a new outdoor play space for pre-school children
Awarded: £5,000

Harbertonford Primary School Parent, Teacher & Friends Association29-06-2009
to contribute towards the cost of replastering and tiling the swimming pool at the school
Awarded: £1,500

Rethink Plus29-06-2009
To contribute towards the groups premises rent over the next two years
Awarded: £1,000

Totnes Community Festival Group29-06-2009
a celebration of all aspects of community life in and around Totnes
Awarded: £500

Loddiswell Allotment Association21-04-2009
to contribute towards the cost of surfacing the access road and car park at the allotments
Awarded: £850

Kingsbridge Gateway Club26-01-2009
to fund coach hire for the group for 3 years
Awarded: £1,600

Kingsbridge Gateway Club26-01-2009
to fund coach hire for the group for 3 years
Awarded: £500

Trees for Health26-01-2009
to continue to develop and incorporate sustainable woodland management and green woodworking into existing activities
Awarded: £1,000

Warmheart Community Projects26-01-2009
to organise lantern making workshops, for the Totnes Lantern Procession
Awarded: £500

Dartmouth Caring16-01-2009
to replace the catering equipment so we can continue with a successful lunch club
Awarded: £500

to contribute towards the costs of the Warriorkidz sessions
Awarded: £500

Ugborough Youth Group16-01-2009
to purchase two camcorders for the youth group to make short films
Awarded: £490

Friends Of Plymouth Portage8-12-2008
to fund weekly group music sessions for children with severe and complex additional needs
Awarded: £3,500

Ugborough Village Hall8-12-2008
to fund the reconstruction of the wall that is adjacent to the hall and side emergency exit path
Awarded: £2,800

Ivybridge Cricket Club27-10-2008
to provide new indoor cricket mat and cost of coaching courses to extend the number of winter coaching sessions
Awarded: £2,576

Ivybridge Visually Impaired Club27-10-2008
to provide support and social events for visually impaired people in Ivybridge
Awarded: £1,000

Loddiswell Playing Fields & Village Hall Trust27-10-2008
to fit a water heater over the sink at the Village Hall
Awarded: £1,300

Bigbury Memorial Hall19-09-2008
for fire proof curtains and curtain tracking for the hall and stage
Awarded: £3,765

Green Lane Herb Link19-09-2008
for horticultural therapy training
Awarded: £1,867

Soundart Radio Limited19-09-2008
for updating studio equipment for community radio station, with installation and training
Awarded: £4,955

Bittaford Preschool25-04-2008
to assist with moving and running costs
Awarded: £500

South Hams Lifestyles2-11-2007
to support people with disabilities through establishing dog training classes
Awarded: £500

Stoke Gabriel Cricket Club2-11-2007
towards the purchase of a net bay for the players development
Awarded: £500

Wembury Short Mat Bowls Club2-11-2007
to purchase a trolley to carry bowling mats
Awarded: £350

Young Devon2-11-2007
for a volunteer programme for young people to engage in different roles that will then lead on to further education or employment.
Awarded: £10,000

1st Ivybridge Scouts Troop31-08-2007
to enable scouts to take part in outdoor activities and expeditions
Awarded: £2,037

South Hams Citizens Advice Bureau31-08-2007
to provide a debt and benefit advice and information service to young people
Awarded: £4,444

Totnes Youth Space: Access to services Group31-08-2007
to renovate the local Scout Hut in order to use the venue as a meeting place/youth club for 9-13 yr olds from a deprived area
Awarded: £6,952

Ability Sports27-07-2007
to provide a consultation opportunity through Festival Days at four locations across Devon, where participants will be able to sample a variety of disabled sports specially adapted by way of rules and equipment
Awarded: £4,510

Cornwood & Lutton Under 5s Association27-07-2007
to improve pre-school play area with fencing, non-slip slabs and a new wild life area
Awarded: £3,747

Down Thomas Short Mat Bowls Club27-07-2007
to purchase replacement short mat bowls equipment
Awarded: £500

Kingsbridge Dartmouth And Totnes Youth Enquiry Service28-06-2007
to employ a co-ordinator to work with vulnerable young people to equip them with the necessary skills for example to maintain a tenancy, pay bills, access appropriate services
Awarded: £6,982

South Brent Recreation Association28-06-2007
to provide a youth shelter for the children and young people next to the skate park
Awarded: £6,410

Totnes International Youth Awareness Group28-06-2007
to run music and theatre workshops leading up to an evening of eco music events
Awarded: £4,447

Loddiswell Pre-School25-05-2007
to install a safe play area for preschool and community use
Awarded: £7,000

1st South Brent Scout Group27-04-2007
to purchase camping equipment for a newly re-established Scout group
Awarded: £6,315

Blackawton & Dittisham Play Group27-04-2007
for the costs of building a dedicated toilet, washroom and baby changing area to the pre-school building.
Awarded: £6,370

Green Lane Herb Link27-04-2007
to equip and make full use of the class room and its decking area
Awarded: £7,000

to run tennis and yoga programmes for people with learning disabilities
Awarded: £4,986

Diptford Pre School30-03-2007
to establish a preschool provision following a successful pilot project
Awarded: £1,631

Home Start South Hams30-03-2007
for drop-in sessions, a fun day and volunteer training
Awarded: £5,312

Devon Child Assault Prevention23-02-2007
to run an adult and community programme to raise awareness of child protection issues.
Awarded: £7,000

Friends Of Plymouth Portage23-02-2007
to purchase equipment for children with sensory disabilities
Awarded: £3,081

South Brent Village Hall Management Committee26-01-2007
to bring the hall?s fire doors up to safety standards following an accident.
Awarded: £425

South Devon Play Resource Centre26-01-2007
to run a healthy eating course for families with children aged 0-19
Awarded: £3,628

Beehives Under 5's15-12-2006
for the development of an educational garden space for preschool children
Awarded: £4,347

Quayside Judo Club15-12-2006
for the Judo clubs running costs and the purchase of an electronic scoring board.
Awarded: £2,275

Bigbury Memorial Hall27-10-2006
for kitchen equipment for the use of all the community that use the Hall
Awarded: £500

Kingsbridge & Salcombe Hockey Club27-10-2006
to set up Junior Hockey club to encourage children and young people to play sport out of school
Awarded: £2,500

Shaugh Prior Recreational Hall27-10-2006
for new stage lighting for the use of community groups
Awarded: £500

TAG 4 K29-09-2006
to set up a new youth club for under 13s in a Townstal
Awarded: £6,000

Harbertonford Playground Committee28-07-2006
towards the cost of playground equipment for a community play area
Awarded: £4,515

Bidwell Brook Foundation26-05-2006
for a contribution to the running costs of the Kool Club for children who have learning difficulties and physical disabilities
Awarded: £6,000

Bidwell Brook Summer School26-05-2006
for a summer holiday club for children with disabilities ranging from moderate to profound and multiple disabilities
Awarded: £5,930

Green Lane Herb Link30-03-2006
for refurbishment of community garden classroom
Awarded: £4,000

Totnes Young People's Theatre30-03-2006
for an alternative street arts project for hard to reach young people
Awarded: £2,990

Cornwood & Lutton Under 5s Association27-01-2006
to install a kitchen for the use of the preschool, toddler group and the wider community
Awarded: £3,895

Study Support Clubs (Kingsbridge, East Prawle & East Allington)16-12-2005
towards the cost of running an after school study club for children and young people
Awarded: £5,000

Totnes Woodcraft Folk16-12-2005
to purchase arts and crafts equipment for a new Woodcraft Folk group and associated running costs
Awarded: £3,500

Kingsbridge Netball Club28-10-2005
for start up costs for a youth netball team
Awarded: £1,800

for start up costs for a social club for adults with learning difficulties
Awarded: £325

for tennis lessons and indoor games activities for adults with learning difficulties
Awarded: £680

Strete Youth Club29-07-2005
to purchase an outdoor storage facility and CRB check new youth club volunteers
Awarded: £1,086

South West in Grief Support24-06-2005
for a non residential bereavement therapy weekend for 6 families who have recently suffered a bereavement
Awarded: £3,170

Totnes & District Disabled Fellowship28-04-2005
to cover the transport costs of taking 35 people with disabilities to a Spring forum and social meet
Awarded: £250

Youth 4 Youth28-04-2005
for a series of safe, non drug, non alcohol, music/dance events across rural and semi-rural areas of South Devon
Awarded: £7,000

Home Start South Hams1-4-2004
to run an extra 10 Stepping Stones? sessions a year for two years for parents and children who need a support group who live in a deprived area
Awarded: £3,489

Action For Recreation17-12-2004
for the supply and installation of outdoor play area for disadvantaged young people
Awarded: £7,000

Holberton Board and Bike Crew18-10-2004
to make safe and landscape a bike track and playing area
Awarded: £2,090

Dartmouth Youth Committee27-08-2004
To run a programme of dynamic and exciting programmes to be staged at an affordable price for young people
Awarded: £6,851

Purely Play Parent & Toddler Group25-06-2004
to replace broken and worn out toys for the preschool
Awarded: £1,975

South Brent Recreation Association28-05-2004
for 2 part community project is to help children, young people and their families participate more actively in sports
Awarded: £4,427

Kingsbridge Dartmouth And Totnes Youth Enquiry Service26-03-2004
to run a 6 month pilot child bereavement service
Awarded: £7,000

Lee Mill Preschool Playgroup26-03-2004
to make safe an outdoor play area for the children
Awarded: £1,202

Totnes Young People's Theatre26-03-2004
to fund the provision of drama workshops for 'at risk of exclusion children and young people
Awarded: £7,000

Totnes Young People's Theatre27-02-2004
towards the costs pf a programme of art based history activities for local young people
Awarded: £400

1876 Kingsbridge ATC8-5-2003
to purchase camping equipment to enable girls to access the activities
Awarded: £400

Bittaford Preschool20-11-2003
to set up a 'reading and resources centre' with the playgroup
Awarded: £1,500

Friends Of Plymouth Portage20-11-2003
to purchase multi cultural books and play equipment to loan to children with special educational needs
Awarded: £475

Rampless Riders20-11-2003
to resurface the skate park to improve the safety for young people
Awarded: £3,804

Daisy Pre School30-10-2003
to fund a series of 30 out of school workshops that have developed from a community planning and consultation day
Awarded: £4,399

Scoriton Village Hall Committee15-05-2003
to run a drama and music project on "Living in a Rural Community"
Awarded: £1,945

South Hams Play Forum28-02-2003
for three play day events for children and young people from rural communities
Awarded: £3,790

Blackawton Allotment Association31-01-2003
towards the cost of fencing for a developing community composting scheme
Awarded: £250

Wembury After School Club31-01-2003
towards the cost of setting up an After School Club in a area with no other provisions for children and young people
Awarded: £7,000

Devon Child Assault Prevention26-09-2002
to meet the cost of two part time facilitators to deliver a child assault prevention programme and train volunteers
Awarded: £7,000

Rampless Riders27-03-2002
a contribution to the cost of establishing a skate park in Ivybridge
Awarded: £500

Loddiswell Congregational Church28-01-2002
towards the cost of new windows for a space used by the community
Awarded: £250

Ready, Steady, Go!28-01-2002
to replace tables and chairs for the use of a youth club
Awarded: £250

Stoke Fleming Youth Club12-9-2001
to replace the heating system in a community space used by a youth club
Awarded: £500

Dart Sailability Group13-11-2001
towards the cost of specialist equipment to allow people with disabilities access to the boats and activities
Awarded: £400

3rd Totnes Sea Scout Group23-02-2001
Awarded: £100

Dartington Fields Residents Group23-02-2001
Awarded: £200

Dart-Totnes Amateur Rowing Club23-02-2001
towards the cost of participating in 'Project Oarsome' to promote fitness through rowing for the community.
Awarded: £200

Forest Farm Foundation23-02-2001
Awarded: £200

Harbertonford 68 Youth Club23-02-2001
Awarded: £200

Rainbow Group, Cornworthy23-02-2001
Awarded: £50

Totnes Skaters23-02-2001
Awarded: £100