Where the money goes

Devonport Baptist Church12-7-2017
supporting a toddler group, providing a regular meeting place for parents and their young children to meet with other families, encouraging social inclusion, peer support and networking opportunities
Awarded: £2,000

Devon Ability Counts League12-7-2017
contributing to costs to transport disabled young people and adults to regular football fixtures around Devon
Awarded: £2,000

Millfields Inspired12-7-2017
supporting children from the Stonehouse area of Plymouth in accessing activities that will enhance employment opportunities and life chances through being farmers for a week
Awarded: £2,000

OHOB Ltd12-7-2017
addressing refugee isolation through provision of creative workshops to encourage social integration and peer support
Awarded: £1,980

Ark Community Project12-7-2017
encouraging community integration for military families through the provision of a seasonal gardening project
Awarded: £2,000

Plymouth and Devon Schools Sailing Assocation12-7-2017
funding to provide appropriate clothing and items to ensure safe sailing and maximising opportunities for year round sailing for disabled people
Awarded: £3,000

Ford Youth and Community Centre12-7-2017
providing free gym sessions targeted at young people most in need and encouraging attention to be focused away from distraction and negative influence and helping to bring discipline and raise self-esteem
Awarded: £2,000

Horizons Plymouth12-7-2017
supporting training costs for volunteers who provide access to maritime activities for disadvantaged and disabled children
Awarded: £3,000

The Devon and Cornwall Food Association12-7-2017
supporting disadvantaged and vulnerable families by providing a food resource to ensure that those identified as in need in the Stonehouse area have a regular and balanced nutritional diet
Awarded: £1,000

The Devon and Cornwall Food Association12-7-2017
contributing to a pilot project to address food poverty by supporting vulnerable veterans and their families through provision of regular food provision
Awarded: £3,000

Wheelfever Projects CIC12-7-2017
empowering young disabled people to encourage the next generation of disabled dancers by contributing to specialised transport costs to take a group performance to special schools
Awarded: £1,950

Wheelfever Projects CIC12-7-2017
supporting a project which empowers young disabled people to encourage the next generation to get involved with dance,. increasing social integration, confidence and self-esteem
Awarded: £1,995

Broken Puppet Theatre Company4-4-2017
supporting the development of an interactive project to be delivered to community groups which will educate and promote an understanding of invisible and chronic illness, helping to reduce social stigma and isolation for those affected
Awarded: £1,814

Food is Fun CIC4-4-2017
providing cookery schools to families in areas of disadvantage in Plymouth, giving advice on diet and cooking on a budget, helping to encourage healthier lifestyles and bring people together
Awarded: £1,814

Improving Lives Plymouth Ltd4-4-2017
to involve young people in volunteer opportunities to improve the city of Plymouth in the lead up to the Mayflower 400 celebrations in 2020
Awarded: £5,000

Give a Child a Chance4-4-2017
funding the provision of additional activities and more fibre optic lights in the sensory room at the BUD club, supporting young people with behavioural, emotional and mental health needs and their families and carers
Awarded: £1,804

Keyham Green Places3-4-2017
to alleviate loneliness and homelessness by supporting inter-generational craft sessions which will focus on recycling old clothes and textiles which will then be given to homeless people
Awarded: £1,420

Westcountry Hawks Wheelchair Rugby Club3-4-2017
providing mental and physical rehabilitation opportunities for disabled armed forces veterans through wheelchair rugby, helping to build stronger communities
Awarded: £5,000

All Nations Ministries3-4-2017
supporting a drop-in service for homeless and vulnerable people, offering respite and training opportunities and helping to keep them safe and well
Awarded: £2,000

Plymouth Street Pastors3-4-2017
contributing to the salary of a co-coordinator to organise the valuable work of the volunteers that support individuals out at night in Plymouth, ensuring they can walk the streets of safely and with confidence
Awarded: £5,000

Southway Playcare3-4-2017
to support the provision of inclusive play activities for young children from families with complex needs
Awarded: £2,067

Red Velvet Cinema21-09-2017
supporting the setting up of a regular social cinema for older people, addressing social isolation by providing an opportunity to meet with others and encourage general well-being
Awarded: £5,000

The Pensioners & Fifty Plus Action Group19-06-2017
contributing to taxi costs to transport disabled older people to regular group meetings, enabling them to take part in activities, reducing social isolation and improving well-being
Awarded: £1,000

All Nations Ministries19-06-2017
supporting a drop-in service for homeless and vulnerable people, offering advice specific to their needs, essential toiletries, a hot meal and training opportunities; helping to keep them safe and well
Awarded: £1,000

Mutley Greenbank Trust19-06-2017
extending regular youth work activities for disadvantaged young people with a summer programme of outdoor events to encourage healthy exercise and social opportunities
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth & Liskeard Branch of MS Society19-06-2017
supporting Pilates classes for people with MS, helping to improve core strength and providing opportunities for social interaction
Awarded: £1,000

Pregnancy Crisis Care (Plymouth & SE Cornwall)19-06-2017
supporting a free service for people affected by baby loss or pregnancy crisis, providing support and counselling to improve mental health and well-being
Awarded: £1,000

The Devon and Cornwall Food Association5-7-2016
addressing the devastating impact of food poverty, by contributing to essential costs that ensure Plymouth hub food bank continues to support vulnerable families in crisis
Awarded: £1,524

Keyham Green Places12-4-2016
engaging local families in Devonport with activities from IT to craft, building a sense of community support whilst encouraging family togetherness in a fun way
Awarded: £1,000

South West Powerchair Football League12-4-2016
for a wheelchair football club, giving young people with multiple disabilities the opportunity to be part of a team and play a competitive sport, making a huge difference to their quality of life
Awarded: £1,000

Community Health In Keyham12-4-2016
funding for a project in Plymouth supporting people in crisis through mental health problems, user led work responding to individual need
Awarded: £997

Exim Dance Company CIC12-4-2016
for a community group giving young people from deprived areas in Plymouth the opportunity to learn new skills and focus on positive activities, helping to keep them off the streets away from anti-social behaviour
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Heartbeat12-4-2016
for a small, local support group offering rehabilitation exercise sessions for cardiac and stroke patients of all ages, encouraging self help networks between members and increasing wellbeing and resilience
Awarded: £850

Plymouth Street Pastors12-4-2016
supporting the Street Pastors in their work, funding for equipment required for use on the patrols and towards core costs, helping to keep people safe, reducing the need for Police intervention and other emergency services
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Vineyard12-4-2016
a drop-in centrre supporting local families in need, giving essential but basic items such as clothing, bedding, toys and books for the children, whilst bringing people together to support each other, a lifeline for families coping with severe hardship
Awarded: £750

Southway Playcare12-4-2016
for a playgroup in Plymouth, encouraging young people to play together and break down barriers, to help build and create a stronger, local, inclusive environment in a area of deprivation.
Awarded: £1,000

St Budeaux Church Community Hall12-4-2016
supporting a youth group with new equipment, giving youngsters a safe, well supervised place to go, meet friends and engage in positive, fun activities, building confidence and a sense of belonging in the community
Awarded: £765

St Budeaux Youth Club12-4-2016
supporting a youth group with new equipment, giving youngsters a safe, well supervised place to go, meet friends and engage in positive, fun activities, building confidence and a sense of belonging in the community
Awarded: £1,000

Amber Initiatives13-12-2016
working with young people to build resilience and resistance against racism, to tackle discrimination, intolerance and prejudice in educational settings via interactive workshops
Awarded: £24,658

helping to set up a handy person scheme that offers a service carrying out jobs that older, disabled people can no longer achieve safely
Awarded: £2,000

About Time24-11-2016
supporting asylum seekers in Plymouth, teaching them English and welcoming them to a community centre where they can make friends and socialise
Awarded: £1,979

Plymouth Street Pastors24-11-2016
funding to support the work of Street Pastors, keeping people safe and helping to reduce incidents late at night particularly anti social behaviour and alcohol related
Awarded: £2,000

Battling On CIC24-11-2016
training for unemployed veterans to become mentors to work with vulnerable young people with mental health problems
Awarded: £5,000

Write to Freedom23-03-2016
helping young people from disadvantaged backgrounds at risk off engaging in anti social behaviour and/or crime, supporting them to develop strategies to cope with difficult emotions and make positive changes and decisions for their future
Awarded: £3,500

Plymouth and Devon Schools Sailing Assocation23-03-2016
funding a lift hoist to give disabled sailors a safer and more comfortable transfer when boarding their boats, ensuring they get the most from their sailing time, building their confidence and general wellbeing
Awarded: £1,000

Ford Youth and Community Centre23-03-2016
to support young, unemployed people at risk of becoming involved in criminal activity, anti-social behaviour or alcohol and drug misuse, providing structured gym and well-being sessions aiming to make a positive impact on their lives, helping them to make the right decisions for their future, gain training and open work opportunities
Awarded: £2,500

Oasis Project8-4-2015
funding for a 'drop in' centre for people whose first language is not English, offering them language lessons and peer support groups for practical day to day support to enable them to engage and contribute to their community
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Vineyard8-4-2015
working with families in crisis in Plymouth to supply essential baby items, offer advice and support to parents including specialist debt and housing advice, increasing their knowledge and confidence to deal with family challenges
Awarded: £750

St Budeaux Parish Church8-4-2015
to support those affected by addictions in one of the most deprived areas of Plymouth, helping to educate and support individuals and their family members, improving people's physical and mental health, wellbeing and safety
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Hope2-4-2015
for a youth project to work with youngsters from black and ethnic minority groups in Plymouth, organising art, music and sporting activities to encourage social inclusion, building their skills and confidence for a positive future
Awarded: £1,000

About Time2-4-2015
to help run a lunch project twice a week in a deprived area of Plymouth for excluded members of the community, helping to reduce isolation while building confidence and community cohesion
Awarded: £996

Ford Youth and Community Centre2-4-2015
to establish a programme of activities for the local community, helping vulnerable and unemployed people to access services as well as offering the opportunity to engage in volunteering to learn new skills, build confidence and increase social inclusion .
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Heartbeat2-4-2015
helping to promote healthier lifestyles to people living in poverty, encouraging self help networks for a stronger community that supports each other to be more active and make healthier life choices like giving up smoking
Awarded: £500

Wheelfever Projects CIC2-4-2015
to provide a series of training workshops for eight young disabled adults (19-30), who have different learning needs, helping to increase their skills and confidence and riase future aspirations
Awarded: £999

Little Monsters Playgroup2-4-2015
supporting a volunteer led playgroup in a deprived district where there is a high number of young parents, toddlers play whilst the parents get the opportunity to discuss concerns and learn valuable parenting skills
Awarded: £900

All Nations Ministries4-3-2015
provide training to 12 homeless and vulnerable adults at risk of re-offending and or anti-social behaviour and or drug and alcohol abuse with valuable life skills to enable them to improve self-esteem and learn vital life and work skills
Awarded: £1,000

Keyham Green Places CROPS15-12-2015
to address community needs for ex serving and serving personnel in the UK Armed Forces through gardening and cookability classes encouraging self help and peer support, helping to keep people safe and well
Awarded: £1,000

Ford Youth and Community Centre15-12-2015
funding to support a project which engage with unemployed young people in Plymouth encouraging them to attend gym sessions and promote health and fitness, helping to break bad habits, giving them a positive routine and attitude to finding job opportunities
Awarded: £2,000

Friends & Families Of Special Children15-12-2015
funding for a toy library for children with complex health needs, living in deprived areas of Plymouth, creating opportunities for families to play and interact together as well as providing access to expensive equipment for families that live in poverty
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Drake Sea Cadets15-12-2015
to give young people from deprived backgrounds the opportunity of boating experiences and qualifications helping to raise their aspirations and experience a sense of achievement
Awarded: £2,000

Plymouth Foodbank15-12-2015
supporting an organisation that provides essential food parcels to people on low income, together with advice and information on other support agencies where they will get assistance
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Guild of Voluntary Service & VB15-12-2015
for a project offering a range of local volunteering opportunities enabling ex-service personnel and their families to explore what employment suits them and increase the likelihood of them being short-listed when applying for work
Awarded: £5,000

Pregnancy Crisis Care (Plymouth & SE Cornwall)15-12-2015
offering counselling, advice and mentoring for people in crisis during or after pregnancy, helping to improve physical and mental well-being
Awarded: £1,000

Royal Navy & Royal Marines Riding Stables15-12-2015
supporting a project will use equine assisted coaching to work with ex-service personnel recovering from alcohol and substance misuse, giving participants skills to make better choices and gain confidence
Awarded: £5,000

Battling On CIC3-11-2015
Winner of the Sir Eric Dancer Thriving Communities Award 2015
Awarded: £250

The Pensioners & Fifty Plus Action Group21-09-2015
funding to subsidise transport cost of a mini bus to collect older people and take them to their local social club for activities and social events helping to maintain their independence
Awarded: £1,000

Amber Initiatives21-09-2015
funding to support the Eastern European migrant community in Plymouth addressing homelessness which in turn can lead to crime
Awarded: £3,400

Food is Fun CIC21-09-2015
funding to support a healthy diet and cooking skills project for low income families in Plymouth, increasing skills and improving lifestyle choices
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth & Liskeard Branch of MS Society21-09-2015
to fund a support group for people suffering with MS, offering exercise classes proven to help the condition and general wellbeing
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Heartbeat21-09-2015
funding towards exercise sessions by qualified staff for stroke and cardiac patient rehabilitation, helping recovery and encouraging lifestyle changes to ensure healthier futures
Awarded: £1,000

The Island Trust Ltd21-09-2015
for sailing lessons for young people from deprived areas struggling at school, building confidence and personal development, teaching teamwork and responsibility with the opportunity to achieve a certificate in sailing skills
Awarded: £1,000

Ocean City Powerchair Football Club21-09-2015
to help fund equipment for a powerchair football club for disabled people, helping to encourage sport and social inclusion
Awarded: £1,000

Devon & Cornwall Refugee Support16-06-2015
funding for an activities and well being co-ordinator to support refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants in Plymouth, helping to integrate them into the community and reduce isolation and loneliness
Awarded: £3,000

Friends & Families Of Special Children16-06-2015
helping to fund the specialist transport costs needed to take children with special needs on trips, some have to travel with medical equipment, some wheelchairs or specialist prams, giving them the opportunity go out as a family and experience new activities and environments
Awarded: £4,675

Plymouth Street Pastors16-06-2015
to fund the ongoing work of the Street Pastors, working to keep people safe on city streets at night, helping to reduce anti social behaviour and the demand on emergency services
Awarded: £3,000

Battling On CIC16-06-2015
working with young people not in education, employment or training, supporting them in volunteering roles to gain experience a certificate of achievement helping to raise their confidence and future aspirations
Awarded: £9,900

Plymouth and Devon Schools Sailing Association15-06-2015
contributing to the adaptation costs of a sailing boat to accommodate wheelchair users and a crew with mobility challenges, giving them the opportunity to be fully involved, increasing their confidence and sailing skills
Awarded: £3,000

Plymouth Youth Sailing Club15-06-2015
to train volunteers to support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in Plymouth, raising their confidence using maritime activities such as sailing and power boating with a youth work theme, both on the water and in local areas
Awarded: £3,500

Relate Plymouth15-06-2015
supporting Naval personnel with counselling sessions to help with relationship problems and manage separation during deployment, helping to reduce family breakdowns
Awarded: £5,000

Street Factory Community Interest Company15-06-2015
working with young people at risk of anti social behaviour to express themselves in dance, building their confidence and encouraging positive role models and future aspirations
Awarded: £3,320

Ark Community Project26-02-2015
to run a weekly group to benefit mums and babies and two cooking groups, these groups reduce isolation and builds confidence, skills and friendships
Awarded: £813

Exim Dance Company CIC26-02-2015
offering disadvantaged young people in Townstal the chance to work with professional artists and develop new skills (something they would not otherwise experience because of the rurally isolated location of Dartmouth) helping to build their aspirations and confidence
Awarded: £1,000

Ford Youth and Community Centre26-02-2015
to engage with 50 hard to reach youths at risk of offending through anti social behaviour, drug and alcohol abuse, given individual targets with Gym instructors they work to channel energies and promote healthier lifestyle choices
Awarded: £3,000

Friends & Families Of Special Children26-02-2015
to provide bespoke support services for 50 families with profoundly disabled children in and around Plymouth, helping to reduce their isolation and provide respite for carers
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Sports Academy26-02-2015
for a mentoring project giving 80 people from disadvantaged areas, particularly young people not in education, employment or training, the opportunity to learn new skills, gain a qualification to increase their employability and lifestyle choices
Awarded: £1,411

Shout It Out Learning Project26-02-2015
for adult literacy sessions for those who are not ready to commit to formal college lessons, giving them confidence in their own ability, volunteer tutors work on a one to one basis, helping to raise aspirations and the potential to be less excluded from local activities
Awarded: £947

St Budeaux Church Community Hall26-02-2015
to enable the Friday evening Get Active games night to take place by replacing all the panes of glass in the lower hall with reinforced safety glass. This group provides a warm safe environment for young people that provides a worthwhile activity and raises aspirations.
Awarded: £950

Battling On CIC26-02-2015
to run a series of workshops for young people either within the youth offending system or at risk of entering it. These workshops work to to reduce antisocial behaviour and address individual barriers that cause disruptive behaviour and dis-engagement from education and training
Awarded: £1,000

Devon and Cornwall Furniture Reuse Project26-02-2015
supporting individuals, groups and families in Plymouth, needing help due to a range of issues they face which can include, drugs and alcohol misuse, offending, anti-social behaviour, crime and the fear of crime. The volunteers are long term unemployed, going through drugs and alcohol rehabilitation helping to improve lifestyle choices by working to refurbish furniture to be sold to low income families
Awarded: £3,000

Plymouth Heartbeat17-02-2015
to distribute mugs and hot chocolate to vulnerable older people at risk during the winter cold weather and to also to provide access to a community room and produced leaflets about keeping warm in the winter
Awarded: £499

Simply Counselling4-9-2014
donor directed grant to fund specialist counselling sessions
Awarded: £20,000

Tamerton Young Leisure Group12-3-2014
to support the Tamerton Foliot youth club giving the local youngsters a sage place to meet and get involved in activites
Awarded: £1,000

New 4 You19-11-2014
Award from Volunteer of the Year 2014
Awarded: £250

Special Olympics Exeter & District19-11-2014
£250 award from Volunteer of The Year
Awarded: £250

Horticultural Therapy Trust9-10-2014
to work with people to aid their recovery from mental ill health providing physical and mental exercise, learning, new skills and improving self esteem.
Awarded: £2,992

Plymouth Mind9-10-2014
for training 120 people in Plymouth, increasing awareness of the needs of people at risk of suicide, to improve recovery from mental ill health and increase knowledge and skills
Awarded: £850

to increase the capacity of the group to offer specialised wheelchairs (giving members greater access to nature) and to increase mobility, confidence and social inclusion
Awarded: £1,000

Parochial Church Council of Stoke Damerel Church9-10-2014
for people who are learning disabled to run a community cafe to gain valuable work experience and confidence and to raise their future aspirations for getting into work.
Awarded: £500

Devon and Cornwall Furniture Reuse Project9-10-2014
to provide essential household goods to those facing hardship, disadvantage and social exclusion, living in areas identified as high deprivation helping to reduce poverty.
Awarded: £5,000

Give a Child a Chance9-10-2014
enabling 50 families who have children affected by mental ill health to come together for activities, knowledge and skills sharing, to help improve lifestyle choices, provide support for carers and increase confidence
Awarded: £1,795

Unite - Carers In Mid Devon13-10-2014
for a trip to increase the skills and confidence of the amazing volunteers, providing respite and thanking them for the work they do to reduce isolation for carers in Mid-Devon
Awarded: £560

South Devon Aspergers Group13-10-2014
to give families with children who have learning disability an opportunity to come together for activities for both children and parents to provide respite and support for carers, increased knowledge and confidence.
Awarded: £1,000

RNPSLO Jack and Jills Pre-schools13-10-2014
for 125 adults and children from military families to go together on a farm visit, building a support network to reduce isolation, increase confidence and social inclusion
Awarded: £2,146

Farm-Able Project13-10-2014
to enhance the quality of life for ex-servicemen and their families by providing access to training, rehabilitation and therapeutic treatment to help improve recovery from mental ill health and increase their skills and confidence
Awarded: £5,000

Ford Youth and Community Centre23-06-2014
supporting unemployed young people an opportunity to engage in activities, learn new skills and volunteer, giving them valuable experience to put on their CV's, raising their self esteem and approach to work to increase their chance of employment
Awarded: £4,976

Horizons Plymouth23-06-2014
supporting Horizons (Plymouth) a user led voluntary organisation working with disabled and disadvantaged young people aged 8 to 18 from the Devonport, Stonehouse and Keyham areas of Plymouth, enhancing their life opportunities through a programme of waterborne activities which raises their confidence and future aspirations
Awarded: £3,000

Plymouth Drake Sea Cadets23-06-2014
helping a project to support sea cadets with uniform and foot wear for the juniors unable to afford their own kit, enabling them to feel a sense of belonging and not be stigmatised for dressing differently
Awarded: £638

Battling On CIC23-06-2014
for an innovative project where veterans work with some of the hardest to reach most disaffected young people creating a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship that helps improve the mental health and well being of both groups
Awarded: £30,000

Devon and Cornwall Furniture Reuse Project23-06-2014
for a crisis support service in Plymouth responding to families in need with the provision of furniture and white goods at low affordable prices or free of charge for families in extreme hardship, helping people to fight poverty and keep a home, also giving long term unemployed volunteering / training opportunities
Awarded: £3,978

Port of Plymouth Canoeing Association23-06-2014
supporting the Port of Plymouth Canoeing Association with safety equipment for their youth section allowing youngsters unable to provide their own equipment to be included and experience this sport, building their confidence and future aspirations
Awarded: £1,920

i-grow inclusion community interest company27-05-2014
offering a supportive environment for people with mental health issues that are unemployed, encouraging them to meet new people and engage in activities that will benefit them directly, resulting in the breaking down of barriers and fears
Awarded: £2,000

North Prospect Community Learning and Development group15-04-2014
supporting people in an area of high levels of deprivation and disadvantage, particularly 'hard to reach' and vulnerable individuals, raising aspirations and encouraging healthier lifestyle choices through various physical activities, and reducing dependence on social services
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth & Liskeard Branch of MS Society15-04-2014
continuing to support people with MS by helping them with light exercise (tai chi), providing expert advice, helping to reduce isolation, boosting confidence and social inclusion
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Cricket Club15-04-2014
to encourage more young girls and women into cricket, embedding the game into the culture of the Plymouth and Devonport communities and provide a safe, positive coaching environment that enables girls to take up the sport as a lifelong pursuit and raise their future aspirations
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Sports Academy15-04-2014
to provide weekly fitness activities, cross generation nutrition advice sessions, equipment and materials for the local youth group all of which will culminate in a community festival in Keyham Park, ultimately providing local residents with lasting information, tools and resources leading to improved healthy lifestyles and promotion of community cohesion
Awarded: £1,000

Southway Playcare15-04-2014
to promote inclusion in a deprived district of Plymouth by bringing together parents with preschool children from different backgrounds and with diffrent needs, breaking down barriers within the community, encouraging families with children with physical and behaviour issues to promote acceptance and awarenes of diversity and understanding the importance of inclusion and peer support
Awarded: £1,000

St Budeaux Church Community Hall15-04-2014
to provide equipment and toys for pre-school sessions and a youth club, giving the very young and teenagers a safe, secure place to come together within an area of high deprivation resulting in improved community cohesion and raising individual aspirations
Awarded: £885

Work Skills South West15-04-2014
for a project which offers individuals with learning difficulties and disabilities the opportunity to try ten different multi-therapeutic activities from eco arts to team building in a woodland environment whilst creating a network of friends that will continue to meet and enjoy their favourite activities
Awarded: £1,000

Memory Matters South West CIC15-04-2014
to increase independence and confidence, support the development of friendships, offer peer support and tackle stigma for people with dementia through the day club which provides a full day's therapeutic activity with others with the same condition and to give some respite for their carers
Awarded: £948

Battling On CIC14-04-2014
supporting a project that will train ex-service personnel to become peer mentors to helping those struggling with the transition process and provide them with the camaraderie and support network they feel they have lost, raising their confidence an reducing isolation
Awarded: £935

Hope Baptist Church Lunch Club14-04-2014
to purchase kitchen equipment for a community lunch club which provide hot meals for 60-70 members each month, bringing older people together for a meal, for many that live alone this is a rare treat that they look forward to
Awarded: £646

Plymouth Musical Activities Club26-02-2014
To provide opportunities for young people to access music tuition
Awarded: £1,500

Embroiderers' Guild Plymouth21-02-2014
To provide running costs for volunteer group supporting local older women.
Awarded: £500

Plymouth Street Pastors21-02-2014
To provide consumables for volunteer night-time street pastors' patrol teams.
Awarded: £2,000

Plymouth Vineyard21-02-2014
To support the Children's Storehouse, providing help to families with young children in need.
Awarded: £600

Key Stop Luncheon Club20-02-2014
To provide a weekly lunch club for older people.
Awarded: £3,964

West Country Hawks Wheelchair Rugby Club20-02-2014
To support equipment and running costs for wheelchair rugby club.
Awarded: £1,845

Ocean City Powerchair Football Club20-02-2014
to support powerchair football club
Awarded: £1,845

Plymouth Foodbank29-01-2014
To provide emergency food, practical and emotional support to people in short-term financial crisis.
Awarded: £3,711

Alzheimer's Society16-01-2014
to support a pilot project for a memory cafe in Plymouth
Awarded: £3,000

Welcome Hall Ltd3-6-2013
ensuring the twice weekly lunch club for the over 50's is able to continue by helping to pay the for room hire and activities
Awarded: £1,000

About Time7-3-2013
To develop volunteer timebank.
Awarded: £4,986

Food is Fun CIC7-3-2013
to provide cookery sessions to disadvantaged children.
Awarded: £1,500

Morvargh Sailing Project7-3-2013
to provide youth development voyages for disadvantaged young people.
Awarded: £3,000

Plymouth CAB7-3-2013
to support people facing fuel poverty
Awarded: £1,250

Plymouth Sports Academy7-3-2013
To provide sports coaching and a sports day for young people in Stonehouse.
Awarded: £1,000

Whiz Kidz7-3-2013
to provide after-school business clubs for young people.
Awarded: £1,500

Stonehouse Play Space Association4-12-2013
To support some of the most disadvantaged young people in areas of rural deprivation.
Awarded: £12,400

Work Skills South West4-12-2013
Awarded: £13,500

Plymouth Mind20-11-2013
To run a pilot project supporting young people at risk of self-harm.
Awarded: £1,330

Pregnancy Crisis Care (Plymouth & SE Cornwall)7-10-2013
The project will focus on supporting mothers and partners to process bereavement caused through miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death and any other form of baby loss.
Awarded: £30,000

Special Olympics Plymouth and District7-10-2013
Provide year-round sport coaching, training and competition for adults and children with Learning Disability, regardless of their ability.
Awarded: £30,000

Her Majesty's Schools Heroes28-10-2013
Awarded: £250

Awarded: £250

About Time21-10-2013
To encourage more asylum seekers, elderly people and disabled people to work together to tackle problems together, and have a healthy social network.
Awarded: £2,420

Devon & Cornwall Refugee Support21-10-2013
To part fund senior caseworker role supporting refugees and asylum seekers.
Awarded: £4,500

Exim Dance Company CIC21-10-2013
To fund a weekly dance class for young people with disabilities.
Awarded: £1,000

Ford Youth and Community Centre21-10-2013
To support young people engage in their communities and to keep fit by providing exercise classes.
Awarded: £5,000

Keyham Kolts Youth FC21-10-2013
To cover costs of training volunteer coaches and equipment for inner city football team.
Awarded: £2,100

Plymouth Carers Forum21-10-2013
To run craft sessions for carers to reduce feelings of isolation.
Awarded: £500

Work Skills South West21-10-2013
To boost the self esteem and confidence whilst helping to improve physical health of children suffering with mental health issues, behavioural problems and/or learning disabilities.
Awarded: £3,500

Alzheimer's Society23-09-2013
To pilot a memory cafe for Armed Service veterans with dementia
Awarded: £5,247

Friends of Devonport Park27-06-2013
To run a community gardening project for elderly people from local care homes and disability groups.
Awarded: £650

5th St Budeaux Guides24-06-2013
To expand the guides outdoor skills and improve their confidence by camping
Awarded: £1,000

Devon Schools Sailing Assocation24-06-2013
To replace four small inflatable support boats
Awarded: £1,000

Horticultural Therapy Trust24-06-2013
To develop a community food growing horticultural project within the community gardens of Keyham Green Spaces
Awarded: £4,970

Our Place Our Base Ltd By Gurantee24-06-2013
To provide youth workers on the streets to engage hard to reach young people.
Awarded: £500

To hold a community fayre and consultation into the use of local green space.
Awarded: £750

Plymouth Youth Sailing Club24-06-2013
To help steer young people away from crime.
Awarded: £2,980

Tamerton Young Leisure Group24-06-2013
To help pay the rent that of a youth club meeting space at a Community Centre.
Awarded: £500

The Island Trust24-06-2013
To provide sail training voyages for disadvantaged young people from Plymouth during summer 2013
Awarded: £4,000

Plymouth Street Pastors23-05-2013
to provide support to ensure people are safe when out at night.
Awarded: £500

DL Devonian14-05-2013
To purchase a Trekker Breeze? (GPS sat nav) to assist with independent mobility for individual with visual impairment.
Awarded: £325

1 St.Budeaux Girl Guides14-05-2013
To provide a camping trip for girl guides
Awarded: £1,000

197 (Devonport) Squadron Air Training Corps14-05-2013
To fund radio hand sets to be used for cadet training and to ensure safety during activities on Dartmoor.
Awarded: £1,000

Action Group For Halcyon14-05-2013
To provide activities in neighbourhood facing regeneration.
Awarded: £1,000

All Nations Ministries14-05-2013
To provide activities and support to women asylum seekers and refugees
Awarded: £1,000

Ark Community Project14-05-2013
To expand parent and toddler group.
Awarded: £1,000

Belliver FC14-05-2013
To provide kits, equipment and venues for training for the two under 9's and 10's football teams.
Awarded: £400

BETWABU Association14-05-2013
To buy equipment for an African youth project.
Awarded: £1,000

Community Regeneration Outreach Projects14-05-2013
To pay for a garden supervisor to facilitate a group with special needs and keep our gardens clean, tidy and safe for general use.
Awarded: £1,000

Embroiderers' Guild Plymouth14-05-2013
To provide equipment and a printer
Awarded: £600

ETTA Plymouth Life Centre Community Table Tennis Club14-05-2013
To support running costs of a table tennis community group in Plymouth.
Awarded: £1,000

Ford Youth and CommunityCentre14-05-2013
Towards the cost of part-time salaries, rent, rate, utilities, security and insurance.
Awarded: £1,000

Fotonow (Community Interest Company)14-05-2013
To work with young people in Devonport in developing a short project that enables participants to feel a part of the wider community.
Awarded: £1,000

Friends of Freedom Fields Park Plymouth14-05-2013
To support annual week long community festival with a majority of events being held in Freedom Fields Park.
Awarded: £1,000

Friends Of Plymouth Portage14-05-2013
To provide summer outing and replace sensory equipment for chidlren with disabilities.
Awarded: £1,000

Horizons Plymouth14-05-2013
Towards the cost of employing a Youth Worker/Sailing Instructor
Awarded: £1,000

Horticultural Therapy Trust14-05-2013
To provide after school club specialising in horticulture skills.
Awarded: £1,000

Key Stop Luncheon Club14-05-2013
The grant will be used to support the Key Stop Lunch Club which we run on Mondays.
Awarded: £1,000

kidz space14-05-2013
To create a quiet area within the project
Awarded: £1,000

Maple Court Residents14-05-2013
To buy a new electronic bingo machine. P A System etc. for the elderly residents of Maple Court.
Awarded: £600

The National Autistic Society Plymouth Adult Asperger's Branch14-05-2013
to cover rent and training costs and equipment.
Awarded: £1,000

New 4 You14-05-2013
To purchase equipment for the youth group.
Awarded: £1,000

Playback Theatre South West14-05-2013
To explore mental health issues through art to help build trust and support networks.
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Carers Forum14-05-2013
To run a series of workshops to support carers in terms of informing them on the new benefits system.
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Deaf Childrens Society14-05-2013
To train two members to gain Level 2 British Sign Language qualifications, including full certification.
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Hope Football Club14-05-2013
To pay for the venue and trophies the festival and launch of refugee week.
Awarded: £1,000

To purchase Judo equipment for the new satellite club.
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Scout & Guide Gang Show14-05-2013
To purchase shirts and sound equipment
Awarded: £1,000

Plympton "Moving On" Stroke Club14-05-2013
To purchase equipment and games
Awarded: £750

Plymstock Community Forum14-05-2013
To buy equipment to help with community forum meetings.
Awarded: £503

Pregnancy Crisis Care (Plymouth & SE Cornwall)14-05-2013
to continue to offer free impartial, confidential advice and support to those in any pregnancy related crisis
Awarded: £1,000

Simply Counselling14-05-2013
to fund specialist counselling sessions.
Awarded: £1,000

Sport Taekwondo Plymouth14-05-2013
To help the club progress to the next level by purchasing specific equipment.
Awarded: £1,000

St Budeaux Youth Club14-05-2013
To expand outdoor activities for the youth club.
Awarded: £1,000

St Levan Park Neighbourhood Watch14-05-2013
To provide events throughout the year for the local community.
Awarded: £1,000

St. Pancras Church14-05-2013
To provide equipment for a community bus.
Awarded: £1,000

Stoke Damerel Cooking Club14-05-2013
To provide an after-school cooking club.
Awarded: £1,000

street factory community interest company14-05-2013
To purchase a dance uniform.
Awarded: £1,000

Surplus WEEE CIC14-05-2013
To support costs for refurbishment and recycling of IT equipment to support local community with affordable technology.
Awarded: £1,000

Tamerton Foliot Football Club14-05-2013
To cover running costs and extra venue hire forfootball club.
Awarded: £1,000

The Blurt Foundation CIC14-05-2013
To support those affected by depression by training 'mentors'.
Awarded: £1,000

The Devon and Cornwall Food Association14-05-2013
The grant will be used to pay volunteer expenses to enable the band of vital volunteers to be able to carry on collecting the 'waste food' to then distribute to community projects.
Awarded: £1,000

The Plymouth Ice Skating Club14-05-2013
To help with general running costs of the club to ensure that membership is kept low.
Awarded: £1,000

Time Out For All14-05-2013
to contribute towards four day trips for our members.
Awarded: £1,000

WAVES PLYMOUTH Community Interest Company14-05-2013
To fund the Waves project to enable memebers to enter 'plymouth in bloom'
Awarded: £819

Whiz Kidz14-05-2013
To purchase a computer to help provide training and employability skills for young people.
Awarded: £1,000

Simply Counselling17-04-2013
Devon Funding Network 2013 payment
Awarded: £4,328

Plymouth CAB22-01-2013
To provide support to people suffering from fuel poverty.
Awarded: £1,250

Jeremiah's Journey5-9-2012
To develop the Stepping Stones project which supports young people (primary and secondary school aged) who have a parent with a terminal illness.
Awarded: £30,000

Plymouth Foodbank5-9-2012
To provide person-centred holistic support to individuals in financial crisis in Plymouth by developing the advice and information capacity of the Plymouth Foodbank through a worker dedicated to that task.
Awarded: £30,000

The Pensioners & Fifty Plus Action Forum2-8-2012
To produce a monthly newsletter to highlight the issues facing older people.
Awarded: £550

Plymouth and Devon Schools Sailing Association2-8-2012
to provide courses in sailing and power boat handling for up to ten volunteers.
Awarded: £1,000

Friends & Families Of Special Children2-8-2012
To provide a day out of activities for children of all ages and disabilities as well as young carers.
Awarded: £1,000

HOPE (Plymouth) Credit Union Ltd2-8-2012
To increase awareness of the credit union's advice and support services
Awarded: £1,000

Mutley Greenbank Trust2-8-2012
to provide activities and opportunities for young people to engage in sporting activities in an innovative way
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth & District Shore League2-8-2012
To set up junior angling competition
Awarded: £500

Plympton Amateur Boxing Club2-8-2012
To purchase boxing equipment to continue running boxing club
Awarded: £1,000

Strictly Collaborative2-8-2012
To bring disabled and non disabled people together in Plymouth through art.
Awarded: £1,000

Tamerton Young Leisure Group2-8-2012
to pay the rent for six months at the community centre
Awarded: £1,000

Awarded: £550

Wheelfever Projects CIC7-6-2012
to employ a manager to sustain the growing work and to pay for services that will create sustainability
Awarded: £9,600

Efford Community Vision6-6-2012
to run a programme of events and activities for the local communities
Awarded: £1,000

Operation Emotion 2 CIC6-6-2012
to employ someone to develop services provided for men who have been sexual abused
Awarded: £7,800

for a Community Fun Day young peoples' Dream-scheme Project.
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Sports Academy6-6-2012
to provide a three month social streets project
Awarded: £3,620

Sunshine Marina Association6-6-2012
for coach trips and equipment
Awarded: £1,000

Grow 4 Good South West Ltd1-5-2012
Awarded: £5,000

to provide disadvantaged young people with the opportunity to be both creative and experience a new sport
Awarded: £510

CoastNet - not trading5-3-2012
to provide weekly CoastClub sessions for disadvantaged young people at risk of exclusion from education in Devonport.
Awarded: £4,615

Devon & Cornwall Refugee Support7-2-2012
to develop and run training for local asylum seekers to help them address anger management issues
Awarded: £1,000

Honicknowle Play Scheme7-2-2012
to provide a much needed service in the school holidays for children who would otherwise be at risk of, or involved in Anti- Social Behaviour
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Foodbank7-2-2012
to provide training opportunities for staff/volunteers and liaise with other agencies and forums to ensure that foodbank recipients are signposted appropriately
Awarded: £5,000

Plymouth CAB29-11-2012
to alleviate winter related hardship
Awarded: £833

Work Skills South West29-11-2012
to provide eco adventure and volunteering opportunuties for hard to reach young people.
Awarded: £4,800

South West Media Group28-11-2012
To provide grants for £ for People campaign
Awarded: £10,000

South West Media Group28-11-2012
To provide grants for £ for People campaign
Awarded: £10,000

Horticultural Therapy Trust23-10-2012
to continue past therapeutic work with children and young people who are at risk of engaging in, or already engaging in, anti social behaviour
Awarded: £2,000

Plymouth Communities Befriending Consortium23-10-2012
To launch Waves as a CIC after the success of it's pilot project.
Awarded: £2,000

Naval Area Community Organisation17-10-2012
to provide summer activities for children of Service families.
Awarded: £3,304

Community Regeneration Outreach Projects15-10-2012
To hold An Event on November 5th to encourage families to attend and offer a safe place to go and see the firework displays that are put on by different organisations around the city.
Awarded: £500

Friends & Families of Deployed Units (FAFDU)15-10-2012
to provide 4 trips for service families.
Awarded: £2,940

Her Majesty's Schools Heroes15-10-2012
to provide support and mentoring to children of Service Families.
Awarded: £5,000

Horizons Plymouth15-10-2012
to provide after-school sailing clubs
Awarded: £5,000

Horizons Plymouth15-10-2012
to provide RYA sailing courses for young people.
Awarded: £1,230

Plymouth Argyle Football in the Community Trust15-10-2012
To give young people the opportunity to be involved with activities that they learn leadership roles and take on the coaches? roles.
Awarded: £818

Plymouth Street Pastors15-10-2012
To help Plymouth Street Pastors to continue its support for vulnerable people across the city of Plymouth and the town of Torpoint.
Awarded: £2,300

Plymouth Street Pastors15-10-2012
To help Plymouth Street Pastors to continue its support for vulnerable people across the city of Plymouth and the town of Torpoint.
Awarded: £500

street factory community interest company15-10-2012
To run a Saturday free session for the whole community of plymouth, where all our dance teachers volunteer and teach dance to community members from 2yrs to 100yrs.
Awarded: £500

City of Plymouth Credit Union24-09-2012
To part fund a worker to train and manage volunteers.
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Focus Advice Centre24-09-2012
to train volunteers to provide free debt advice.
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Vineyard24-09-2012
To provide new and good quality second-hand equipment, clothing and toys, as well as emergency food parcels to benefit children from disadvantaged families living in Plymouth.
Awarded: £1,000

Shout It Out Learning Project24-09-2012
To cover running costs of the community learning workshop.
Awarded: £1,000

St Barnabas Tenants Association24-09-2012
to fund the cost of carers to accompany elderly residents on 4 coach trips.
Awarded: £1,000

The Island Trust18-07-2012
To provide two weeks of sail training experience for twelve students aboard our sail training vessel.
Awarded: £2,720

Oasis Project14-06-2012
To support 15 people with learning difficulties or poor mental health to improve their quaility of life by participating in the Oasis project as volunteers.
Awarded: £500

Pelican Children's Centre14-06-2012
to create a large mosaic mural at a Children's centre
Awarded: £500

Plymouth Multilingual Families14-06-2012
To continue running monthly meetings in Plymouth helping multilingual families in Plymouth.
Awarded: £600

50+ Carers Support & Social Group25-04-2012
to continue to run a support group for 50+ carers
Awarded: £1,000

About Time25-04-2012
to help expand services and add a female only language class
Awarded: £995

All Nations Ministries25-04-2012
to hold a Plymouth Unity Festival
Awarded: £997

All Stars Theatre Group25-04-2012
to perform a show and provide rehearsals to help become more involved in local events and promote social inclusion
Awarded: £1,000

Belliver Boys under 11s25-04-2012
towards kit and equipment
Awarded: £1,000

BETWABU Association25-04-2012
Awarded: £1,000

Cafe Vision25-04-2012
to train a councillor as a "friend who'll listen" and provide extra equipment for various classes
Awarded: £1,000

Community Regeneration Outreach Projects25-04-2012
to pay for a qualified supervisor in environmental conservation to encourage a group of volunteers to make more of their local environment
Awarded: £1,000

Courtlands Special School25-04-2012
to provide outdoor activities which promote, self-esteem, social skills, co-operative play and team work, and a sense of belonging
Awarded: £1,000

Cruse Bereavement Care Plymouth25-04-2012
towards cost of room hire in order to have a space in which to address peoples bereavement needs
Awarded: £1,000

Ford Youth and CommunityCentre25-04-2012
towards core costs to sustain and build on programme of activities available to the local community
Awarded: £1,000

FOTONOW (Community Interest Company)25-04-2012
towards a youth photography project exploring plymouth's past and present diving history, working with Barne Barton community
Awarded: £1,000

Friends of Freedom Fields Park Plymouth25-04-2012
to take an active role in improvements to the park
Awarded: £1,000

Horizons Plymouth25-04-2012
to help disadvantaged and disabled people in Plymouth have access to sailing opportunities
Awarded: £1,000

Keyham Kolts Youth FC25-04-2012
to fund coaching courses for volunteers and equipment
Awarded: £1,000

The National Autistic Society Plymouth Adult Asperger's Branch25-04-2012
to provide evening support group for autistic people, parents and carers
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth & Liskeard Branch of MS Society25-04-2012
to hold an exercise class or tai-chi class in a local church hall in Plymouth
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Deaf Childrens Society25-04-2012
to provide regular coffee mornings in conjunction with a resources library for families of deaf children
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Hope Football Club25-04-2012
to organise a tournament and a family fund day and purchase kits to start an under 12 team
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Musical Activities Club25-04-2012
to provide a music group for young people using music as a tool to develop personal and social skills
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Pisces25-04-2012
to fund a swimming gala
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Senior Citizens Forum25-04-2012
to provide Tai Ch sessions in residential homes and other venues
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Trophyman Football Club25-04-2012
towards the costs of running the club, including training for volunteer coaches and CRB checks
Awarded: £1,000

Plymstock Community Forum25-04-2012
towards the costs of the Plymstock festival
Awarded: £699

Pregnancy Crisis Care (Plymouth & SE Cornwall)25-04-2012
to continue to offer free impartial, confidential advice and support to those in any pregnancy related crisis
Awarded: £1,000

Railway Beacon Youth Football Club25-04-2012
for running costs to cover Training facility hire, CRB, Child protection, First Aid & Training courses
Awarded: £1,000

to organise and run Rambles/ Days out for Physically disabled people
Awarded: £1,000

Simply Counselling25-04-2012
to fund specialist counselling sessions.
Awarded: £1,000

Sport Taekwondo Plymouth25-04-2012
to buy protective equipment and training aids
Awarded: £668

St Budeaux Youth Club25-04-2012
to continung running a much needed youth club
Awarded: £1,000

St. Budeaux Church Friday Fellowship25-04-2012
to take our members on outings more often over the summer months
Awarded: £1,000

Stonehouse Action25-04-2012
to host a street party helping to bring the community together
Awarded: £1,000

street factory community interest company25-04-2012
to provide community dance classes for the whole community, building bridges, promoting community cohesion
Awarded: £1,000

Time Out For All25-04-2012
to provide monthly activity days for children with special needs
Awarded: £1,000

Wheelfever Projects CIC25-04-2012
to support five disabled young people to be included in the performance of a dance piece with Plymouth Youth Dance Company when the Olympic Torch makes its overnight stop in Plymouth in May 2012
Awarded: £1,000

Whitleigh Open Spaces Project (W.O.S.P)25-04-2012
to hold two events with a Whitleigh Olympics theme to bring community members together
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth CAB22-02-2012
Awarded: £825

Stonehouse Play Space Association31-01-2012
to purchase sports equipment to enhance the provision of activities at the outdoor play sessions that we operate in disadvantaged communities both after school and during school holiday periods
Awarded: £420

1st Keyham Scout Group25-01-2012
To help to refurbish and replace the ageing kitchen equipment and units
Awarded: £500

Calstock Outreach Table Tennis Club25-01-2012
to develop our club to provide the opportunity for a disadvantaged group from the Plymouth area to take part in regular sporting and social activities with a local community.
Awarded: £450

Crossline Plymouth25-01-2012
To provide a face to face and telephone line counselling service
Awarded: £2,000

Embroiderers' Guild Plymouth25-01-2012
To continue with our programme of embroidery learning.
Awarded: £500

Friends of Devonport Park25-01-2012
To run a music and picnic in the park aimed at members of the armed forces who live in the surrounding area
Awarded: £1,000

Morvargh Sailing Project25-01-2012
for Sail Training to advance the education and employability of young people
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth CAB25-01-2012
£825 to be paid to Plymouth CAB as part of the Surviving Winter partnership agreement
Awarded: £825

Plymouth Musical Activities Club25-01-2012
to provide a music group for young people between the ages of 9 -18 to help develop personal and social skills
Awarded: £1,578

Shout It Out Learning Project25-01-2012
to pay core costs of Shout It Out weekly literacy and drama sessions for non-readers, and improvers
Awarded: £648

St Barnabas Tenants Association25-01-2012
To be able to go on coach trips by funding carers to accompany us.
Awarded: £590

The Plymouth Laryngectomy Club (PLC)25-01-2012
To assist with the ongoing rehabilitation of our Club Members
Awarded: £445

To fund the hire of local training facilities.
Awarded: £500

for on going running costs in order to fufil social needs, health and wellbeing
Awarded: £2,758

Downham Special School Fund24-01-2012
to purchase a fixed in the ground basket ball hoop with padding for the upright.
Awarded: £225

Plymouth Storm Wheelchair Basketball Club24-01-2012
to purchase wheelchairs to ensure the basketball club is accessible to all
Awarded: £1,600

About Time9-5-2011
to pay the rent, to buy additional food, and a CD player for the language classes and to pay for transport for women with small children and volunteer expenses
Awarded: £4,990

Plymouth Senior Citizens Forum9-5-2011
to contribute towards the newsletter costs, trips out and Tai Chi
Awarded: £3,250

Shout It Out Learning Project9-5-2011
To publish a book of the work produced by the group for the members and provide a showcase for friends and family.
Awarded: £5,000

St Budeaux Friday Drop In9-5-2011
To provide a healthy living programme, by introducing exercise, healthy eating and by taking part in arts and craft.
Awarded: £5,000

To allow the group to start new healthy eating and exercise classes
Awarded: £3,300

1st Keyham Scout Group8-4-2011
to purchase additional outdoor cooking equipment
Awarded: £810

5th St Budeaux Guides8-4-2011
to purchase 4 tents for camps to replace old and worn out equipment
Awarded: £1,000

Activ8 For Carers8-4-2011
to provide transport for trips for the groups
Awarded: £999

All Nations Ministries8-4-2011
to contribute towards a 2 day community festival to bring the community together
Awarded: £1,000

All Stars Theatre Group8-4-2011
to provide workshops to work with adults with learning disabilities to help teach them life skills
Awarded: £5,000

BETWABU Association8-4-2011
to provide music sessions for young people
Awarded: £1,000

Brake Farm Residents Association8-4-2011
to run an activity group and a lunch club on a weekly basis at Whinbank Road
Awarded: £950

City of Plymouth Amateur Swimming Association8-4-2011
to contribute towards the running costs of the club including the purchase of medals for members
Awarded: £800

Colebrook Community Association8-4-2011
to contribute towards the cost of an outdoor shelter for local people
Awarded: £727

Community Regeneration Outreach Projects8-4-2011
towards venue hire, development manager, sessional tutors to facilitate the workshops, publicity and refreshments.
Awarded: £1,000

Cruse Bereavement Care Plymouth8-4-2011
to contribute towards the costs of hiring rooms to run The Listening Post
Awarded: £500

Devonport District Guides8-4-2011
To purchase additional tents for the group.
Awarded: £1,000

Embroiderers' Guild Plymouth8-4-2011
to purchase a reconditioned computer from PC World for the use of the Branch and contribute towards rent
Awarded: £1,000

First Steps Pre-School8-4-2011
to buy more play equipment such as 4 bikes and push along toys, safety mats and a playmat for the group
Awarded: £1,000

Ford Youth and CommunityCentre8-4-2011
to contribute towards the running costs of the group
Awarded: £1,000

Friends of Devonport Park8-4-2011
to fund the Weapons of Sound performance and workshop
Awarded: £1,000

Friends of Downham House8-4-2011
to contribute towards the purchase of a new spa/hydro pool for the group
Awarded: £1,000

Friends of Freedom Fields Park Plymouth8-4-2011
to help develop a community garden project
Awarded: £1,000

Friends Of Plymouth Portage8-4-2011
to purchase new specialist toys and equipment that will help the Portage Home visitor plan individual activities for children receiving the service
Awarded: £1,000

Key Stop Luncheon Club8-4-2011
to contribute towards the costs of the group including trips, additional equipment and to run new exercise classes
Awarded: £2,776

Keyham Methodist Community Centre8-4-2011
to develop the Friday craft group to provide a safe space for local people to engage in craft activities and healthy cooking and socialise without feeling threatened
Awarded: £1,000

Leigham Community Association8-4-2011
to board up and paint broken windows and replace the lock on the main door
Awarded: £1,000

Manadon Masonic Widows Association8-4-2011
To purchase a PA system with microphone for the group
Awarded: £500

Mayflower Sailing Club8-4-2011
to purchase additional equipment, fuel and spare parts
Awarded: £1,000

Merchant Navy Association Plymouth & District8-4-2011
to hold a commerative day for vetran seafarers in 2012
Awarded: £1,000

Onward Community Group Ltd8-4-2011
to contribute towards creating a week-long series of activities to be enjoyed by residents and visitors to the area
Awarded: £1,000

Operation Emotion 2 CIC8-4-2011
to provide training and facilitation on social enterprise and sustainability
Awarded: £900

Pembroke Youth Service8-4-2011
to contribute towards the cost of holding an event for young people using the Royal Wedding
Awarded: £902

Pendeen Residents Association8-4-2011
to purchase a laptop computer and printer also a dongle with monthly airtime
Awarded: £1,000

Playback Theatre South West8-4-2011
to contribute towards the running costs of a series of workshops for refugees and asylum seekers
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth & District Netball League8-4-2011
to run workshops on websites, funding and press for the members
Awarded: £560

Plymouth & Liskeard Branch of MS Society8-4-2011
to contribute towards the cost of the monthly meetings and twice yearly parties
Awarded: £830

Plymouth Foodbank8-4-2011
to support volunteers across the range of abilities to contribute and if possible increase their involvement in the Foodbank
Awarded: £5,000

Plymouth Hope Football Club8-4-2011
to contribute towards the running costs of the club
Awarded: £970

Plymouth Roller Hockey Club8-4-2011
to purchase new/additional equipment to help the club to function better and therefore raise greater awareness of this sport
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Senior Citizens Forum8-4-2011
to provide refreshments to members at the annual summer picnic and Christmas party
Awarded: £1,000

Power Pack8-4-2011
to contribute towards taking members on 3 day trips to Plymouth Music Zone
Awarded: £675

Pregnancy Crisis Care (Plymouth & SE Cornwall)8-4-2011
to cover the cost of employing the Centre Manager for an additional 2 hours per week
Awarded: £1,000

Pregnancy Crisis Care (Plymouth & SE Cornwall)8-4-2011
to contribute towards extending the hours of the Centre Manager
Awarded: £5,000

Railway Beacon Youth Football Club8-4-2011
to purchase new equipment for the group
Awarded: £1,000

Reach Community Project8-4-2011
to provide emergency food parcels to recipients in the North of Plymouth
Awarded: £1,000

Samaritans of Plylmouth, East Cornwall & South West Devon8-4-2011
to purchase a ceiling mount and projector screen to enable training
Awarded: £879

to contribute towards running a Disability Activity Day
Awarded: £1,000

Shout It Out Learning Project8-4-2011
to contribute towards the cost of running the weekly literacy and numeracy skills activities
Awarded: £1,000

SHPG Watersports Trust8-4-2011
to develop an ?Activity Roadshow? that would take a range of outdoor adventure and street games to a series of locations during the summer period
Awarded: £1,000

St Barnabas Tenants Association8-4-2011
to provide carers to assist residents on trips and outings
Awarded: £560

St Pauls Court Residents Association8-4-2011
to cover the cost of installing a broadband connection, and funding additional computer courses
Awarded: £700

Sunshine Marina Association8-4-2011
to contribute towards a trip out to Street, and to purchase a sound system
Awarded: £1,000

Tamerton (Fraser & Linton) Residents Company Ltd8-4-2011
to purchase a natural climbing frame for the childrens play area in the park
Awarded: £1,000

Tamerton Village Players8-4-2011
to help with funding for two part time leaders to facilitate the new TVP-Y group
Awarded: £1,000

Tamerton Young Leisure Group8-4-2011
to purchase new equipment to start a girls disco project
Awarded: £600

Time Out For All8-4-2011
to cover the costs of 5 trips for the group
Awarded: £1,000

Time Out For All8-4-2011
to contribute towards taking the members on a trip to the Calvert Trust
Awarded: £5,000

Unique Baton Twirlers8-4-2011
to cover the costs of hiring a local sports hall for the group
Awarded: £1,000

to contribute towards the costs of holding a Fun Day Barbecue Festival
Awarded: £1,000

Wheelfever Projects CIC8-4-2011
to contribute to the groups running cost
Awarded: £980

to purchase equipment and materials to enable to the group to continue
Awarded: £900

Youth Matters (Plymouth)8-4-2011
to purchase additional equipment for the group
Awarded: £972

50+ Carers Support & Social Group12-4-2011
To contribute towards the groups running costs allowing their services to continue.
Awarded: £2,000

Plymouth Hope Football Club12-4-2011
to implement the club development plan and address new identified needs among beneficiaries and the community
Awarded: £4,991

St Budeaux Youth Club12-4-2011
to purchase new equipment and materials
Awarded: £1,000

Ivybridge Caring11-3-2011
to expand the befriending service to include area around ivybridge in villages and hamlets
Awarded: £500

Pregnancy Crisis Care (Plymouth & SE Cornwall)11-3-2011
to provide an external training to support advisors
Awarded: £500

DMB Forum Neighbourhood Association8-2-2011
to purchase rocksalt for use during ice/snow
Awarded: £200

to alter the window in the disabled toilet to allow hoist to be fitted
Awarded: £175

Pendeen Residents Association8-2-2011
to hire a larger hall for the group plus transport, refreshments and entertainment
Awarded: £200

PL9 Association8-2-2011
to purchase a Wii console for the residents
Awarded: £200

Plymouth Deaf Childrens Society8-2-2011
To take deaf children and their families to the theatre
Awarded: £200

Pregnancy Crisis Care (Plymouth & SE Cornwall)8-2-2011
To contribute towards sending the centre manager on a Post-abortion support training course
Awarded: £200

St Budeaux Church Community Hall8-2-2011
To purchase a Baby Changing Station for the hall
Awarded: £200

Grab a Bite to Eat11-2-2011
to contribute towards holding a Christmas meal for local elderly residents
Awarded: £400

Plymouth CAB21-12-2011
Individual application to Surviving Winter to receive a grant.
Awarded: £125

Plymouth CAB20-12-2011
£1500 to be paid to Plymouth CAB as part of the Surviving Winter partnership agreement
Awarded: £1,250

Plymouth Communities Befriending Consortium2-12-2011
WAVES is a city centre drop-in shop providing support and opportunities for over 50?s.
Awarded: £29,100

Grow 4 Good South West Ltd19-12-2011
Flow through funding from MArcelle to Grow4 Good
Awarded: £5,000

This project will provide a part time community worker to develop a box scheme for homeless young people aged 16-25 in Plymouth.
Awarded: £30,000

All Nations Ministries3-10-2011
Weekly 'drop in' sessions for homeless and destitute people
Awarded: £996

Plymouth Albion Wheelchair and Community Rugby Club3-10-2011
to initiate regular club sessions in Plymouth and other areas in the county.
Awarded: £3,206

Plymouth Vineyard20-10-2011
children's Storehouse provides practical support to disadvantaged families with young children living in Plymouth
Awarded: £2,000

Chaddlewood Farm Community Association11-10-2011
to buy more tables for the groups to use
Awarded: £250

Cruse Bereavement Care Plymouth11-10-2011
to run training courses
Awarded: £1,000

Stonehouse Play Space Association26-09-2011
to continue the provision of the Play Rangers project during our winter delivery period
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Cricket Club26-09-2011
he project will provide regular engagement with the ASR and non citizen communities, providing disadvantaged communities with opportunities they currently do not have
Awarded: £5,055

Pregnancy Crisis Care (Plymouth & SE Cornwall)26-09-2011
to part fund the Centre Manager's salary for the next 6 months
Awarded: £2,500

Horizons Plymouth30-08-2011
Awarded: £500

All Nations Ministries19-05-2011
to strengthen family relationships and improve community links between people of different ages, social backgrounds and race.
Awarded: £1,574

Stoke Damerel Parish Centre26-04-2011
To install a lamp post type of light at the top end of the lane which would enhance the access and reduce the threatening atmosphere
Awarded: £500

Playback Theatre South West31-03-2011
Awarded: £4,059

to fund the weekly sporting activities of a group of young offenders
Awarded: £944

Volunteers Community Project17-01-2011
placements of volunteers with learning difficulties/low level mental health issues into community projects city wide
Awarded: £475

Plymouth United Sheltered Housing Forum3-9-2010
hire of large venue for open members meeting to encourage involvement and provision of a thanks for all their hard work, dinner & entertainment
Awarded: £600

Group for Arts in Swilly (GAS)9-8-2010
to provide arts and cultural opportunities and activities in North Prospect to residents
Awarded: £900

2339 (Plymstock & Mount Batten) Sqn Air Training Corps12-7-2010
provide adventure training equipment to allow young people to actively participate in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award scheme and other outdoor recreational activities
Awarded: £2,500

50+ Carers Support & Social Group12-7-2010
a social inclusion project providing carers breaks
Awarded: £3,800

Family Learning Activity Group (FLAG)12-7-2010
to help a novice group of mums, dads and residents gain the skills to provide trips, learning and leisure activities for people living in the same community
Awarded: £3,792

Friends of Devonport Park12-7-2010
to pay for some members of the volunteer gardening group to be trained/qualified to RHS Gardening Standard
Awarded: £4,300

Hindu Community Southwest (UK)12-7-2010
community support and development for Hindu community in Plymouth
Awarded: £750

Just Fine12-7-2010
to provide new exercise equipment for the group
Awarded: £4,259

Marlborough Tenant & Resident Association12-7-2010
To develop three unused patches of land into community gardens
Awarded: £1,850

Plymouth Greek School12-7-2010
tackling social exclusion and poverty
Awarded: £2,000

Plymouth Kolts Junior Football Club12-7-2010
to assist the club in achieving Charter Standard status and support the development of new teams including girls
Awarded: £2,500

Plymouth Musical Activities Club12-7-2010
music group for young people between the ages of 9 to 18 which uses music as a tool to develop young people's personal and social skills
Awarded: £4,000

Plymouth Natural Health & Healing Centre12-7-2010
replacement of central heating boiler
Awarded: £1,875

Symbiotic Dance Theatre CIC12-7-2010
To produce 'Don't Mention the Gorilla!', a project that uses the emotive power of the arts to explore issues associated with mental health and challenge attached social stigmas
Awarded: £2,500

Tamerton Village Players12-7-2010
the rehearsal and performance of a major musical production for Tamerton Village Players, to include all members of the group (children and adults) and performance of the show in a major city venue
Awarded: £1,500

Windmill FC12-7-2010
Football club involving members of the community in sport
Awarded: £2,500

Education Through Expeditions1-6-2010
to inspire and educate children globally about world climate change and to do so through interactive expeditions and related school outreach work
Awarded: £4,000

1st Crownhill Scout Group7-4-2010
to purchase a trailer and give the group independence and make the them more sustainable
Awarded: £999

1st Keyham Scout Group7-4-2010
to purchase archery equipment to make an, elite, expensive, hard to access sport, more accessible to young people in a deprived area.
Awarded: £825

2nd Plympton Boys' Brigade7-4-2010
to run 2 sessions of a 'Drug proof your kids' course
Awarded: £720

About Time7-4-2010
To pay for additional rent for female-only class.
Awarded: £998

All Nations Ministries7-4-2010
to encourage young adults between 18 - 25 to take part in a sporting activity to reduce isolation, loneliness, stress and anti social behaviour
Awarded: £995

All Stars Theatre Group7-4-2010
to replace equipment
Awarded: £1,000

Brake Farm Residents Association7-4-2010
to purchase new equipment for the group to help with the Keep Fit sessions
Awarded: £608

Chaddlewood Farm Community Association7-4-2010
to purchase matting and boxing equipment
Awarded: £1,000

City of Plymouth Amateur Swimming Association7-4-2010
to contribute towards purchasing trophies and paying for training courses
Awarded: £750

Community Regeneration Outreach Projects7-4-2010
in response to members request, this grant would pay for a yoga teacher, room hire, admin and publicity
Awarded: £980

Contrasting Horizons7-4-2010
for cost of the premises to be able to continue to provide After School Kafe drop in facility
Awarded: £1,000

Crossline Plymouth7-4-2010
to train more telephone listeners, take on more counsellors and provide a better service in general
Awarded: £1,000

Cruse Bereavement Care Plymouth7-4-2010
To contribute towards the running costs of the group.
Awarded: £1,000

Devon Schools Sailing Assocation7-4-2010
to fund RYA training courses
Awarded: £1,000

DMB Forum Neighbourhood Association7-4-2010
to provide open air seating for residents
Awarded: £1,000

Dramatic Results! Group7-4-2010
to purchase specialist portable sound and lighting equipment
Awarded: £995

Efford Christian Fellowship7-4-2010
to buy equipment to improve and enhance our youth facilities
Awarded: £710

Embroiderers' Guild Plymouth7-4-2010
to contribute towards the cost of purchasing materials and professional tutor fees
Awarded: £850

Ford Youth and CommunityCentre7-4-2010
funding for core costs to sustain and build on programme of activities available for local community
Awarded: £1,000

FreeSpirit Youth Project7-4-2010
to provide a children's club run by young volunteers for 2 hours a week
Awarded: £1,000

Ham House Social Club7-4-2010
to encourage older people to participate in support and feel that they are part of a group to combat loneliness and isolation
Awarded: £1,000

Islamic Centre for Plymouth & Cornwall7-4-2010
for a computer and ongoing costs for the children's group
Awarded: £1,000

Key Stop Luncheon Club7-4-2010
the continuation of a holiday club for older people in the area and to provide simple sporting activities during the week
Awarded: £1,000

Laira Green Trust7-4-2010
to purchase outdoor play equipment
Awarded: £1,000

Mayflower Sailing Club7-4-2010
To purchase three launching trolleys for the toppers and other equipment to allow all cadets to get involved and encourage team work, build confidence and improve skills safely
Awarded: £1,000

New Plymouth Forum7-4-2010
to put on some extra events for members
Awarded: £983

North Corner Residents Association7-4-2010
to provide computers and IT access for community use
Awarded: £1,000

Operation Emotion 2 CIC7-4-2010
to contrinute towards the running costs of the group
Awarded: £890

Parkinson's Disease Society Plymouth & District7-4-2010
to start a new exercise class
Awarded: £1,000

PfS Plymouth7-4-2010
to offer 45 young people the chance to have fun together, raise self esteem and create some positive memories through outdoor adventure, and participation in the Blue Mile Event
Awarded: £1,000

Plym Tae Kwon Do7-4-2010
for safety kits for sparring sessions
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Argaum Rugby Club7-4-2010
we would like to purchase a full lit and also a pitch/spectator barrier for training and games
Awarded: £883

Plymouth Cricket Club7-4-2010
to purchase two new sight-screens for the club
Awarded: £850

Plymouth Deaf Childrens Society7-4-2010
To give deaf children the opportunity to take part in Horse Riding, this will allow them to meet and form relationships with other deaf children to prevent loneliness and isolation, it will also give them confidence
Awarded: £930

Plymouth Disabled Bowlers Club7-4-2010
to purchase five sets of coloured bowls and eight pairs of Bowls shoes
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Ghana Link7-4-2010
to contribute towards the cost of holding the first Ghana Week
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Heartbeat7-4-2010
to purchase an industrial treadmill
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Hope Football Club7-4-2010
to fund a football festival tournament day
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Marjon Netball Club7-4-2010
to further train coaches to a higher qualified standard to allow activities to continue
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Senior Citizens Forum7-4-2010
to a celebrate the 65th anniversary of the end of World War ll, and 15 years of the Plymouth Senior Citizens Forum voluntary service to the 50+ community
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Trophyman Football Club7-4-2010
to contribute towards the running costs of the club
Awarded: £1,000

Plymstock Community Forum7-4-2010
towards the costs of an annual community festival
Awarded: £1,000

Plymstock Road Runners7-4-2010
to continue holding a cross country event, involving 7 primary Schools, to purchase additional equipment and enhance coaching experience
Awarded: £1,000

Plymstock United Colts7-4-2010
to purchase new safety equipment and maintenance equipment
Awarded: £1,000

Power Pack7-4-2010
we would run a series of activities to support young disabled, their siblings and their parents
Awarded: £990

Pregnancy Crisis Care (Plymouth & SE Cornwall)7-4-2010
increase people's awareness of our services by advertising on three LCD screens at Derriford Hospital
Awarded: £1,000

Railway Beacon Youth Football Club7-4-2010
to part fund the purchase of new kits for 6 of the 8 teams
Awarded: £903

Reach Community Project7-4-2010
to continue and expand the services currently provided
Awarded: £1,000

to contribute towards the cost of a new trailer
Awarded: £1,000

Shakespeare FC7-4-2010
to purchase new kit for the teams and cover the cost of hiring the training facility
Awarded: £1,000

SHPG Watersports Trust7-4-2010
we would like to develop an "Activity Roadshow" that would take a range of outdoor adventure and street games to young people In various locations
Awarded: £1,000

St Budeaux Church Community Hall7-4-2010
For activity equipment
Awarded: £596

St Budeaux Youth Club7-4-2010
for youth club equipment
Awarded: £1,000

St Pauls Court Residents Association7-4-2010
to purchase a laptop to set up a silver surfers club
Awarded: £1,000

Tam Fu House Residents Association7-4-2010
to run classes to improve basic English to allow residents to integrate better with the wider community
Awarded: £1,000

Tamar Grow Local CIC7-4-2010
for the enhancement of a recently established allotment site
Awarded: £500

Tamerton Young Leisure Group7-4-2010
to contribute towards the costs of providing trips for the group
Awarded: £1,000

Thames Gardens Residents Association7-4-2010
to buy picnic tables to encourage park members to use new facilities
Awarded: £965

The Plymouth Forum7-4-2010
to contribute towards the core running costs of the group
Awarded: £1,000

Time Out For All7-4-2010
to contribute towards the costs of day trips for the group
Awarded: £1,000

Unique Baton Twirlers7-4-2010
to purchase new dance shoes for the troupe
Awarded: £1,000

Vine House Social Group7-4-2010
purchase a selection of equipment which will enable the group to provide stimulating and fun activities as soon as possible
Awarded: £1,000

Whiteford Road Tennis & Badminton Club7-4-2010
towards the cost of free coaching sessions
Awarded: £700

to fund the cost of taking the group out on fun trips to local attractions
Awarded: £880

Contrasting Horizons1-4-2010
drop in café open after school Tuesday and Thursday 3.30pm until 4.45pm
Awarded: £2,500

Ford Youth and CommunityCentre1-4-2010
relief with core-funding to underpin delivery of the existing programme
Awarded: £5,000

Old Suttonians LFC1-4-2010
to provide quality football coaching and team play for girls up to age 11 in the deprived areas of Plymouth northwest locality, where no such facilities currently exist
Awarded: £2,000

Plymouth Drake Sea Cadets1-4-2010
to get young people aged between 10 and 17 participating in fun, adventurous activities on the water
Awarded: £3,000

Plymouth Hope Football Club1-4-2010
to provide and deliver sport and recreational activities and implement the social inclusion of our primary beneficiaries
Awarded: £1,000

Plymouth Multilingual Families1-4-2010
to promote, foster, encourage and celebrate linguistic and cultural diversity in Plymouth
Awarded: £2,000

Plymouth Senior Citizens Forum1-4-2010
community work for 50+
Awarded: £2,000

Pregnancy Crisis Care (Plymouth & SE Cornwall)1-4-2010
offer free confidential advice/support/counselling/pregnancy testing for anyone facing pregnancy related crisis
Awarded: £4,974

Real Steel1-4-2010
to promote the music of steel pan within and around the Westcountry and represent our community
Awarded: £2,500

South Asian Society1-4-2010
research, develop and create a 21st Century integrated cultural festival for Plymouth using the 'Mela'
Awarded: £5,000

St Pauls Court Residents Association1-4-2010
purchase of TV, DVD/video player and Wii machine, games, films and cabinet for storage
Awarded: £1,500

Sunshine Marina Association1-4-2010
to contribute towards the yearly costs of trips for the group
Awarded: £2,000

Voices for Change1-4-2010
young people led drama group giving voices to crucial issues in Plymouth
Awarded: £5,000

The Ecotherapy Project9-2-2010
to develop the project to allow more people to participate with a wider range of needs
Awarded: £4,840

Park Pharmacy Trust10-2-2010
complete the refurbishment of Park Pharmacy Trust's second Victorian chemist's shop and them use the rebuilt shop for recall and reminiscence sessions and as a meeting place for local friendship clubs
Awarded: £5,000

Oasis Project15-10-2010
to run healthy cooking on a budget classes for young people and thereby increase healthy living, raise aspirations, encourage job seeking though other market activities in the centre and support young people at a disadvantage in the job market
Awarded: £1,480

Oasis Project15-10-2010
To provide more literacy, numeracy, ICT and ESOL tuition to the local community.
Awarded: £28,500

Laira Green Trust4-1-2010
to support the preschool and wrap around care for children
Awarded: £1,500

developing Young Artists' own cross-disciplinary artistic discussion and collaboration to help Young Artists to be independent of professional artists
Awarded: £2,152

Chaddlewood Farm Youth Drop In20-09-2010
To support and encourage all drop-in members to develop positive skills and make positive contributions for the benefit of all
Awarded: £1,150

HOPE (Plymouth) Credit Union Ltd20-09-2010
to enable the merger of Fortress Credit Union and Hope Credit Union
Awarded: £2,462

North Corner Residents Association20-09-2010
conversion of two adjacent garages into a community space for residents
Awarded: £2,500

Plym Youth Forum20-09-2010
to provide security in order to provide a safe environment for Saturday night activities organised for young people in the Community Centre
Awarded: £1,134

Stonehouse Glass Football Club20-09-2010
To buy a new kit, footballs and some training aids
Awarded: £750

Strictly Collaborative20-09-2010
'24 hours in a day' will be a performance created and performed by Strictly Collaborative
Awarded: £4,300

Woolwell Table Tennis Club20-09-2010
to contribute towards the training of four volunteers to qualify as UKCC table tennis coaches and the cost of providing professional coaching
Awarded: £928

Yealm Old Boys Football Club20-09-2010
replacement of essential equipment to ensure continuance of football team for years to come
Awarded: £1,200

St Barnabas Tenants Association25-08-2010
to fund coach trips to include all tenants
Awarded: £500

Amber Initiatives21-07-2010
we are applying for a grant to a community-based prevention project for vulnerable children and young people
Awarded: £1,000

Chronic Pain Support Club19-07-2010
to support chronic pain sufferers and carers
Awarded: £900

Heart of Efford Community Partnership24-05-2010
continue being able to run Keep Fit Club for the community
Awarded: £900

SHPG Watersports Trust19-05-2010
Get Activated - a project to provide challenging and healthy activities for young people
Awarded: £5,000

BETWABU Association17-05-2010
to organise a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Democratic Republic of Congo Independence on Saturday 3rd July 2010
Awarded: £3,000

Chaddlewood Farm Community Association17-05-2010
local residents who have some IT skills and wish to advance activities with PowerPoint projector
Awarded: £1,050

Chaddlewood Farm Community Association17-05-2010
to renew and improve the condition and safety of the community centre, in order to encourage the educational and social activities of local residents of all ages
Awarded: £3,454

PL9 Association17-05-2010
provision of equipment for elderly tenants
Awarded: £500

SWIFT Interventions17-05-2010
a group work pilot to empower trauma sufferers
Awarded: £3,000

5th St Budeaux Guides30-04-2010
we need help with transport and activities for the girls to go to camp
Awarded: £900

Friends of Titchy Park22-03-2010
to ensure Titchy Park will continue to be usable available and accessible for recreation by residents of North Prospect
Awarded: £4,790

Parkinson's Disease Society Plymouth & District22-03-2010
to deliver a much needed new exercise class for people with Parkinson's in Plymstock
Awarded: £2,500

Plymouth Disabled Bowlers Club22-03-2010
purchase of two motors to be fitted to bowling buggies for disabled players
Awarded: £5,000

Time Out For All22-03-2010
to provide monthly activity sessions for children with special needs, siblings and parents/carers enabling families to have the opportunity for socialising and companionship
Awarded: £5,000

Friends of Devonport Park22-02-2010
to purchase gardening tools and equipment
Awarded: £528

Oasis Project15-02-2010
a project to prepare people for employment in a computer-based world in a supportive environment
Awarded: £4,675

Pendeen Residents Association15-02-2010
to purchase a TV, DVD and Wii console
Awarded: £900

Colebrook Community Association25-01-2010
new safety doors with disabled ramp, and bring toilets up to standard health and hygiene
Awarded: £5,000

Crossline Plymouth25-01-2010
to provide a face-to-face counselling service and telephone listening line
Awarded: £5,000

Embroiderers' Guild Plymouth25-01-2010
our intention is to further the knowledge of those already involved in embroidery and to introduce the art to those who think that they have no access to an embroidery teaching facility within the Plymouth area
Awarded: £882

Plymouth Foodbank25-01-2010
Providing tinned and dried food and listening/support service for Plymouth people in a financial crisis.
Awarded: £5,000

Plymstock United Colts25-01-2010
improving and maintaining standards and equipment at Plymstock United Colts
Awarded: £2,740

St Budeaux Church Community Hall25-01-2010
to modernise the kitchen in the lower hall and bring it up to Health & Safety standards
Awarded: £5,000

St Levan Park Neighbourhood Watch Scheme25-01-2010
To enhance the usage and enjoyment of our local community's green space
Awarded: £4,000

Stoke Youth & Community Centre25-01-2010
to fit a modern gas condensing boiler and central heating system
Awarded: £1,500

Tamerton Foliot Football Club25-01-2010
General club duties and enhanced services
Awarded: £1,500

multi-cultural women's group
Awarded: £1,910

Cattewater Pilot Gig Club2-3-2009
to purchase a gig trailer, boat covers and additional oars for the club
Awarded: £5,000

Friends & Families Of Special Children2-3-2009
to provide opportunities, support and social/leisure activities for young carers
Awarded: £4,900

to contribute towards the running costs of the club including purchasing new equipment, toys and games
Awarded: £3,000

Plymouth Deaf Childrens Society2-3-2009
To fund workshops for deaf children and their families on communication equipment access and family communication and interaction
Awarded: £5,000

Power Pack2-3-2009
to provide a seaside holiday for young wheelchair users and their families: building family support
Awarded: £5,000

Simply Counselling2-3-2009
to provide a high quality accessible counselling service to those living in areas of deprivation in Plymouth which they can afford
Awarded: £5,000

Stoke Damerel Parish Centre2-3-2009
to improve access for partially sighted and disabled users
Awarded: £2,200

Tamerton Young Leisure Group2-3-2009
to fund the summer activities of the youth club during the summer holidays
Awarded: £4,000

The Friendly Club2-3-2009
to reduce isolation and loneliness for mature residents offering a range of activities and outings in the Keyham area in a friendly venue
Awarded: £913

Wheels on Water2-3-2009
to provide sailing for young disabled adults in the Plymouth area
Awarded: £5,000

Friends & Families of Deployed Units (FAFDU)7-12-2009
the FAFDU is a support group for the Naval Community offering support for families of deployed units
Awarded: £2,200

Railway Beacon Youth Football Club7-12-2009
to provide youth football opportunities for girls and boys of all ages from all social backgrounds
Awarded: £3,333

Thames Gardens Residents Association7-12-2009
to purchase various items of office equipment and equipment to enable outdoor events
Awarded: £2,500

Shout It Out Learning Project18-12-2009
promotion of adult literacy through creative writing and drama
Awarded: £900

St. Gabriel's Church Plymouth14-12-2009
convert a small cloakroom into a kitchen and a vestry into a coffee/meeting room
Awarded: £1,341

Plymouth & District Netball League18-11-2009
increasing youth membership by providing taster opportunities and incorporating training for young volunteers to assist in the further development of the junior league
Awarded: £2,422

Plymouth Heartbeat9-10-2009
to purchase exercise equipment for the group for sessions with people with mental health problems
Awarded: £600

2nd Southway Guide Company19-10-2009
enabling girls to camp and partake in national and regional celebrations for the Girl Guiding Centenary
Awarded: £1,260

Austin Farm United Football Club19-10-2009
football club for the under 16's
Awarded: £1,000

BETWABU Association14-09-2009
2 days of community celebrations of black culture showcasing BME artists
Awarded: £2,000

Chaddlewood Farm Youth Drop In14-09-2009
a drop in for young people to meet on Wednesday evenings to take part in a range of sports, arts and personal development activities
Awarded: £2,000

Disabled Tenants Action Group (DTAG)14-09-2009
Member meetings and newsletter to help our group communicate with each other and the management committee
Awarded: £3,915

Kurdish Exile Centre14-09-2009
To educate the wider community the benefits of living in a culturally diverse society
Awarded: £4,800

Leigham Community Association14-09-2009
to cover the cost of purchasing and installing two new emergency exit fire doors to comply with current Health & Safety legislation
Awarded: £2,099

we are a young people's planning group who plan and organise children and young people's activities for the Respect Festival
Awarded: £900

Shekinah Mission14-08-2009
a bespoke training programme focussing on fitness and healthy living for vulnerable, unemployed young adults in Plymouth
Awarded: £28,500

Second Battery Kolts23-07-2009
to cover the costs of training one of the coaches to Level 3 FA Coaching Certificate
Awarded: £400

Key Stop Luncheon Club14-07-2009
Luncheon Club, trips and holiday activities for older people.
Awarded: £1,000

Efford Youth Football Club22-06-2009
to regenerate and continue youth football in the Efford community
Awarded: £1,000

Key Stop Luncheon Club22-06-2009
Luncheon Club, trips and holiday activities for older people.
Awarded: £1,000

Keyham Kolts Youth FC22-06-2009
to contribute towards the clubs running costs over the next two years
Awarded: £2,000

Tuesday Club22-06-2009
to contribute towards the running costs of the weekly playwork club providing activities in a safe and stimulating environment
Awarded: £1,060

Group for Arts in Swilly (GAS)18-05-2009
to contribute towards the costs of holding the Cookworthy Cultural Cook In on Father's Day
Awarded: £900

The Stroke Association Plymouth14-05-2009
to purchase and install a Lifeline Alarm for Miss Branton-Williams
Awarded: £192

AFC Southway Football Club27-04-2009
to cover the running costs of the group including CRB checks, venue hire, and equipment
Awarded: £2,586

FreeSpirit Youth Project27-04-2009
seek to support and empower young people from a deprived estate in Plymouth
Awarded: £4,810

Frosties Out of School Club27-04-2009
to fund a new Past & Present project for the children's club over the summer holidays
Awarded: £3,991

Swilly Kids Club - Youth Matters27-04-2009
to contribute towards the costs of holding a second youth group
Awarded: £5,000

Efford Lunch Club21-04-2009
to purchase new equipment and utensils for the kitchen, to help with hot meal preparation
Awarded: £400

Amber Initiatives18-03-2009
to fund the position of a part-time case worker
Awarded: £5,000

Busy Fingers Craft Club18-03-2009
to purchase assorted materials and equipment, fund tutor fees and the purchase of crockery
Awarded: £595

Girlguiding Plymouth West18-03-2009
to contribute towards the costs of the trip to the international jamborette in Limburg, in the Netherlands
Awarded: £1,000

Laira United Kolts Junior Football Club18-03-2009
to purchase equipment and fund training courses for the club
Awarded: £1,000

Marlborough Tenant & Resident Association18-03-2009
to cover the cost of organising and holding an Open Day and Street Party for the local residents and community
Awarded: £450

Onward Community Group Ltd18-03-2009
to fund the set up of an Older Person Fit Club at the centre
Awarded: £2,000

Onward Community Group Ltd18-03-2009
to purchase uniforms for the Junior Warden Scheme
Awarded: £250

Plym Ramblers18-03-2009
to fund the production and distribution of a book on local walks for families and individuals
Awarded: £3,001

Plymouth Amateur Rowing Club18-03-2009
to purchase new sculling and sweep oar blades and lifejackets for the club
Awarded: £4,938

Keyham Methodist Community Centre26-01-2009
to contribute towards the running costs of the centre and help it develop its scope and reach
Awarded: £4,967

Railway Beacon Youth Football Club26-01-2009
to contribute towards the running costs of the club
Awarded: £1,666

to purchase an all-terrain mobility scooter, and contribute towards transport costs
Awarded: £5,000

St Budeaux Friday Drop In26-01-2009
to cover the cost of hall rental, Tai Chi and computer tuition and progressing the healthy eating project
Awarded: £5,000

Stoke Youth & Community Centre26-01-2009
to renovate the exisiting WC facilities into a unisex disabled WC to comply with current legislation
Awarded: £3,450

About Time4-12-2008
to purchase teaching equipment, and contribute towards the set up and running costs of an office
Awarded: £4,930

Cruse Bereavement Care Plymouth4-12-2008
to contribute towards the running costs of the group
Awarded: £2,500

Friends of Longcause4-12-2008
to contribute towards the cost of running sailing courses for children with additional needs
Awarded: £4,592

Plymouth Youth Playball4-12-2008
to fund field rental, membership of the governing body and public liability insurance
Awarded: £5,000

Stoke Damerel Parish Centre4-12-2008
to refurbish the male lavatories, including installing a flushing urinal system and redecoration
Awarded: £500

Tuesday Club4-12-2008
to contribute towards the running costs of the group
Awarded: £640

All Stars Theatre Group27-10-2008
To give adults with learning disabilities new opportunities within a safe environment, gain more skills, develop their place in society
Awarded: £5,000

Onward Community Group Ltd27-10-2008
to provide football coaching by Plymouth Argyle coaches for young people in the area
Awarded: £1,056

Plymouth Kurdish Community27-10-2008
to increase participation by different members of the community to get involved with each other to share what is important for the Kurdish community
Awarded: £4,395

St. John's Church Hall Management Committee27-10-2008
to manage the daily running of the hall and to improve the building and its facilities
Awarded: £3,750

FreeSpirit Youth Project15-10-2008
seek to support and empower young people from a deprived estate in Plymouth
Awarded: £500

Onward Community Group Ltd30-09-2008
to purchase paint in order to decorate a recently converted chapel which will be used by community groups and young people
Awarded: £250

Creative Wellbeing19-09-2008
to provide a secure, supportive meeting place where people can learn new skills taught by experienced professional staff supported by health staff
Awarded: £4,890

Carers UK, Plymouth Branch18-07-2008
to fund a programme of sporting activities for adult carers
Awarded: £2,942

Plymouth Visually Impaired Bowls Club18-07-2008
for bowling equipment and two-way radios
Awarded: £345

IDC Trust25-04-2008
to fund a series of dance and movement classes/workshops for those with varying disabilities, both learning and/or physical
Awarded: £4,318

Key Stop Luncheon Club25-04-2008
for a holiday time activity club
Awarded: £500

5th St Budeaux Guides31-08-2007
for camping equipment
Awarded: £2,240

Cattewater Pilot Gig Club31-08-2007
to purchase new life jackets in order to increase capacity to enable the club to take on more junior rowers
Awarded: £960

St Paul's Preschool31-08-2007
for equipment and an administrator to increase their ability to meet the needs of preschool children, particularly those with learning difficulty and slow development
Awarded: £5,265

Stepping Stones Pre-School31-08-2007
to provide the pre-school with outside toys and equipment
Awarded: £1,492

Stoke Youth & Community Centre31-08-2007
for better computer equipment to meet the growing needs of the youth group
Awarded: £1,907

The Kids Club31-08-2007
to purchase equipment and hire staff to run healthy/sporting activities
Awarded: £3,375

Tuesday Club31-08-2007
to broaden the activities available to young people by providing new play equipment
Awarded: £490

Waterfront Church31-08-2007
for weekly sessions to help integrate children of refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants into the community
Awarded: £5,515

Amber Initiatives27-07-2007
for educational trips for migrant children and British children from low-income families to promote integration
Awarded: £4,450

for away trips for young parents and their children so that these families make friends amongst each other and benefit from sharing common ground
Awarded: £1,870

for adventurous outdoor activities to teach young people safety skills
Awarded: £6,993

Devonport Athletics Club27-07-2007
to run an athletics programme for children and young people in Plymouth to try out new sports and activities
Awarded: £3,578

Ernesettle Playscheme27-07-2007
to extend the holiday play activities to include children and their families who have a more complex medical needs
Awarded: £5,972

Mutley Greenbank Trust27-07-2007
support for a community festival event and printing costs
Awarded: £500

Nutkins Pre School27-07-2007
to install a new kitchen
Awarded: £2,693

Pelican Children's Centre27-07-2007
to fund a special needs play worker for the out of school club to work one to one with the children
Awarded: £4,114

Plymouth & Devon Racial Equality Council27-07-2007
for holiday activities for low income and marginalised ethnic-minority groups to positively engage them with society
Awarded: £4,432

Plymouth Family Support Services27-07-2007
for a series of counselling sessions to address anger management, for young people age 14-18
Awarded: £6,250

Plymouth Play Association27-07-2007
to provide a range of sporting and creative activities for children & young people who have limited opportunities
Awarded: £7,000

Plymstock Mentoring Group27-07-2007
to sustain and develop an existing project to support the training needs of volunteer mentors
Awarded: £4,353

Routeways Centre Ltd27-07-2007
for young people at risk of offending and antisocial behaviour to take part in a martial arts and life skills project
Awarded: £3,693

to develop a high quality, public theatre production to help the young participants build confidence, self esteem and social skills
Awarded: £6,998

Community Regeneration Outreach Projects28-06-2007
for young people to participate in a series of recycling workshops leading to a sculpture which will be placed in the community gardens
Awarded: £5,611

Devonport Juniors28-06-2007
for coaching sessions for children and young people
Awarded: £5,295

Devonport Youth Forum28-06-2007
to fund a residential in which children and young people can learn from a more established regeneration forum
Awarded: £3,160

Friends of Longcause28-06-2007
to fund a safe introduction to sailing for children and young people with additional needs
Awarded: £6,167

Groundwork South West28-06-2007
for tools and workshops for community food growing scheme
Awarded: £1,125

Honicknowlecommnet Ltd28-06-2007
to deliver a series of drama workshops addressing issues on alcohol and safety for young women
Awarded: £4,625

St Barnabas Stepping Stone28-06-2007
for the child, parent/carer group to up-date and expand their toys and equipment
Awarded: £1,328

St Budeaux Lanterns28-06-2007
to fund workshops leading up to a community lantern parade
Awarded: £6,278

street factory community interest company28-06-2007
to run a dance group for children and young people
Awarded: £3,365

Students & Refugees Together (START)28-06-2007
to develop a social network group for refugee young people
Awarded: £6,172

Friends Of Woodlands25-05-2007
to provide family activity days during the holidays for families with children with disabilities
Awarded: £5,009

North Plymouth Playschemes25-05-2007
to run an activity week for 20 young people aged 10 -13 who have behavioural difficulties and problems at home
Awarded: £6,949

Plymouth Youth Sailing Club25-05-2007
to teach children and young people to sail
Awarded: £7,000

to expand the group's membership to a more diverse range of cultures and to plan and attend fun events
Awarded: £3,532

Woolwell Under 5's Pre School25-05-2007
to cover the costs of replacing the pre-school's flooring
Awarded: £4,389

All Nations Ministries27-04-2007
to provide refugees and asylum seekers with the opportunity to participate in sporting activities such as swimming and gym
Awarded: £4,942

FreeSpirit Youth Project27-04-2007
for a summer programme of trips and activities for disadvantaged young people
Awarded: £6,813

Friends & Residents of Sutton Trust (FROST)27-04-2007
to take local children and young people on educational trips
Awarded: £5,202

Friends & Residents of Sutton Trust (FROST)27-04-2007
to run a programme of dance/exercise classes for the community
Awarded: £3,001

Morice Town Community Forum27-04-2007
to furnish and equip a youth space within the community flat for the use of young people in an area with little or no youth provision
Awarded: £3,561

New 4 You27-04-2007
to develop and upgrade the DJ equipment and purchase games consoles
Awarded: £6,500

Onward Community Group Ltd27-04-2007
to provide children and young people in the Greenbank area with positive activities that address issues affecting their lives
Awarded: £7,000

Out Youth Group27-04-2007
to hire a part time worker, to create a web site and for LGBTQ to attend a residential
Awarded: £6,973

Pembroke Street Youth Club27-04-2007
for a citizenship programme for young people to find out how local services are delivered and accessed
Awarded: £6,995

for a film project for looked after children and young people to present key issues about their life
Awarded: £6,941

Plymouth Carers Support Service27-04-2007
for a programme of healthy activities for carers and their dependents
Awarded: £3,500

Southway Playcare27-04-2007
for a residential for able bodied and disabled children and young people to integrate
Awarded: £7,000

to pilot and develop a sport and leisure activity programme aimed at young people experiencing difficulties in their lives
Awarded: £28,500

Stonehouse Play Space Association30-03-2007
to develop opportunities for young volunteers to partake in the Play Ranger Project
Awarded: £7,000

Devon Schools Sailing Assocation30-03-2007
to train volunteers to provide after school sailing courses for children and young people
Awarded: £3,000

East End Development Trust30-03-2007
to run a series of workshops within the existing youth clubs
Awarded: £5,541

East End Play Forum30-03-2007
to deliver 28 high profile open play days in local green spaces
Awarded: £6,991

Kidz Out30-03-2007
to run a healthy eating and life skills club
Awarded: £5,050

Mainstone Youth Club30-03-2007
for Youth Club activities over a 20 week period
Awarded: £4,450

Mount Wise Youth and Community Project30-03-2007
to furnish the newly renovated venue as a youth drop-in centre
Awarded: £5,470

Plymouth Youth Playball30-03-2007
to run a primary school base ball championship in Plymouth
Awarded: £2,128

St Budeaux Community Youth Project30-03-2007
to start up and enable young people to manage youth clubs in the area
Awarded: £3,860

Tamar River Sailing Club Cadets30-03-2007
to erect an equipment store and purchase equipment
Awarded: £7,000

for running costs the majorette troupe and competition costs
Awarded: £5,932

Belliver Tenant's & Resident's Association23-02-2007
for a weekly Children's Group and activities
Awarded: £2,836

Friends & Families Of Special Children23-02-2007
to set up an activities holiday club for children with special needs
Awarded: £7,000

PTA at Downham Special School23-02-2007
to fund an outdoor adventure residential for children with special needs from the Downham School
Awarded: £2,119

Relate Plymouth23-02-2007
to run a drama project for BME young people.
Awarded: £6,830

North Prospect Garage Project21-02-2007
for a literacy project for young people under 16 who attend the garage project
Awarded: £5,000

North Prospect Garage Project26-01-2007
for eight to ten young people to take part in the renovation of a car for experience and qualifications
Awarded: £2,500

Students & Refugees Together (START)26-01-2007
to develop an allotment based project for asylum seekers and refugees
Awarded: £2,017

Plymouth Scout & Guide Gang Show24-11-2006
for weekly rehearsals for six months
Awarded: £5,200

Power Pack24-11-2006
for wheelchair dancing events, orienteering equipment, creative writing sessions, film and photography equipment, leaflet, exhibition and newsletter production, volunteer training and administration
Awarded: £6,835

Crossroads Fun & Friendship Centre27-10-2006
for a ?Moving moments? programme of exercise activities to improve the physical and mental well-being of adults with mental health difficulties
Awarded: £3,215

Swilly Kids Club - Youth Matters27-10-2006
to open a Junior Club and for Internet Café computer training
Awarded: £5,325

Class Acts28-07-2006
to purchase equipment and uniforms for the youth drama club
Awarded: £5,274

Ernesettle Playscheme28-07-2006
for a three night independence building residential in North Devon for wheelchair users and children with behavioural problems
Awarded: £4,140

Plymouth & Devon Racial Equality Council28-07-2006
for a BME/asylum seekers summer activities programme
Awarded: £4,357

Plymstock Cricket Club28-07-2006
for a Flicx pitch and equipment to run an all weather junior coaching programme
Awarded: £4,613

Routeways Centre Ltd28-07-2006
for skill based residential courses for young asylum seekers and refugees
Awarded: £6,966

Whitleigh Play Care28-07-2006
for a week's residential for children aged 4-16 year to support youth achievement awards
Awarded: £2,500

Onward Community Group Ltd29-06-2006
for equipment and activities for young people from multi ethnic backgrounds
Awarded: £7,000

for two free summer holiday play days for children and parents to learn new playing techniques and ideas
Awarded: £2,973

Plymouth Play Association29-06-2006
for a one day consultation play event to address the needs of people living in Plymouth
Awarded: £7,000

Southway Playcare29-06-2006
for a 'learning life skills' residential to Dartmoor
Awarded: £3,429

Little Owls Pre-School26-05-2006
for appropriate play equipment for children with disabilities
Awarded: £2,500

Plymouth Rowing Forum26-05-2006
for a safety boat and the associated costs of enabling the group to extend the involvement of children and young people
Awarded: £7,000

Devon & Cornwall Refugee Support28-04-2006
for a fitness programme for asylum seekers and refugees in Plymouth
Awarded: £2,000

Enriching Children with the Arts28-04-2006
for an after school costume design club
Awarded: £6,996

Neighbourhood Voluntary Support Service28-04-2006
for Tai Chi lessons for older people
Awarded: £1,360

Plymouth Carers Support Service28-04-2006
for health and well being activities and workshops for carers during National Carers? Week
Awarded: £1,200

for a young people?s Cultural Exchange drama Project
Awarded: £6,957

Community Health In Keyham30-03-2006
to set up crèches to be used by parents attending support groups and workshops
Awarded: £5,953

East End Play Forum30-03-2006
for core costs and equipment to run safe play opportunities within the community
Awarded: £5,907

Family Learning Activity Group (FLAG)30-03-2006
for trips and a residential weekend to encourage positive self-development of children from a deprived area
Awarded: £4,546

North Prospect Garage Project30-03-2006
to fund evening workshops for young people at risk of offending
Awarded: £7,000

Nutkins Pre School30-03-2006
to purchase musical equipment for a music and fitness programme
Awarded: £3,899

Plymouth Deaf Childrens Society30-03-2006
for riding and stable/horse care classes for deaf children and young people
Awarded: £4,476

Plymouth Youth Sailing Club30-03-2006
for equipment and a sailing activities residential week for young people from deprived backgrounds
Awarded: £7,000

street factory community interest company30-03-2006
to cover the costs involved with young people performing drama and dance skills that address social issues
Awarded: £6,770

to form a Saturday respite group for the parents and siblings of children with ADHD/ASD
Awarded: £6,826

West of England Billiards and Snooker Foundation30-03-2006
for billiard and snooker coaching schools and tournaments for young people from deprived backgrounds
Awarded: £6,947

Kids On The Edge (KOTE)27-03-2006
for two 8-12 week drama courses, addressing protective behaviours and personal safety course for 8-11 and 12-14 year olds
Awarded: £5,000

Community Regeneration Outreach Projects28-02-2006
to run a series of anti-bullying and anti-racism Drama Workshops
Awarded: £6,119

East End Development Trust28-02-2006
for computer equipment to extend the existing community based ICT and capacity building programme
Awarded: £3,456

Highfield Community Association28-02-2006
for after school skiing and riding lessons for children from the local community
Awarded: £6,515

New 4 You28-02-2006
to develop a music and art resource area for children and young people
Awarded: £6,931

Plymouth Community Family Trust28-02-2006
for after school/youth group workshops on relationship skills
Awarded: £6,740

Smart Workshop (Southway Mature Art)28-02-2006
to participate in the Plymouth 'Art of Inclusion Festival' and sustain follow up activities
Awarded: £3,500

Welcome Hall Ltd28-02-2006
for a dishwasher for the Over 50?s Luncheon & Social Club
Awarded: £1,894

to refurbish the meeting room for the domestic violence perpetrator programme
Awarded: £5,000

Amber Initiatives27-01-2006
for a fishing project aimed at people from ethnic minority groups, including migrant workers and refugees
Awarded: £975

Churches Together in Plymouth27-01-2006
for a part time asylum seekers co-ordinator post
Awarded: £5,000

Class Acts27-01-2006
for family support services training courses for committee members and staff
Awarded: £1,228

Class Acts27-01-2006
to purchase a PC and equipment for the delivery of sewing lessons for the children to make their own costumes
Awarded: £1,105

Cruse Bereavement Care Plymouth27-01-2006
to train a volunteer as a bereavement counsellor assistant
Awarded: £270

Devon & Cornwall Chinese Association27-01-2006
for a Chinese traditional culture and heritage dance project
Awarded: £3,593

Group for Arts in Swilly (GAS)27-01-2006
for arts activities for families in North Prospect during the school holidays
Awarded: £2,500

Horizons Plymouth27-01-2006
for three Pico sailing dinghies to enable more children from economically deprived areas to access sailing activities
Awarded: £5,000

In Touch Befriending27-01-2006
for an information and advice service and volunteer recruitment
Awarded: £1,512

In Touch Befriending27-01-2006
to establish a larger newsletter and to undertake PQASSO (practical quality assurance system for small organisations) to Level 2
Awarded: £1,715

In Touch Befriending27-01-2006
to run gentle exercise classes for 60-90 year olds
Awarded: £1,242

Mount Wise Youth and Community Project27-01-2006
for a staff training programme to extend community work
Awarded: £3,137

North Plymouth Playschemes27-01-2006
for an eight week Take Care of Myself course for 8-13 year olds
Awarded: £1,830

North Plymouth Playschemes27-01-2006
for staff risk assessment training
Awarded: £414

North Prospect Partnership Ltd27-01-2006
to take 12 residents on an exchange visit to a North Tyneside Community Action Trust
Awarded: £2,299

North Prospect Partnership Ltd27-01-2006
for catering equipment, tables and chairs for the community internet café
Awarded: £2,444

North Prospect Womens Group27-01-2006
for woodwork tools for members of a woman's community to learn new skills
Awarded: £2,000

Oasis Project27-01-2006
for a healthy eating project in Stonehouse
Awarded: £3,186

Plymouth Environment Centre27-01-2006
for training in public relations and book keeping for new volunteers
Awarded: £662

Plymouth Environment Centre27-01-2006
to cover the start up costs of producing information leaflets and publicity
Awarded: £2,062

Plymouth Greek School27-01-2006
to purchase learning material and resources
Awarded: £4,530

Plymouth Hockey Development Group27-01-2006
to develop a youth hockey forum for 13-23 year olds
Awarded: £1,093

Plymouth Hockey Development Group27-01-2006
to establish a Zone Hockey Group for disabled people in Plymouth
Awarded: £1,683

Plymouth Mind27-01-2006
for an 'Art for Change' project for people from hard to engage communities
Awarded: £3,500

QUIP (Queers Into Performance)27-01-2006
for three performances focussing on the LGBT community
Awarded: £3,600

Relate Plymouth27-01-2006
For a research and development worker to cater for the needs of community groups
Awarded: £4,911

Scott Counselling Services Ltd27-01-2006
for a 3 month pilot outreach counselling service and increase existing opening hours
Awarded: £2,231

Steps Up27-01-2006
for a 21 session programme on domestic catering skills for care leavers
Awarded: £6,990

Twelve's Company27-01-2006
for a water sports programme designed to encourage children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to think independently and develop decision making skills
Awarded: £1,110

Twelve's Company27-01-2006
for kitchen and dining area refurbishment for the community café
Awarded: £2,500

West Plymouth Credit Union27-01-2006
for 3 volunteers to attend a National Credit Union Conference
Awarded: £1,168

Young American Footballers of Plymouth27-01-2006
for new equipment, kit and associated project costs
Awarded: £5,402

A Chance to Dance16-12-2005
to set up an over 60s dance and movement group
Awarded: £4,700

Friends & Families Of Special Children16-12-2005
to run a series of fun activities for young carers
Awarded: £4,994

Hamoaze House Family Centre16-12-2005
to upgrade and purchase new equipment for a gym for people affected by substance misuse
Awarded: £930

Plymouth Heartbeat16-12-2005
to train 12 young trainers to work in the community
Awarded: £3,358

Plymouth Women's Refuge16-12-2005
for Leisure Centre and Swimming Pool access for children and young people who are staying at the refuge
Awarded: £2,260

Plymouth Women's Refuge16-12-2005
to purchase equipment and run an after school outdoor activities programme for children and young people staying at the refuge
Awarded: £5,500

Project Neptune16-12-2005
for two outdoor activity courses for young people at risk of exclusion
Awarded: £5,665

Routeways Centre Ltd16-12-2005
to fund activities for families based at the Women?s Refuge
Awarded: £30,000

St Budeaux Friday Drop In16-12-2005
to run pottery and cookery courses for people with mental health problems
Awarded: £3,380

Students & Refugees Together (START)16-12-2005
for a project promoting social integration through sport
Awarded: £5,000

7th Plymouth Scout Group25-11-2005
to replace 11 windows and two doors in the Scout group headquarters
Awarded: £2,700

Cruse Bereavement Care Plymouth25-11-2005
towards the cost of running 'The Listening Post' providing one-to-one bereavement counselling
Awarded: £1,000

Golden Girls & Boys25-11-2005
for a Christmas party and a new Bingo machine for the social club for older retired communities
Awarded: £1,140

Keyham Social History Group25-11-2005
to cover the costs of producing audio visual CD/DVD material about the PEOPLE/WORK and CRAFTS of the Keyham area
Awarded: £2,000

Parent Helpers of Southway Primary25-11-2005
for cover training costs for volunteers to learn skills such as planning, risk assessment, fundraising and finance
Awarded: £505

St Paul's Preschool25-11-2005
for a member of staff to attend a 2 year Early Years Foundation Degree course
Awarded: £450

Students & Refugees Together (START)25-11-2005
for a social networking project for refugee children and young people
Awarded: £6,900

Friends & Families Of Special Children28-10-2005
for social and leisure activities for young carers
Awarded: £6,962

Plymouth Hockey Development Group28-10-2005
for a new junior Hockey League for Under 10s and Under 15s
Awarded: £6,775

Plymstock Mentoring Group28-10-2005
to set up and establish an after school mentoring group
Awarded: £6,942

Relate Plymouth28-10-2005
for parenting workshops for young parents experiencing difficulties
Awarded: £5,520

Smart Workshop (Southway Mature Art)28-10-2005
to run a weekly dance session for older people throughout 2006
Awarded: £1,000

All Nations Ministries30-09-2005
to run a "Wake Up All Nations Youth Club" for the youth from African and Czech Republican communities living in Plymouth
Awarded: £4,985

All Nations Ministries30-09-2005
to set up and run a Saturday club focussing on healthy eating for young people
Awarded: £6,979

Cruse Bereavement Care Plymouth30-09-2005
to cover the cost of training a new volunteer
Awarded: £255

Friends & Residents of Sutton Trust (FROST)30-09-2005
to employ an IT tutor to develop basic IT skills of local community groups and residents
Awarded: £3,200

Kidz Out30-09-2005
to fund the running of a Saturday healthy eating club
Awarded: £5,903

NCH CLIP30-09-2005
for a 3 night London residential for care leavers with the aim developing the young peoples independence and aspirations
Awarded: £1,500

Traumatic Loss & Bereavement Service30-09-2005
to cover the cost of training 5 new volunteer counsellors
Awarded: £3,564

funding to enable the baton twirling club to sustain the current level of training required to compete at national level
Awarded: £5,717

a youth club for primary aged children with ADHD/ASD, and providing support for parents and siblings
Awarded: £2,500

a youth club for primary aged children with ADHD/ASD, and providing support for parents and siblings
Awarded: £2,400

Budshead Trust29-07-2005
towards the costs of supporting the Ernesettle Information Centre to achieve Matrix Accreditation.
Awarded: £3,000

Community Regeneration Outreach Projects29-07-2005
For a gardening project to enable local people to share and benefit from green space and gardens around the centre
Awarded: £4,000

Friends & Residents of Sutton Trust (FROST)29-07-2005
for the out of school club to run a series of adventure activities
Awarded: £5,515

Horseshoe Residents Association29-07-2005
to cover the costs of conducting a community consultation
Awarded: £1,000

Lifesmart Coaching29-07-2005
to employ a Life Coach to work with disadvantaged, socially excluded and economically inactive people who would not otherwise engage with the community
Awarded: £2,500

Plymouth Carers Support Service29-07-2005
to produce and distribute information packs for Carers on combating social exclusion and isolation
Awarded: £2,500

Plymouth Deaf Association29-07-2005
to cover the cost of a British Sign Language interpreter for Committee meetings
Awarded: £1,200

Plymouth Support Group29-07-2005
for equipment and training to enable the parent volunteers of children with special needs to become trainers themselves
Awarded: £2,553

Southway Playcare29-07-2005
to cover the costs of taking the children and young people on a confidence building residential
Awarded: £2,940

Students & Refugees Together (START)29-07-2005
for a six month allotment project for asylum seekers and refugees
Awarded: £2,330

Tamar View Community Complex29-07-2005
to purchase a lap top and multi media projector for the running of the organisation
Awarded: £1,500

Agaton Road Community Group24-06-2005
towards a street party and barbecue to bring the community together
Awarded: £350

to provide a range of activities for young people
Awarded: £5,000

Friends Of Woodlands24-06-2005
for 4 inclusive activity days in Ernesettle for children with learning and physical disabilities
Awarded: £7,000

North Prospect Partnership Ltd24-06-2005
to fund 4 places on the Training for Transformation residential programme
Awarded: £2,500

Devon & Cornwall Refugee Support13-06-2005
to run a four month art project for 5-19 year olds from the asylum seeker and refugee communities
Awarded: £6,996

Devon & Cornwall Chinese Association27-05-2005
to finance the ?Celebrating Devon & Cornwall Chinese Association Project?
Awarded: £5,000

Ernesettle Playscheme27-05-2005
to provide playscheme activities at low costs so that we can encourage families to come along together and learn to enjoy learning new skills and trying new experiences as a family
Awarded: £3,000

Ernesettle Playscheme27-05-2005
for a team building and training away weekend
Awarded: £800

Hickory Magpies Resident's Association27-05-2005
to run a monthly Dreamscheme drama project to help reduce anti-social behaviour
Awarded: £4,026

North Plymouth Playschemes27-05-2005
for a training weekend for up to 50 play workers from across Plymouth to come together and learn from each others experience and knowledge
Awarded: £3,791

Plymouth & Devon Racial Equality Council27-05-2005
for a weekly drop-in session for Asylum Seekers & Refugee women and to run a women?s event during Refugee Week
Awarded: £4,999

Plymouth Pisces27-05-2005
for the group to organise a swimming gala in Plymouth for disabled swimming groups
Awarded: £3,000

Radford Space Youth Group27-05-2005
for a circus skills programme and Fun Day with an environmental and recycling theme
Awarded: £2,764

Real Steel27-05-2005
to deliver a series of outreach steel drum workshops and a summer school which culminates in participation in the Notting Hill Carnival
Awarded: £6,100

Relate Plymouth27-05-2005
to provide training and support in Ernesettle and Honicknowle
Awarded: £4,938

for trips and workshops benefiting people with long term mental health problem
Awarded: £4,602

Tamar View Community Complex27-05-2005
for a two year adventure and personal development based social inclusion project
Awarded: £12,000

Tamerton Young Leisure Group27-05-2005
to set up a youth club for children aged 13-16
Awarded: £2,720

Widewell Primary School P T A27-05-2005
to buy brass musical instruments for children and young people to participate in the community brass band
Awarded: £7,000

Wolseley Community Economic Development Trust27-05-2005
to extend the counselling service for the community for an extra day a week for a year
Awarded: £5,000

Friends & Families Of Special Children28-04-2005
for a series of activities to celebrate carers of all ages during National Carers Week, 13-19 June 2005
Awarded: £4,980

Mount Wise Youth and Community Project28-04-2005
for an extension to the existing drop in project and development of the 'texting' project
Awarded: £6,779

Power Pack28-04-2005
for a series of music and drama workshops and family day trips for children and young people with muscular dystrophy and their families
Awarded: £6,351

Routeways Centre Ltd28-04-2005
to extend activities to children and young people from asylum seeker and refugee families
Awarded: £7,000

Stonehouse Play Space Association24-03-2005
to run a Play Rangers after school project in local parks for a 12 month period
Awarded: £7,000

Budshead Trust24-03-2005
for a six-week project and residential in London which will be planned and organised by 12 young people from deprived backgrounds
Awarded: £6,913

Chatz Youth Group24-03-2005
to enable Chatz Youth Club to open for two evenings of the week for one year and purchase resources identified by the young people
Awarded: £6,993

Chill Zone24-03-2005
to equip and run a sports area for football, basketball and volleyball for local young people who live in disadvantaged areas and to cover the volunteer's associated expenses
Awarded: £7,000

East End Development Trust24-03-2005
for catering equipment that will provide the community with the appropriate tools to facilitate catering/training services planned for a community venue in the area
Awarded: £4,886

Family Learning Activity Group (FLAG)24-03-2005
to develop an activities based project for families from areas with high levels of deprivation
Awarded: £4,566

Greenbank Community Association24-03-2005
to fund the production of a community run newsletter for two years
Awarded: £420

Horizons Plymouth24-03-2005
for three new Picos and a safety boat for sailing activities for disadvantaged young people
Awarded: £7,000

for costs involved in staging a refugee Celebration Event at the Barbican Theatre on 26 June 2005
Awarded: £4,225

Kool Box24-03-2005
to enable the Kool Box project to operate a basic arts/sport/support programme in Plympton and the surrounding areas, accessing groups of young people who would benefit from quality provision
Awarded: £7,000

Mountwise Parents Action Team24-03-2005
for a series of education based activities for children and their families from deprived inner city wards
Awarded: £6,302

Pelican Children's Centre24-03-2005
towards the cost of employing an inclusion worker to enable the group to provide affordable childcare for 2-11 year olds with special needs and disabilities
Awarded: £5,000

Plymouth Civil Service Netball Club24-03-2005
for training, match costs and equipment for the U11 & U12 section and costs associated with entering the U19 squad in England Netball?s National Youth Tournament
Awarded: £2,481

Plymouth Heartbeat24-03-2005
to train 8 volunteer supervisors and one volunteer trainer to supervise the elderly, infirm and disabled to use the specialised sports equipment
Awarded: £3,500

Plymouth Manic Depression Support Group24-03-2005
towards the cost of producing a newsletter and inviting guest speakers to broaden awareness of the group and encourage participation
Awarded: £300

Southway Information Centre24-03-2005
to develop the skills base of volunteers who will support the people of Southway who are amongst the most disadvantaged and marginalised people in the area
Awarded: £4,910

Compass Youth Club18-02-2005
for staff and equipment for a film and animation project for children living in a deprived ward
Awarded: £5,797

Honicknowlecommnet Ltd18-02-2005
to pay for learning support for local people attending basic skills courses
Awarded: £3,610

Keyham Social History Group18-02-2005
to purchase equipment for workshops and an exhibition to enhance community involvement
Awarded: £3,000

Kinnfylde RA18-02-2005
to prepare snd establish a outdoor safe space with ramps and recreational equipment
Awarded: £6,970

Midimafia Music18-02-2005
for equipment to run music technology workshops for young people aged 9-18 in community and special educational settings
Awarded: £4,970

Plymouth Family Support Services18-02-2005
to train two volunteers to become qualified Adult Education Tutors
Awarded: £440

Shekinah Mission18-02-2005
for equipment and room hire to run drama course for rough sleepers which seeks to improve peoples? self confidence and sense of dignity
Awarded: £4,880

Tamar River Sailing Club Cadets18-02-2005
for the extension of an existing programme to include basic sailing skills training and dinghy races
Awarded: £7,000

West Devon Water Sports Trust18-02-2005
towards the cost of a series of events to actively work towards addressing issues of social inclusion with young people as part of Sea Britain 2005
Awarded: £5,000

Youth Clubbers18-02-2005
for the cost of running a variety of workshops and mobile skateboard sessions to help reduce antisocial behaviour
Awarded: £2,905

Chaucer Primary School27-01-2005
to cover the costs of setting up and running a Breakfast Club and childcare facility prior to the start of the school day
Awarded: £2,305

Efford Youth Development Forum27-01-2005
to purchase equipment and produce a newsletter to distribute to local young people
Awarded: £1,147

Midimafia Music27-01-2005
to run a 12 month music project for young people to learn new skills by enabling them to take part in the 'Mini Music Industry'
Awarded: £6,230

Positive Action For Sexual Health12-8-2004
towards the cost of a training day session about how to work sensitively with black, minority ethic and refugee communities in the area of general and sexual health
Awarded: £1,350

First Sign17-12-2004
to extend free pregnancy testing service and sexual health information to the communities of Devonport and Keyham
Awarded: £4,972

In Touch Befriending17-12-2004
to establish a functional office for the groups organisational development
Awarded: £1,346

In Touch Befriending17-12-2004
to fund the development of the service to support socially isolated individuals who have various health needs
Awarded: £4,962

Plymouth Heartbeat17-12-2004
for sports and gym equipment for use by disabled people
Awarded: £5,000

SAIFline (Sexual Abuse in the Family Line)17-12-2004
to set up and equip a client/resources room and to fund 5 placements at a conference on attachment, trauma and dissociation
Awarded: £1,660

SAIFline (Sexual Abuse in the Family Line)17-12-2004
to set up and equip a client/resources room and to fund 5 placements at a conference on attachment, trauma and dissociation
Awarded: £2,511

Swilly Kids Club - Youth Matters17-12-2004
core funding needed to keep the youth club running
Awarded: £5,000

Brake Farm Ltd26-11-2004
to provide community leadership training for trustees, volunteers and staff
Awarded: £4,998

Brake Farm Ltd26-11-2004
to conduct a detailed consultation with residents and stakeholders on their training needs, including basic skills training
Awarded: £5,000

Budshead Trust26-11-2004
to train local residents to design, develop and maintain a community website
Awarded: £3,997

Community Regeneration Outreach Projects26-11-2004
to run Christmas Carol Workshops for young people from inner city Plymouth
Awarded: £1,109

North Prospect Garage Project26-11-2004
to provide basic skills taster sessions to foundation level mechanics students
Awarded: £5,000

Old Technicians Rugby Football Club26-11-2004
to purchase equipment and provide training for volunteers to start up a junior rugby team
Awarded: £7,775

Shekinah Mission26-11-2004
towards the cost of a celebration for service users who have passed and completed training courses
Awarded: £850

Soundworks @ The Soundhouse26-11-2004
to cover the cost of a series of music workshops for children and young people with moderate to severe physical and sensory disabilities
Awarded: £6,934

Traffic Lights26-11-2004
to start a drop in health care facility for young people
Awarded: £5,000

Traffic Lights26-11-2004
to research health needs and influence health provision for young people
Awarded: £5,676

Youth Experience Programme26-11-2004
to develop a cultural exchange programme
Awarded: £5,856

Kids On The Edge (KOTE)28-10-2004
to cover the cost of running 10 workshops for a group of young people at risk of social exclusion and/or abuse
Awarded: £6,500

Devonport High School Old Boys Rfc18-10-2004
towards the costs of starting up a junior rugby team
Awarded: £7,000

New Hope Life Skills Association18-10-2004
to fund a cookery course for local young people between the age of 10-19 years, who are economically and socially disadvantaged
Awarded: £6,219

Open Doors International Language School18-10-2004
to cover the cost of a liaison worker for 12 months to work with families and lone parents
Awarded: £6,296

Plymouth Deaf Childrens Society18-10-2004
to extend the availability of monthly ski nights to younger family members who have one or more deaf children
Awarded: £800

South Asian Society18-10-2004
to cover the cost of Diwali celebrations
Awarded: £3,750

Plymouth Focus Advice Centre28-09-2004
to purchase a laptop to provide advice on welfare benefit and debt problems in peoples homes.
Awarded: £1,466

Respect Festival Core Planning Group28-09-2004
to fund the' Big Eye Am' project as part of the Respect festival, celebrating diversity in Plymouth
Awarded: £2,810

Kids On The Edge (KOTE)27-08-2004
for a development day at the Barbican theatre for children at risk of social exclusion and/or abuse.
Awarded: £6,972

Plymouth Learning Disability Representational Advocacy Service27-08-2004
to extend the Advocacy Service for people with a learning disability within the city boundaries of Plymouth
Awarded: £5,000

Squirrels Pre School27-08-2004
To help keep their pre-school open in the wake of reduced L.E.A funding due to criteria change
Awarded: £2,000

Twelve's Company27-08-2004
to cover the salary of a youth and development worker to the Kids Club for 12 months for some of the most disadvantaged children living in the local community
Awarded: £6,321

Twelve's Company27-08-2004
for equipment for the Kids Club
Awarded: £1,481

Adelaide Community Project29-07-2004
to organise healthy lifestyle activities and interactive information giving stalls for a 'Give & Gather' Health Fayre Day
Awarded: £3,325

Ernesettle Playscheme29-07-2004
towards the cost of activities for the summer and autumn half term playschemes
Awarded: £4,000

New "n" Views For Ernesettle29-07-2004
to fund the printing and distribution of four community newsletters
Awarded: £4,986

New Hope Life Skills Association29-07-2004
towards the cost of courses in the school holidays for disaffected young people
Awarded: £4,750

Plymouth & Devon Racial Equality Council29-07-2004
to fund workshops and family trips for black and ethnic minority families living in Plymouth
Awarded: £4,750

Plympton Snooker Club29-07-2004
to set up an After School Junior Snooker Club for children aged 7-14 in deprived areas of Plymouth
Awarded: £6,730

Relate Plymouth29-07-2004
to employ a counsellor for a counselling service for young people from socially deprived areas of the city
Awarded: £4,126

Tamar Development Trust29-07-2004
to help pay for a professional arts group to facilitate the Lantern Festival
Awarded: £5,000

Action Group For Halcyon25-06-2004
for summer holiday activities for families in a deprived area
Awarded: £5,000

All Nations Ministries25-06-2004
for volunteers expenses and running costs for an refugee and asylum seeker outreach and support service
Awarded: £4,970

Crossline Plymouth25-06-2004
to cover the cost of a sessional play worker for the parent/carer toddler group over a period of 38 weeks
Awarded: £1,695

North Plymouth Playschemes25-06-2004
to organise and host four inter playscheme sports days
Awarded: £940

Onward Community Group Ltd25-06-2004
to set up a young person?s committee/forum for young people from a deprived area
Awarded: £7,000

Crossroads Fun & Friendship Centre28-05-2004
towards the 10th anniversary celebrations of the club for adults with mental health issues
Awarded: £3,355

Devonport Sports28-05-2004
towards the running costs of a project to develop young people's organisational skills and cement their sense of ownership and community involvement
Awarded: £6,850

Family Learning Activity Group (FLAG)28-05-2004
for admin and running costs for running services for children and young people from an areas recognised as an area of high deprivation
Awarded: £3,476

Friends & Residents of Sutton Trust (FROST)28-05-2004
to purchase IT equipment to teach basic ICT skills to residents of the estate
Awarded: £5,000

Planet Mutley28-05-2004
to cover the cost of Planet Mutley Fun Day of the local community to come together and build networks and friendships
Awarded: £1,000

West Park Community Group28-05-2004
to organise and host a Fun Day for local residents
Awarded: £1,590

West Plymouth Credit Union28-05-2004
towards running costs for 12 months
Awarded: £5,000

Kids In Consultation29-04-2004
for a monthly social youth club for disabled young people for a year
Awarded: £6,112

Out Youth Group29-04-2004
to cover the cost of 2 youth workers for one three hour session a week for one year for 13-19
Awarded: £3,603

Plymouth Greek School29-04-2004
to cover costs to expand existing services and encourage more Greek and non-Greek children and young people to attend
Awarded: £5,000

Social Care Voluntary Visiting Service29-04-2004
for the training costs of new volunteers who will enable older people to remain living in their homes.
Awarded: £5,000

7th Plymouth Scout Group26-03-2004
towards the installation of a new heating system in the Scout hut
Awarded: £1,584

Budshead Trust26-03-2004
to organise and host a Family Learning Day in May for young people and their families from the local community
Awarded: £3,952

Community Health In Keyham26-03-2004
to refurbish/equip the IT suite and to publish 200 copies of a book on coping with depression
Awarded: £5,000

Cruse Bereavement Care Plymouth26-03-2004
towards the cost of running a counsellors? training course
Awarded: £1,000

Ffe & Vts Pafc Football In The Community Scheme26-03-2004
to offer opportunities for disabled people to participate in a grassroots football team
Awarded: £5,000

Friends Of Trengweath26-03-2004
to run a support group for the parents of children with physical and mental disabilities over two years
Awarded: £10,700

Horizons Plymouth26-03-2004
to purchase two 20ft Rovacabins to be used as an office and an activities room for young people that have been, or at risk of exclusion from school
Awarded: £5,000

Hyde Park Infant School PTFA26-03-2004
a Centenary project to provide the opportunity for children aged 4-7 to experience working together to create memento artefacts for the community
Awarded: £2,500

Lifeplay Learning26-03-2004
to meet the costs of running and equiping a series of pupet workshops
Awarded: £4,878

Liver Patient & Family Support Network26-03-2004
to set up an office, including all the peripheries in order to provide information and support for people with liver issues in the Plymouth area.
Awarded: £4,400

Monitoring & Evaluation Support, VSD26-03-2004
to fund the PQASSO (Practical Quality Assurance System for Small Organisations) Mentoring Training scheme
Awarded: £780

North Prospect Partnership Ltd26-03-2004
to refurbish the crèche area, enabling more local residents to access the opportunities at the centre
Awarded: £4,765

Open Doors International Language School26-03-2004
to provide training for team members in leadership to offer services to hard to reach ethnic minority groups in the travel to work areas of Plymouth
Awarded: £1,604

Plymouth Leander Swimming Association26-03-2004
to fund training for coaches and volunteers to offer swimming lessons to children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds
Awarded: £840

Plymouth Leander Swimming Association26-03-2004
for running 100 Learn to Swim sessions and the provision of costumes and goggles, as required for children with behavioural problems and/or economical disadvantage
Awarded: £6,900

Plymouth Refugee Week Steering Committee26-03-2004
to employ a part time Refugee Celebrations Project Co-ordinator from April to July 2004
Awarded: £5,000

Plymouth Religious & Cultural Resource Centre26-03-2004
to purchase new ICT equipment to widen access to more of the community
Awarded: £2,660

Plymouth Youth Playball26-03-2004
for a 10 week baseball training course for 9-12 year olds and to cover the cost of a trip benefiting children from disadvantaged backgrounds, one parent families etc
Awarded: £2,280

Plymouth Youth Sailing Club26-03-2004
to cover the costs of entering small groups of young people to take part in national sailing events organised by the National School Sailing Association
Awarded: £7,000

Sunflower Parents Group26-03-2004
for a 5 day holiday for families who are experiencing disruptions in their life
Awarded: £1,000

Whitleigh Play Care26-03-2004
to fund the restoration and safety upgrades for new premises for a pre-school and other community groups.
Awarded: £5,000

Youth Action Project (Plymouth)26-03-2004
to run a programme of activities during two weeks of the Easter holidays and two weeks of the Summer holidays
Awarded: £6,956

Belliver Tenant's & Resident's Association27-02-2004
to extend the activities of the club and organise activities away from the estate
Awarded: £1,600

Nutkins Pre School27-02-2004
equipment and support for children with special needs
Awarded: £4,208

Pelican Children's Centre27-02-2004
towards the cost of a nursery practitioner to offer support to children with special needs and their families
Awarded: £7,000

Plymouth Heartbeat27-02-2004
to pay the fees for 15 volunteers to take part in a health and safety of fitness equipment course
Awarded: £5,000

Plymstock Scouts27-02-2004
to purchase a hut for the use of disabled scout members to use as alternative accommodation on camping trips
Awarded: £6,500

Refugees First27-02-2004
to cover salary costs for a support youth worker in order to respond to the social/educational needs of young refugees
Awarded: £7,000

Stone Soup27-02-2004
for a series of story telling events to develop good communication and learning practices and skills
Awarded: £6,870

Tamerton Young Leisure Group27-02-2004
to cover the salaries of a part-time leader and 5 part-time youth workers in order keep the youth club open
Awarded: £7,000

Whitleigh Play Care27-02-2004
to fund the refurbishment of a new site for childcare services to meet OFSTED standards
Awarded: £6,862

Youth Clubbers27-02-2004
to purchase 2 sets of African drums and rain-sticks to introduce ethnically themed workshops
Awarded: £690

All Nations Ministries29-01-2004
to fund "Youth African and Czech Republican Access Activities" to include cultural workshops
Awarded: £6,880

Ernesettle Playscheme29-01-2004
to cover the general running costs to increase access to all
Awarded: £2,500

River View Residents Association29-01-2004
to run training courses on Child Protection issues
Awarded: £250

Wolseley Road Flats Tenants Association29-01-2004
to cover the costs of refurbishing a community flat to facilitate the development of services/activities for local residents
Awarded: £2,560

Wolseley Road Flats Tenants Association29-01-2004
to cover the salary of a community development worker to set up, and work with, a community flat management committee
Awarded: £4,126

Youth Action Project (Plymouth)29-01-2004
to fund the resources required to produce a regular Youth Newsletter, in partnership with local community groups
Awarded: £3,800

Caterpillars Pre School1-4-2003
for new play equipment and a secure outdoor storage unit
Awarded: £4,000

Golden Girls & Boys1-4-2003
for residents over 60 to attend a conference in Germany in April 2003
Awarded: £1,000

Horizons Plymouth1-4-2003
for a young person's sailing club for disadvantaged and disabled young people in the Devonport and Stonehouse areas
Awarded: £7,480

Mutley Greenbank Trust1-4-2003
to upgrade the hall floor for the use of residents groups
Awarded: £5,000

Plymouth Youth Opportunities1-4-2003
to cover the cost of children's activities and associated administration costs for two years
Awarded: £9,685

Swilly Kids Club - Youth Matters1-4-2003
to run the Club and the 'Groundwork Youth Works' project
Awarded: £5,645

35th Plymouth (Whitleigh) Scout Group18-12-2003
to replace worn out camping equipment.
Awarded: £1,630

to fund a programme of holiday childcare services to include a number of children with special needs
Awarded: £5,500

Chaddlewood Farm Community Association18-12-2003
to fund further training opportunities for community members to improve their communities skills base
Awarded: £3,718

Devon African Refugee Community Association18-12-2003
to set up youth activities for young people between the ages of 6 to 13 who are from African French or Swahili background living in Plymouth and surrounding areas
Awarded: £5,900

Parent To Parent18-12-2003
funding to enable the volunteers to support the families they are already engaging and working with and prevent the withdraweral this much needed service
Awarded: £7,000

Pembroke Street Youth Club18-12-2003
for an After School Science Club in Devonport
Awarded: £4,780

Plymouth Cultural Celebrations18-12-2003
to fund a programme bringing refugees and asylum seekers together to share cultural cuisine and experiences
Awarded: £4,738

Squirrels Pre School18-12-2003
to cover the cost of staff NVQ accreditation enabling the preschool to work to regulation standards
Awarded: £810

The Resettlement Agency Ltd18-12-2003
to cover the cost of four training courses to enable two volunteers to assist the disadvantaged in the community and to help them overcome their disadvantages
Awarded: £1,241

Crossline Plymouth20-11-2003
to meet the cost of fees for volunteers to complete their counselling diploma's to enable them to work for the 24 hour volunteer helpline and counselling service
Awarded: £4,950

Philbon Players Amateur Dramatics Group20-11-2003
towards the cost of running workshops in acting/stage make up which are free to children and young people form low income households
Awarded: £2,500

Plymouth Mencap Society20-11-2003
to meet the salary of a leader to co-ordinate Club activities for Plymouth Mencap Society
Awarded: £4,602

SAIFline (Sexual Abuse in the Family Line)20-11-2003
for computer equipment to produce information for the public, GPs, Police, voluntary agencies, Health etc
Awarded: £2,500

The Happy Bunch20-11-2003
to fund programme of activities for the ever expanding membership of the community group
Awarded: £3,000

Welcome Hall Ltd20-11-2003
for the redecoration of the main hall, passageways and stairways at Welcome Hall for the use of the local community
Awarded: £2,000

Class Acts30-10-2003
for the purchase of sound equipment, microphones, and lighting equipment for the drama group
Awarded: £5,000

Community Regeneration Outreach Projects30-10-2003
to cover the costs of organising a bonfire night parade and workshops for the local community
Awarded: £969

Pilgrims Amateur Boxing Club30-10-2003
for equipment and coaching costs
Awarded: £5,759

Plymouth Hockey Development Group30-10-2003
to start up a youth led hockey club
Awarded: £4,338

Potential Fm30-10-2003
for a PA system and other equipment to develop and expand the voluntary music group
Awarded: £4,834

Stonehouse Partnership30-10-2003
to buy cots to lend to families on benefits who are moving into the areas
Awarded: £200

Respect Festival Core Planning Group27-10-2003
towards the costs of an annual festival to celebrate a rich and varied culture in a safe environment
Awarded: £5,000

Elm Community Centre18-09-2003
to ugrade the emergency lighting system
Awarded: £1,371

Noahs Ark18-09-2003
to cover the cost of the rent for the group, enabling them to offer a free service to isolated and hard to reach families.
Awarded: £756

Plymouth and District Table Tennis Club18-09-2003
towards the cost of installing a central heating system of the use of the club and the wider community
Awarded: £3,000

Plymouth Heartbeat18-09-2003
towards the cost of installing a stair lift to improve access to the elderly and disabled
Awarded: £5,000

Plymouth Learning Disability Representational Advocacy Service18-09-2003
towards the general running costs of the Service, for people in Plymouth with a leaning disability to enable them to access services and benefits
Awarded: £5,000

Plymouth Parkway Fc18-09-2003
to cover an open walkway between Porta Cabins that act as a meeting place for the under 16s team.
Awarded: £2,500

Plymouth Rape & Sexual Abuse Line18-09-2003
to fund training for volunteer support workers, who provide a counselling and support service to women who have been raped or sexually abused
Awarded: £2,000

Woodford Colts Football Club18-09-2003
to cover pitch costs for an under 16s team to practice and compete
Awarded: £532

Adarsha Bangla School21-08-2003
towards running costs for 12 months to promote the development of positive identity formation for children within the community
Awarded: £5,000

Cultural Kitchen21-08-2003
for a skills and social networks project for refugees in the city
Awarded: £5,000

Devon & Cornwall Refugee Support21-08-2003
for administration and room hire to support the work undertaken with Refugees and Asylum Seekers
Awarded: £5,000

Disability Action Network21-08-2003
to equip an office to enable the group to give people with disabilities a voice in Plymouth on issues that are of importance to the disabled community
Awarded: £4,654

Friends & Families Of Special Children21-08-2003
for out of school family activity/workshops for special needs children and their siblings and carers
Awarded: £6,323

Legend Singers Club21-08-2003
for equipment to enable musicians to borrow to initially enable them to enter into employment
Awarded: £2,000

Lipson Roller Hockey Club21-08-2003
towards the cost of equipment, transport and training to develop the services and facilities available
Awarded: £5,100

Planet Mutley21-08-2003
To organise and run a family fun day in Moorview Park for the local community
Awarded: £500

Positive Action For Sexual Health21-08-2003
towards the cost of organising and hosting a Women's Health Fair
Awarded: £1,350

Twelve's Company21-08-2003
to meet the Sessional Workers Costs, to staff a free out-of-school educational activities
Awarded: £3,319

West Plymouth Credit Union21-08-2003
for a Children's Fun Day, promoting money sense
Awarded: £1,576

Academy Variety Workshop31-07-2003
towards the cost of equipment for workshops culminating in two annual performances
Awarded: £2,600

Chatz Youth Group31-07-2003
to fund a team building course for a team of young people who will manage and sustain a youth drop in.
Awarded: £3,000

Honicknowlecommnet Ltd31-07-2003
to fund a community fun and information day, being planned in response to identified local needs.
Awarded: £1,000

Morice Town Community Forum31-07-2003
towards the cost of organising and hosting a Community Summer Fayre
Awarded: £1,230

Plymouth Quakers31-07-2003
Furniture and equipment for new outreach centre devoted to the needs and welfare of residents, especially the elderly and the refugees
Awarded: £5,000

Steps Up31-07-2003
to cover the costs of offering 'Life Skills Sessions' for young adults
Awarded: £6,900

The Eggbus Project31-07-2003
to take the bus to two locations once a week providing information and support to young people at risk of exclusion and isolation
Awarded: £6,992

Action Group For Halcyon19-06-2003
to meet the costs of running summer activities for disadvantaged socially deprived young people aged 5-11 years
Awarded: £6,321

Adelaide Community Project19-06-2003
for a Funday for children and young people
Awarded: £2,733

African Union19-06-2003
towards the cost of an African Information Day which to help the formation of social networks and provide the opportunity for community development work
Awarded: £3,302

Belliver Tenant's & Resident's Association19-06-2003
towards staging a Fun Day and to support the work of the Committee
Awarded: £2,806

Efford Community Playscheme19-06-2003
for materials to run a summer playscheme for children and young people
Awarded: £1,000

Ernesettle Community Association19-06-2003
for new doors and furnishings for the community centre
Awarded: £4,919

Freedom Park Community Theatre Project19-06-2003
towards the cost of staging the Freedom Fields community led Festival
Awarded: £1,900

Friends & Residents of Sutton Trust (FROST)19-06-2003
for summer holiday outings for residents
Awarded: £3,600

Keyham Youth Initiative19-06-2003
towards the cost of a Fun Day planned and led by young people
Awarded: £1,411

Mayflower Childrens Fund19-06-2003
to cover the costs of organising and running a toy appeal
Awarded: £255

Mount Gould Neighbourhood Association19-06-2003
for a series of activities spanning a twelve month period to broaden social and economically disadvantaged young horizons and aspirations
Awarded: £6,500

North Plymouth Family Centre19-06-2003
to purchase new toys and storage boxes for a new toy lending scheme
Awarded: £1,000

North Prospect Garage Project19-06-2003
to fund the purchase of computer equipment to benefit young people aged 14-25 years of age who reside in a deprived inner city ward
Awarded: £5,000

Oak Villa Football Club19-06-2003
to provide football experiences for 14-16 year olds from areas of multiple deprivation
Awarded: £2,586

Positive Action For Sexual Health19-06-2003
towards the cost of a focus event for health professionals and service providers in Plymouth
Awarded: £200

Ron King House Social Club19-06-2003
towards the cost of equipment for activities for socially excluded elderly residents ages 75 - 95
Awarded: £5,000

Stoke Damerel PTA19-06-2003
to set up an after school independent learning club
Awarded: £3,875

Action Group For Halcyon15-05-2003
to cover supervision costs and equipment for community activities
Awarded: £3,240

Devon African Refugee Community Association15-05-2003
to fund an in house training programme, and the relevant equipment
Awarded: £500

Real Steel15-05-2003
for an outreach workshop programme and summer school
Awarded: £4,600

Students & Refugees Together (START)15-05-2003
for staffing costs for the Summer period
Awarded: £5,000

The Kids Club15-05-2003
to employ four play workers/leaders throughout the summer and October half term
Awarded: £6,345

Efford Youth Development Forum24-04-2003
to encourage and train new members of the forum
Awarded: £3,206

Ernesettle Playscheme24-04-2003
to take a group of 36 children from deprived areas on a residential trip to the Isle of Wight
Awarded: £3,300

Kids On The Edge (KOTE)24-04-2003
towards of residential and activity costs for children and young people with behavioural problems
Awarded: £4,366

Plympton St Maurice Pre School24-04-2003
for a summer playscheme for children from deprived urban communities
Awarded: £2,300

Cruse Bereavement Care Plymouth31-03-2003
towards core costs for supplying bereavement counselling and support
Awarded: £500

Monitoring & Evaluation Support, VSD31-03-2003
to fund the purchase of a laptop and peripherals
Awarded: £1,236

North Prospect Partnership Ltd31-03-2003
To purchase new computers for residents to develop ICT skills
Awarded: £3,849

Groundwork Plymouth28-02-2003
for 2 day trips and 2 Dartmoor activity weekends for disadvantaged inner city young people
Awarded: £6,641

Harbour Centre28-02-2003
for a Wolf and Water arts project for women sex workers - to explore and develop their self esteem and confidence
Awarded: £5,000

Keyham Community Partnership28-02-2003
to provide a programme of 36 themed art and craft activities and workshops, addressing effective communication within the family, improving conversation and language barriers.
Awarded: £5,500

Keyham Community Partnership28-02-2003
to enable Keyham Silver Surfers members to develop their ITC skills and knowledge
Awarded: £4,950

Kitto Parkway28-02-2003
to establish three new youth football teams
Awarded: £6,660

Lifeplay Learning28-02-2003
to cover the cost of running costs for 12 months to enable the group to continue offering community development workshops
Awarded: £4,816

Plymouth Cricket Club28-02-2003
for a weekend's intensive training with an ex-England Cricket Team player
Awarded: £370

Plymouth Youth Sailing Club28-02-2003
for the purchase of the appropriate safety equipment and boats specifically for the eight to eleven age group and training for volunteers
Awarded: £6,765

Routeways Centre Ltd28-02-2003
to extend outdoor adventure activities to Sundays for children and young people who are socially, financially and geographically disadvantaged
Awarded: £7,000

Scorpio Junior Netball Club28-02-2003
to buy training equipment and for volunteer training
Awarded: £1,565

Southway Information Centre28-02-2003
to cover the running costs of the Information Centre and to furbish a new confidential office for clients
Awarded: £4,965

St Marys Church Anchor Club28-02-2003
towards the cost of 12 minibus trips for housebound people
Awarded: £1,500

West Devon Water Sports Trust28-02-2003
to purchase a new safety boat for the youth sailing programme for socially excluded young people
Awarded: £5,000

Chatz Youth Group31-01-2003
towards the cost of a pilot project for a drop-in-centre for young people
Awarded: £3,525

Community Health In Keyham31-01-2003
to provide a week of workshops to celebrate International Women's Day, bringing people together to build support networks and friendships
Awarded: £2,240

Emerge Community Arts CIC31-01-2003
to provide a free static trapeze classes and involve the children in the 2003 Plymouth Community Performance
Awarded: £1,800

HOPE (Plymouth) Credit Union Ltd31-01-2003
for a training programme for 20 volunteer collectors, encouraging more people from low income backgrounds to save
Awarded: £2,850

North Prospect Garage Project31-01-2003
towards the capital cost of setting up a project for young people to train in mechanics and vehicle maintenance
Awarded: £10,000

Plymouth Music Accord31-01-2003
to fund a trip to a concert for young musicians and their families/carers from deprived backgrounds
Awarded: £160

Wolseley Road Flats Tenants Association31-01-2003
to provide and refurbish a community flat to allow space for educational, advisory and social activities and services to take place for the residents
Awarded: £250

North Plymouth Playschemes2-7-2002
towards the cost of a circus summer school for 30 children aged 8-11 in North Plymouth
Awarded: £4,700

Chicks (Country Holidays for Inner City Kids)1-7-2002
to provide holidays in the countryside for 21 disadvantaged children or child carers from Plymouth and East Devon
Awarded: £5,292

Squirrels Pre School8-3-2002
for the cost of creating a fenced off play area, with toys and equipment
Awarded: £910

35th Plymouth (Whitleigh) Scout Group7-3-2002
towards the cost of purchasing window grills and other vandal deterrent/safety equipment for the Scout Hut
Awarded: £1,250

Earlybirds Pre-school7-3-2002
towards the cost of purchasing a range of outdoor play equipment for preschool children
Awarded: £500

Efford Community Playscheme7-3-2002
to run a summer playscheme for 80 young people from socially and economically deprived backgrounds
Awarded: £750

Efford Sutton Trust Tenants Association (ESTTA)7-3-2002
to purchase a computer for use of the Association and the wider community within a very disadvantaged area of Plymouth
Awarded: £750

Fletemoor Road Playgroup7-3-2002
towards the cost of the staffing for a playgroup providing preschool aged children access to play and socialisation
Awarded: £1,000

HOPE (Plymouth) Credit Union Ltd7-3-2002
towards to the cost of cleaning and refurbishing Beaumont Hall for community benefit
Awarded: £2,063

Horizons Plymouth7-3-2002
Towards the cost of purchasing a safety boat to aid the safe running of a young person?s sailing club for the disadvantaged and disabled in areas of deprivation
Awarded: £3,000

Keyham Barton Newsletter Group7-3-2002
towards the cost of the production costs and volunteer expenses of a community newsletter
Awarded: £2,000

Mount Wise Cricket Club7-3-2002
towards the cost of new kit for use by economically disadvantaged young people
Awarded: £500

Plymouth & District Shore League7-3-2002
towards the cost of purchasing fishing tackle to be used by deprived young people who would not normally be able to access the sport
Awarded: £500

Plymouth Youth Opportunities7-3-2002
to fund 26 places on a residential course for local young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.
Awarded: £2,400

Social Care Voluntary Visiting Service6-12-2002
to employ a Project Manager to recruit and train volunteers to offer a befriending support service for disabled, lonely, vulnerable and sick people
Awarded: £3,900

River View Residents Association4-12-2002
towards the cost of taking residents to a pantomime
Awarded: £100

Social Care Voluntary Visiting Service18-12-2002
to run a training programme for volunteers to enable them to offer support and befriending services to frail, sick, disabled and vulnerable people
Awarded: £5,000

Hamoaze House Family Centre13-12-2002
to cover the cost of sessional Sport Youth Workers for a 12 week programme for people affected by substance misuse
Awarded: £7,000

Relate Plymouth13-12-2002
funding for the 'Relateen' Project - a counselling service for young people in socially deprived areas of Plymouth
Awarded: £2,930

Southway Playcare13-12-2002
for a low cost "play slot" during school holidays for families who could not normally meet the costs of mainstream holiday activities
Awarded: £2,000

Squirrels Pre School13-12-2002
to fund a second "Eager Learners" project after the success of the pilot, providing support and resources for parent/carers
Awarded: £1,075

Twelve's Company13-12-2002
funding for the salaries of two sessional workers for the youth club
Awarded: £4,000

Chaddlewood Miners AFC28-11-2002
for training, equipment and ground maintenance for the under 18's division
Awarded: £5,000

Horizons Plymouth28-11-2002
to purchase equipment for the training of volunteers who will help to provide learning opportunities for young people living in areas of social deprivation in Plymouth
Awarded: £2,360

Mount Gould Neighbourhood Association28-11-2002
for the costs around running a series of themed activities to address residents issues, to include refurbishment of meeting space and residents newsletter
Awarded: £4,000

Onward Community Group Ltd28-11-2002
to furnish and fit out the residents Community Centre
Awarded: £5,000

Parochial Church Council Of St James The Less Church28-11-2002
for the refurbishment of the Church Hall's kitchen for use of community groups and local residents
Awarded: £2,000

Voice Of Plymouth Schools28-11-2002
towards helping to implement the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in Plymouth
Awarded: £6,200

First Sign31-10-2002
towards the cost of training volunteers to improve the delivery of free confidential advice on sexual health and pregnancy testing
Awarded: £2,700

Open Doors International Language School31-10-2002
to set up a crèche to enable parents to access English as a second language
Awarded: £6,760

Pre-school Learning Alliance (Plymouth)31-10-2002
to provide training courses for play workers
Awarded: £4,275

Tamar View Community Complex31-10-2002
to fund the refurbishment of the community centre for residents and community groups
Awarded: £5,000

YWCA (Plymouth)31-10-2002
to train volunteers and provide management for a Duke of Edinburgh Award Centre
Awarded: £5,500

Open Doors International Language School26-09-2002
to fund the training of interpreters and the publicity of the course and service to alleviate isolation for non-English speaking people
Awarded: £4,390

Plymouth Religious & Cultural Resource Centre19-09-2002
to research the cultural heritage of minority faiths/cultures to improve understanding and provide relevant services to users
Awarded: £4,850

Horizons Plymouth29-08-2002
to purchase three Pico sailing boats to increase access to children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds
Awarded: £5,000

Mount Gould Bowling Club29-08-2002
to fund the refurbishment of the wash room facilities at the Club
Awarded: £500

Mount Wise Towers Residents Association29-08-2002
a contribution to the cost of upgrading the heating and the security equipment
Awarded: £1,140

Noahs Ark Parent & Toddler Group (Plympton)29-08-2002
Towards the cost of toys and materials for a fun day
Awarded: £200

Open Doors International Language School29-08-2002
to cover the cost of employing a tutor who will train staff to run an interpreters course
Awarded: £250

Tuesday Club (Ernesettle)29-08-2002
towards the cost of two 12 week programmes to improve social inclusion for elderly people and people with disabilities by providing a lunch and afternoon activities once a week
Awarded: £2,483

Pembroke Street Youth Club19-08-2002
to fund a range of sporting activities for children and young people aged 5-16 in area of Plymouth which is in the top 5% of the most deprived wards in the country
Awarded: £6,760

Efford Youth Football Club25-07-2002
towards the cost of equipment and pitch fees to extend provision for the youth football teams
Awarded: £4,900

Friends Of Victoria Park25-07-2002
To cover the cost of printing and balloons for the centenary celebrations in the park
Awarded: £1,700

Mount Gould Events Group25-07-2002
towards the cost of the 'Freedom Festival' in the Drake and Mount Gould area
Awarded: £2,000

North Prospect Youth Forum25-07-2002
towards the cost of a programme of summer activities for children and young people run by sessional youth workers and volunteers
Awarded: £3,768

Philbon Players Amateur Dramatics Group25-07-2002
toward the cost of insurance, spotlights and othe expenses associated with the producion of a pantomime and play
Awarded: £910

St Budeaux Friday Drop In25-07-2002
to fund the running of an arts and crafts workshop for people with mental health issues and to involve them in the production of a newsletter
Awarded: £4,000

Victim Support Plymouth25-07-2002
to fund victim support volunteer training and expenses
Awarded: £4,000

Adelaide Community Project27-06-2002
to fund a funday in the local park for the community to come together
Awarded: £1,047

Chaucer Way Senior Citizens Group27-06-2002
towards the cost of transporting socially isolated senior citizens to social meetings for 8 months
Awarded: £1,440

Golden Girls & Boys27-06-2002
for the cost of a trip to the Age Exchange Theatre in London for socially isolated older people
Awarded: £1,335

High Street Breakfast Club27-06-2002
to help with the running costs a breakfast club, ensuring children have a healthy meal and are cared for in a safe and caring environment before school time
Awarded: £1,500

North Plymouth Playschemes27-06-2002
to fund a summer playscheme for children and young people from socially deprived areas
Awarded: £1,000

Voice Of Plymouth Schools27-06-2002
for a training course for young people who are in informal or community education to voice their opinions on topics concerning them
Awarded: £3,325

Plymouth Refugee Week Steering Committee30-05-2002
towards the running costs of a Refugee Awareness and information week
Awarded: £950

Plymouth Heartbeat25-04-2002
towards the purchase of computers and ICT training for cardiac patients and other members of the community
Awarded: £2,140

Plymouth Leander Swimming Association25-04-2002
towards cost of purchasing a laser printer and photocopier to create promotional material, achievement certificates and to aid administration of the Association.
Awarded: £1,200

Plymouth Musical Activities Club25-04-2002
towards the purchase of a van for transporting musical and sound equipment to venues for children and young people to take part in activities.
Awarded: £5,000

Plymouth Rape & Sexual Abuse Line25-04-2002
towards setting up a self help group for women who have experienced sexual abuse.
Awarded: £1,000

Efford Youth Development Forum31-03-2002
towards the running costs of facilitating the work of the Youth Development Forum for a 46 week period
Awarded: £3,593

Keyham Community Partnership31-03-2002
towards the cost of running a Homework Club to help children and young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds access support and guidance
Awarded: £3,000

11th Devonport Scout Group27-03-2002
towards the costs of purchasing Group Mess Tent for a scout group based in a particularly deprived area
Awarded: £1,040

Children & Lone Parents Ltd27-03-2002
to refurbish the groups meeting place to make beneficiaries feel comfortable and safe
Awarded: £2,000

Cruse Bereavement Care Plymouth27-03-2002
towards the cost of room hire to run a series of bereavement care workshops
Awarded: £250

Ford baptist Church27-03-2002
towards the cost of new games equipment for the local youth group
Awarded: £1,000

Friends & Residents of Sutton Trust (FROST)27-03-2002
to enable the group to purchase computers for community to access and develop ICT skills
Awarded: £3,000

Maritime Plymouth27-03-2002
towards the cost of staging the Maritme Festival
Awarded: £3,000

Noahs Ark27-03-2002
towards the cost of toys, musical instruments and baby mats for babies, toddlers and their parent/carers
Awarded: £300

Pembroke Street Estate Management Board Limited27-03-2002
to fund the employment of a temporary Co-ordinator to organise and run training courses for the benefit of local residents
Awarded: £4,400

Plymouth Leander Swimming Association27-03-2002
for pool hire, equipment and administrator training to run swimming lessons for economically disadvantaged children and young people.
Awarded: £1,000

Southway Outreach Community Association27-03-2002
to fund the production and publication of an issue of 'Spirit of Southway', a community newsletter
Awarded: £750

Stonehouse Partnership27-03-2002
to enable the group to purchase a laptop for the administration of their cot loan programme for families in temporary accommodation
Awarded: £800

Stonehouse Residents Association27-03-2002
towards the cost of computer equipment and software for the local residents to access and improve their ICT skills
Awarded: £2,700

Peverell Childminding Group26-03-2002
to cover the cost of room hire to enable the group to provide a childminding service to families from disadvantaged areas who would othewise be unable to access work or free time
Awarded: £480

Information Technology for the Efford Community19-03-2002
towards the cost of administration, staffing and computer equipment for the local community to access and develop ICT skills.
Awarded: £3,250

Efford Family Workshop18-03-2002
to purchase art and craft materials for families from economically disadvantaged communities to participate in activities together
Awarded: £500

Chaucer Pre-School13-03-2002
towards the cost of an outdoor classroom for children to participate in environmental and nature activities.
Awarded: £1,000

YWCA (Plymouth)17-09-2001
to purchase art and craft equipment for a junior youth club for children who have no other local social facilities
Awarded: £250

North Plymouth Playschemes20-02-2001
Awarded: £200

Plymouth Family Support Services2-2-2000
Awarded: £100

Relate Plymouth24-03-2000
Awarded: £85

Chaucer Way Senior Citizens Group7-9-1999
towards the cost of transporting socially isolated senior citizens to social meetings
Awarded: £200

Choice Plymouth3-12-1999
Awarded: £250

Plymouth Branch, National Autistic Society3-12-1999
Awarded: £400

Plymouth Family Support Services3-12-1999
Awarded: £500

Broadreach House30-09-1999
Awarded: £500

Horizons Plymouth30-09-1999
Awarded: £300

Pembroke Street Youth Club30-09-1999
Awarded: £500

Pottery Quay Residents Group30-09-1999
Awarded: £356