Where the money goes

Open Church Community Project, Bishops Nympton Parish Church1-8-2017
addressing the needs of the local community by opening up opportunities for local residents of all ages to meet centrally through improvements to a community hub within the parish church
Awarded: £11,000

Rackenford and Creacombe Parish Council1-8-2017
supporting phases 2 - 4 of a project to regenerate Rackenford Common, aimed at providing a central area for the local community to benefit from
Awarded: £6,000

Rose Ash Parish Council1-8-2017
supporting various activities to encourage local residents of all ages to come together, helping to improve social cohesion and reduce isolation
Awarded: £5,000

Rose Ash Village Hall Management Committee1-8-2017
refurbishing the Village Hall kitchen area to improve opportunities to encourage greater use of the Hall, helping to reduce social isolation and improve the well-being of local residents
Awarded: £8,750

Rackenford Primary School Parent Teachers and Friends Association1-8-2017
improving the outside school environment to provide additional exercise and learning opportunities for local primary and pre-school children
Awarded: £12,000

Barnstaple Disabled Fellowship Club12-7-2017
contributing to costs to transport members to regular meetings and social events, helping to reduce social isolation for older people
Awarded: £1,000

Westward Pathfinder4-4-2017
working with disadvantaged young people in Torridge on a personal development programme to help them build skills and find employment, increasing confidence and independence
Awarded: £2,000

South Molton and District YMCA4-4-2017
supporting a youth club in North Devon, offering young people advice and guidance, helping to keep them safe and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices
Awarded: £2,000

North Devon Moving Image CIC4-4-2017
delivering a social action digital media project, in conjunction with PETROC Barnstaple, with disadvantaged young people, including NEETs, providing them with opportunities to learn new skills and gain in confidence by taking ownership of a set project, ultimately enhancing future training and employment prospects
Awarded: £1,500

North Devon Forum for Autistic Spectrum Conditions and ADHD3-4-2017
providing opportunities for families experiencing social isolation due to ASD and ADHD to enjoy time out at public attractions, meeting with other families in similar situations
Awarded: £1,500

One Ilfracombe2-2-2017
a support group for vulnerable families in Ilfracombe, working closely with their Police Community Support Officer to build important relationships for safer communities
Awarded: £1,352

Inspire South West2-2-2017
working with young people most at risk of engaging in antisocial behaviour and criminal activity, interventions will raise aspirations, influencing the choices they make in their lives and encourage stronger connection within their community
Awarded: £3,500

Pathfield Activities Club19-06-2017
providing opportunities via outings to public places to address the social and physical well-being of young people with additional needs
Awarded: £1,000

Exmoor Young Voices19-06-2017
linking the young people of rural Exmoor and giving them a voice to help determine positive outcomes in housing, employment and life choices
Awarded: £1,000

361 Energy Action19-06-2017
helping people in North Devon who are experiencing fuel poverty, saving energy and money whilst raising awareness of the environment and community renewables
Awarded: £1,000

North Devon Forum for Autistic Spectrum Conditions and ADHD19-06-2017
providing opportunities for families affected by ASC/ADHD to take part in water based activities in small groups, helping to build confidence, self esteem and reduce social isolation
Awarded: £1,000

Samaritans (North Devon & North Cornwall)19-06-2017
helping to raise awareness of the Samaritans to young people in North Devon through volunteer outreach work in connection to an awareness campaign delivered through local schools
Awarded: £1,000

Encompass Southwest21-03-2017
developing homeless peer champions who will design and produce resources about homelessness for delivery to schools and youth groups, encouraging safety and resilience in North Devon and Torridge
Awarded: £4,296

East Worlington Parish Hall16-03-2017
contributing to the improvement of the parish hall, a vital meeting point for people in a rural community and helping to reduce social isolation
Awarded: £14,573

Bishops Nympton Parish Hall Trust16-03-2017
enhancing the facilities of the Social Club to maximise the range of activities available to people of all ages, bringing the community together in a rural area and reducing social isolation
Awarded: £5,000

Rackenford and Creacombe Parish Council16-03-2017
contributing to the regeneration of the Common, increasing its potential use for the benefit of the local community
Awarded: £2,000

Knowstone Parish Hall Trust16-03-2017
to update the Parish Hall, helping to keep this vital community hub open for local people in this rural area for years to come
Awarded: £8,888

Water Lane Close & Cottages (WLCC) Social & Residents Association12-4-2016
helping older residents in sheltered accommodation with equipment for their social room, encouraging them to share activities and socialise, reducing loneliness and increasing their overall wellbeing
Awarded: £1,000

Devon Disabled Holidays12-4-2016
helping to fund the cost of specialist transport for people who are disabled, ensuring that everyone can join in trips or holiday breaks irrespective of their financial situation, also giving carers respite knowing their loved ones are in good hands
Awarded: £1,000

Inspire South West24-11-2016
to support a project for young people struggling at school, and identified at risk of engaging in antisocial behaviour; family intervention for some of our most challenging, hard to reach families through targeted input and activities
Awarded: £2,000

Headway North Devon24-11-2016
for essential IT upgrade for a project supporting people with brain injuries, helping to reduce the time on administration and help maximise the benefit to service users
Awarded: £3,000

Barnstaple abilities fc26-07-2016
supporting a football club for disabled people, helping them to expand and respond to the demand for more places, encouraging outdoor sports and giving opportunities for people to be part of a team and compete; raising aspirations and quality of life
Awarded: £1,556

Jigsaw Furniture Project23-03-2016
for a furniture restoration project that provides a working environment which offers structure, support and real work experience for vulnerable and isolated people with an opportunity to upskill and gain qualifications which may assist them securing paid employment, improving their well-being and life prospects
Awarded: £853

Combe Martin Senior Citizens23-03-2016
helping to address the rural isolation for older people in Combe Martin, providing specialist transport to enable subsidised day trips, improving their quality of life and general well-being
Awarded: £910

Unlimited Dance Company14-03-2016
to enable children from deprived or disadvantage backgrounds in North Devon to attend dance classes / perform and take exams, building their skills and confidence
Awarded: £867

East Worlington Parish Council15-02-2016
to fund meetings for the community of East Worlington to work together to create an emergency resilience plan
Awarded: £230

Peace of Mind4-3-2015
supporting an agency who help victims of domestic abuse by providing them with a personal protection alarm and a new mobile phone and sim card to give them some feeling security and safety by knowing they have the means to riase the alarm for help if necessary
Awarded: £950

Hele Community Group21-09-2015
funding to purchase medical equip for a community group in Hele, North Devon, helping this community to feel safer and look after themselves
Awarded: £500

Pathfield Activity Club21-09-2015
to help fund photographic equipment for an activities club for children and young people aged 5-25 with special educational needs and severe learning difficulties including autism, giving them a safe environment for them to learn
Awarded: £1,000

Barnstaple Disabled Fellowship Club21-09-2015
for help with specialist transport costs for disabled people in Barnstaple and surrounding areas, reducing isolation and increasing general wellbeing
Awarded: £850

Children's Summer Club21-09-2015
funding to support a summer club for children in a deprived area of Barnstaple, offering activities during the school holidays and after school, keeping youngsters occupied and involved in the club
Awarded: £1,000

South Molton and District YMCA21-09-2015
for youth support in South Molton, addressing the concerns, anxieties and aspirations of young people, especially around relationships at home, helping to prevent family crisis and encourage healthier relationships
Awarded: £1,000

Many Directions21-09-2015
to fund the ongoing weekly sessions of drama and dance for adults with learning difficulties in Torridge and North Devon, helping to reduce isolation and raise awareness of the abilites of this marginalised group through their public performances
Awarded: £1,500

Clarity - North Devon Service Users Forum16-06-2015
helping to fund an organisation in North Devon that offers 1 to 1 counselling and group therapy to people struggling with mental health problems at all levels, increasing confidence and awareness of triggers to enable them to be more resilient and feel positive about the future
Awarded: £1,000

Green Force (SW) CIC16-06-2015
to support six people with learning difficulties to undertake paid contract work involving litter picking, tidying footpaths and open spaces and maintaining establishment grounds, building the health, skills and self confidence whilst improving the local environment for the benefit of the whole community
Awarded: £1,000

Marwood Community Hall26-02-2015
to support a rural community hall in North Devon with essential equipment needed tables/chairs/crockery etc., to become a vibrant community hub for all ages
Awarded: £1,000

Go North Devon Limited26-02-2015
to enable a mini bus service in rural North Devon to continue its vital work in transporting isolated elderly people to health appointments and social activities
Awarded: £963

Greener Ilfracombe Ltd26-02-2015
helping a community garden group with the cost to install water buts and replace tools and wheelbarrows, run solely by volunteers it encourages local residents of all ages in Ilfracombe to get out and be involved in growing produce and management of allotments promoting well-being and inter-generational learning with a sense of community spirit
Awarded: £770

Unlimited Dance Company28-01-2015
to enable children from deprived or disadvantage backgrounds in North Devon to attend dance classes / perform and take exams, building their skills and confidence
Awarded: £1,000

Swimbridge Jubilee Hall9-10-2014
to provide a lunch club with community inclusive activities for the use and benefit of our older people living in Swimbridge and surrounding communities, to encouraged them to try new activities and reduce isolation by providing opportunities to meet friends and new people.
Awarded: £6,716

Community Action South West9-10-2014
supporting NEET's through the use of outdoor and environmental education, working towards personal development awards, increasing their future aspirations and reducing anti-social behaviour
Awarded: £1,000

Pathfield Activity Club13-10-2014
supporting an activity club for youngsters with complex physical and emotional needs, helping these young people to be part of their local community and achieve their full potential
Awarded: £1,000

North Devon Moving Image CIC13-10-2014
to support young people excluded from mainstream school, teach them film making skills, build self esteem and encourage them to make positive lifestyle choices, working to gain an accreditation
Awarded: £1,000

Pilton House Trust13-10-2014
to support those diagnosed with dementia and their families and carers, meeting monthly at the memory cafe and weekly telephone calls to stay in touch, giving advice on services available and helping to reduce isolation
Awarded: £1,000

AC Devonian8-1-2014
to support an individual with part payment towards a light weight wheelchair
Awarded: £621

Childrens Summer Club24-06-2014
to help support the running costs of a local summer club for children and young adults in North Devon, encouraging them to interact with each other building their confidence and social skills
Awarded: £1,000

Freedom Social Projects24-06-2014
to support long term unemployed in North Devon to be involved in activities, training and employment placements that develop the skills and experience they need to be job ready, increasing their confidence and thereby their chances of employment which is also backed by the evidence of work experience previously lacking on their CV
Awarded: £30,000

Green Force (SW) CIC24-06-2014
helping a small organisation which supports people with learning difficulties to find meaningful work and be involved in their community, raising their aspirations and confidence to achieve their full potential, an example of people caring for one another and for their environment within more inclusive and cohesive communities
Awarded: £2,300

North Devon Against Domestic Abuse24-06-2014
for a refuge for survivors of domestic violence which supports victims to cope and recover, working with families in crisis to help prevent children and young people from continuing the cycle of abuse
Awarded: £5,761

Barnstaple Disabled Fellowship Club23-06-2014
to support the Barnstaple Disabled Fellowship with the transport needed to collect members for their monthly club and other additional trips, reducing isolation and improving their general wellbeing
Awarded: £1,000

Chulmleigh Recreational Association14-04-2014
to maintain a Saturday morning fitness club in a rural area for ages 5 - 65 to attend, through a varied programme of activities aimed to reduce the feeling of rural isolation, increase social interaction and promote a healthy lifestyle
Awarded: £567

Clarity - North Devon Service Users Forum14-04-2014
to offer therapy and support groups for people with mental ill health in North Devon and Torridge, increasing their understanding, rebuilding their confidence which will help their general well being and reduce feelings of isolation
Awarded: £1,000

Woolacombe Surf Life Saving Club27-03-2014
Devon Flood Fund Phase 2 - Community Group
Awarded: £3,000

North Devon Moving Image CIC21-02-2014
To provide inter-generational creative arts workshops.
Awarded: £900

Lynton & Lynmouth Bowls Club20-02-2014
To contribute to costs of updating kitchen at social and sports centre.
Awarded: £1,500

Pathfield Activity Club7-3-2013
to provide transport for pupil's with learning/physical disabilities to go on day trips
Awarded: £1,000

Barnstaple Disabled Fellowship Club7-3-2013
to provide transport for people with disabilities to go on outings.
Awarded: £500

Childrens Summer Club7-3-2013
To provide youth club and sports activities.
Awarded: £750

to provide afternoon Passenger Clubs for older people and people with disabilities
Awarded: £1,000

Knowstone Village Hall7-3-2013
to provide sound system for live performances, films etc
Awarded: £800

Seize the Moment7-3-2013
To provide a 6 month structured programme of development activities to support voluntary youth clubs.
Awarded: £2,155

Green Force (SW) CIC7-10-2013
Awarded: £1,000

1st Fremington Air Scout Troop25-07-2013
For running costs
Awarded: £10

Frankmarsh & Gorwell Community Office Management Team25-07-2013
Awarded: £10

Freedom Social Projects (FSP)25-07-2013
Awarded: £20

South West Counties Allotment Association CIC25-07-2013
Localgiving '£10'
Awarded: £10

North Devon Forum for Autism and Related Behaviours27-06-2013
To provide social activities for those affected by Autism related behaviours mainly during the summer holidays.
Awarded: £1,000

North Devon Water Mobility Association24-06-2013
To fund aqua therapy in the form of aqua fitness.
Awarded: £1,000

Samaritans (North Devon & North Cornwall)24-06-2013
To support runnning costs of North Devon branch of the Samaritans.
Awarded: £1,500

Chulmleigh Recreational Association16-05-2013
To offer physical activities for young people with special education needs in North Devon.
Awarded: £780

361 Energy Action17-04-2013
Devon Funding Network 2013 payment
Awarded: £3,107

Unlimited Dance Company16-04-2013
To fund the Forches estate dance project
Awarded: £1,000

Unlimited Dance Company22-01-2013
To enable children from deprived or disadvantage backgrounds to attend dance classes/ perform and take exams
Awarded: £1,500

Bishops Nympton Little Owls6-6-2012
to purchase four laptops for the pre school
Awarded: £598

to fund social outings for older and disabled people
Awarded: £1,955

North Devon Sunrise6-6-2012
to pay for weekly drop-in sessions and the sports and social activities run by North Devon Sunrise
Awarded: £4,875

Tawstock Pre-School6-6-2012
To help cover staff wages for the pre-school.
Awarded: £1,000

Childrens Summer Club7-2-2012
to bring the community together and use the event as a platform to introduce the Junior Street Champion Scheme (set up by our PCSO) and provide crime prevention information
Awarded: £370

Forches Young Peoples Intervention Project7-2-2012
To purchase all weather wear for our young volunteers
Awarded: £997

Ilfracombe Street Reps7-2-2012
To encourage reps to take photographs of the problems they have identified and to record a date
Awarded: £330

Woolsery Sports and Community Hall7-2-2012
To encourage teenagers off the street and to use the Hall facilities
Awarded: £850

Forches Community Association13-12-2012
Award for Volunteer of the year 2012
Awarded: £250

Surf Life Saving Devon23-10-2012
to organise a Leadership Youth Development & Training Camp
Awarded: £5,000

Bishops Nympton Little Owls15-10-2012
to purchase art and craft equipment
Awarded: £250

Clarity (North Devon Mental Health Service Users Forum)15-10-2012
to cover our core running costs and continue providing therapeutic services.
Awarded: £1,000

North Devon Display Gymnastics Club15-10-2012
to purchase a piece of equipment that will enable challenges to be extended, skills developed, risks to be taken safely and for all our young people to have great fun and enjoyment at the same time.
Awarded: £806

Awarded: £5,117

Barnstaple Disabled Fellowship Club25-01-2012
to provide transport for all our members to continue to attend the club
Awarded: £250

Barnstaple Sea Cadets25-01-2012
help towards ongoing costs of the project
Awarded: £400

Kings Nympton & District Pre-school25-01-2012
to purchase new play equipment and for ongoing running costs
Awarded: £904

Lynton and Lynmouth Arts and Music Association (LLAMA)25-01-2012
To help fund music festival in Lynton and Lynmouth, particularly the security and safety costs.
Awarded: £3,000

Lynton Tennis Club25-01-2012
Awarded: £560

Swimbridge Jubilee Hall25-01-2012
To purchase fire proof stage curtains.
Awarded: £376

Mrs MT Surviving Winter Applicant18-01-2012
to ellivate winter related hardship
Awarded: £125

Freedom Social Projects8-2-2011
to purchase a Wii console, accessories and games and monitor for the group
Awarded: £200

Chulmleigh Recreational Association11-2-2011
To run a series of Saturday activity sessions for the young people of the area
Awarded: £756

Green Force (SW) CIC14-11-2011
to support work opportunities, maintaining and tidying open spaces widely used by the local community.
Awarded: £1,000

towards the running costs of a music therapy project.
Awarded: £1,000

Appledore Maritime Players26-09-2011
to purchase new sound equipment which would include an amplifier, speakers, clip on microphones and a wireless instrument system.
Awarded: £374

Barbrook Public Facilities Trust26-09-2011
towards running costs
Awarded: £1,000

Community Information Centre, Torrington26-09-2011
To support those excluded through poor mental health or homelessness to access the necessary skills to foster inclusion within the community.
Awarded: £1,958

Holsworthy Family Workshop Resource Centre26-09-2011
to deliver a series of Creative Community Workshops reaching those most disadvantaged members of the Community
Awarded: £2,000

Childrens Summer Club18-09-2011
Social and educational activities during all school holidays and special events through the year for young people aged 8 to 16
Awarded: £250

Freedom Social Projects19-05-2011
provide opportunities for vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals to engage in physical activity
Awarded: £1,500

Bratton Fleming Parent Teacher Association26-04-2011
to start a programme addressing what has been labelled 'rural racism' within local schools and the wider community
Awarded: £500

to purchase two new laptops for the group
Awarded: £500

Freedom Social Projects31-03-2011
Awarded: £5,480

Joliba Trust31-03-2011
Awarded: £5,431

Barnstaple Disabled Fellowship Club17-01-2011
to contribute towards the costs of transport for the members of the club
Awarded: £500

Ilfracombe Pilot Gig Club17-01-2011
to outfit a new pilot gig with the relevant safety equipment
Awarded: £458

Sea Ilfracombe9-7-2010
to host a sustainable maritime festival
Awarded: £460

South Molton Football Club1-4-2010
to start phase 2 of our toilet block/changing room project - this will provide disabled access and provide a safe changing facility
Awarded: £5,000

Swimbridge Jubilee Hall1-4-2010
to purchase a condensed energy efficient gas boiler
Awarded: £2,770

Little Angels Parent & Toddler Group8-10-2010
A group where parents can bring their children to play in a safe environment and meet other parents and hopefully form friendships for life for the parents and children
Awarded: £500

Bratton Fleming Playgroup27-09-2010
to equip new pre-school building with furniture, offering improved facilities, a secure and safe environment, full day care, breakfast clubs, lunch clubs and after school clubs
Awarded: £2,500

Hikmat Devon CIC27-09-2010
Hikmat BME Centre provides a social contact facility for BME older people
Awarded: £3,000

Kings Nympton & District Pre-school27-09-2010
to help with staff costs, our biggest expenditure, to purchase educational toys & equipment in line with OFSTED recommendations and for printing/advertising to raise the profile of our Pre-School to facilitate its continuation
Awarded: £4,000

Knowstone Village Hall27-09-2010
to replace worn out seating in main hall with new seating making it more comfortable, especially the elderly who are the majority of the users.
Awarded: £1,667

Share Music South West27-09-2010
a two day workshop for adults with various disabilities to create and perform original music and music theatre
Awarded: £1,035

Frankmarsh & Gorwell Community Office Management Team21-07-2010
to help set up and run a community office
Awarded: £1,000

1st Fremington Air Scout Troop19-07-2010
Air Scout group (6 to 15 years) in desperate need of updating camping equipment and help towards running camps and scouting activities
Awarded: £2,000

Bowering Court Residents Association19-07-2010
team building exercise
Awarded: £500

East Anstey Pre-School19-07-2010
to develop the outdoor learning environment of the pre-school
Awarded: £2,750

Goodleigh Village Hall Committee19-07-2010
the improvement of kitchen facilities at Goodleigh village hall to secure the survival, development and growth of the hall and its user groups
Awarded: £5,000

Witheridge St John's Fair22-06-2010
Annual village fair
Awarded: £430

Bishops Nympton Preschool24-05-2010
help towards running costs
Awarded: £2,000

Childrens Summer Club24-05-2010
Social and educational activities during all school holidays and special events through the year for young people aged 8 to 16
Awarded: £2,000

Croyde Surf Club24-05-2010
surfing Youth Development Project aiming to increase participation and engaging the wider community
Awarded: £1,250

Flying Fish Artists24-05-2010
the creation of artwork for an acute psychiatric unit to enhance the environment and impact positively on the health and wellbeing of those using the service
Awarded: £4,887

Tawstock Pre-School24-05-2010
improving facilities/equipment for the children's learning environment
Awarded: £1,666

Chulmleigh Badminton Club30-04-2010
to offer an opportunity for young people in rural areas to play badminton
Awarded: £840

Bratton Fleming Parent Teacher Association29-03-2010
purchase of safety lawn matting to go beneath donated outdoor play equipment to enable its use by school children and other young people in the village
Awarded: £5,000

North Devon Footcare Project29-03-2010
offering a much needed service for good quality basic foot care and advice to elderly and disabled people, at a reasonable cost
Awarded: £3,000

Barn-a-b's Pre School24-03-2010
pre-school moving and enhancing their building
Awarded: £900

Freedom Social Projects15-02-2010
to provide supervision to offenders undertaking a work placement at the Freedom Centre
Awarded: £5,000

Channel Arts Association1-9-2009
an Oral History Project recording the working lives of staff at the Ilfracombe Ship to Shore Radio Station
Awarded: £474

Combe Martin Bowling Club3-7-2009
to contribute towards the cost of replacing the club house roof
Awarded: £1,000

North Devon Footcare Project3-7-2009
to provide a nail cutting service to those who are unable to manage their own foot care
Awarded: £500

Christchurch Barnstaple Short Mat Bowling Club5-5-2009
to raise funds in order to purchase Electrowind electric short mat/carpet handling machine
Awarded: £1,500

Gateways Group CIC5-5-2009
to contribute towards the costs of holding two drama projects in May/June and October
Awarded: £1,000

Witheridge Parish Hall5-5-2009
to purchase a new range cooker, hot cupboard and prep table for the hall kitchen
Awarded: £600

Croyde Surf Club1-5-2009
to purchase new equipment for the club, and contribute to the costs of running new contests and training sessions
Awarded: £200

South Molton Circuit Choir1-5-2009
to purchase new sheet music for the choir
Awarded: £500

Brayford Boomerangs Pre-School9-3-2009
for partial staffing salaries for two members of staff for the pre-school
Awarded: £1,000

Childrens Summer Club9-3-2009
to contribute towards the running costs of the over the coming year
Awarded: £3,000

Chittlehamholt Village Hall9-3-2009
to re-furbish the village hall kitchen
Awarded: £2,000

Ilfracombe in Bloom9-3-2009
to contribute towards the running costs of the group
Awarded: £500

Lyn Community Development Trust9-3-2009
to cover the cost of excavating and relaying the footpaths in the Middleham Gardens in Lynton
Awarded: £500

Lyn Community Development Trust9-3-2009
to cover the cost of excavating and relaying the footpaths in the Middleham Gardens in Lynton
Awarded: £500

RSVP Devon9-3-2009
recruiting volunteer organisers, promoting RSVP Devon's work and setting up volunteer delivered community based projects in Devon
Awarded: £500

Step by Step Community Group9-3-2009
to cover the costs of room rental for the group over the next 2 years
Awarded: £5,000

Swimbridge Jubilee Hall9-3-2009
for external redecorating and making good programme
Awarded: £1,000

Bishops Nympton Preschool14-12-2009
help towards running costs
Awarded: £1,500

Chulmleigh Cricket Club14-12-2009
installation of an artificial strip and cricket nets
Awarded: £2,000

Lee Memorial Hall14-12-2009
the Grassroots Grant will provide essential kitchen equipment and a folding partition for the stage as crucial aspects of a major rebuilding and refurbishment of the Hall
Awarded: £2,500

Share Music South West14-12-2009
a two-day workshop for people with various disabilities to create and perform original music and music theatre
Awarded: £1,500

North Molton Youth Club18-11-2009
ongoing running of vital village youth club
Awarded: £500

Barnstaple Disabled Fellowship Club11-11-2009
to continue transporting our members from their homes and back
Awarded: £750

Woolacombe Surf Life Saving Club9-10-2009
Surf Ski training day at Cardiff Bay and Ski Paddling equipment
Awarded: £4,000

Brayford Boomerangs Pre-School26-10-2009
partial staffing salaries for two members of staff for the pre-school
Awarded: £500

Devon Surf Life Saving26-10-2009
to improve on Stillwater training and to organised club activities
Awarded: £3,680

Scallywags Pre School26-10-2009
extend opening hours to offer a fifth session on a Thursday morning
Awarded: £633

Swimbridge Jubilee Hall26-10-2009
purchase of 12 folding tables and 2 trolleys to stack and manoeuvre them
Awarded: £300

Devon Disabled Holidays21-10-2009
provision of a week's full board holiday for adults with physical limitations
Awarded: £500

Bishop Tawton Pre-school21-09-2009
existing project with extension of hours/new equipment
Awarded: £2,500

Gateways Group CIC21-09-2009
to fund a project supporting and engaging young people in South Molton
Awarded: £3,000

Gateways Group CIC21-09-2009
?Historiographie? web-based and live installation arts project with a creative training agenda delivered in partnership with South West youth and creative services providers
Awarded: £1,000

1st Chivenor Scouts29-06-2009
to purchase camping equipment for the Scout group
Awarded: £1,000

Chulmleigh Recreational Association29-06-2009
a summer holiday activity programme for August 2009 and 2010
Awarded: £3,000

Kings Nympton & District Pre-school17-03-2009
to contribute towards the cost of holding 6 Forest School sessions
Awarded: £500

West Buckland Festival17-03-2009
to contribute towards the costs of the artists and leaders expenses
Awarded: £300

Bratton Fleming Playgroup17-02-2009
to purchase a new laptop, digital camera and docking station for the group
Awarded: £500

Bishop's Nympton Parish Hall26-01-2009
to cover the legal costs of setting up a Trading Subsidiary
Awarded: £2,500

Cycle Coaching South West26-01-2009
to fund the activities of the group in North Devon
Awarded: £4,575

Green Force (SW) CIC26-01-2009
to contribute towards the running costs of the group over 3 years
Awarded: £4,500

North Devon Water Mobility Association26-01-2009
to provide a professional instructor for the weekly exercise sessions
Awarded: £2,250

Devon Hockey Umpiring Association (Youth)16-01-2009
to contribute towards the funding of training courses
Awarded: £500

Bishop's Nympton Parish Hall13-01-2009
to contribute towards the cost of a new condensing boiler for the parish hall
Awarded: £800

Goodleigh Grasshoppers Pre-school1-2-2008
to help to fund the promotion of the group in order to attract more children to the preschool
Awarded: £200

Chulmleigh Cricket Club8-12-2008
to weatherproof and repair the exterior of the new pavilion
Awarded: £500

Kings Nympton Parish Hall Committee8-12-2008
to refurbish the Parish Hall kitchen
Awarded: £2,500

Samaritans (North Devon & North Cornwall)8-12-2008
to fund the refurbishment and redecorating of the centre's reception, interview room, kitchen, to install CCTV in the entrance hall and to kit out a caravan for outreach work
Awarded: £5,000

West Buckland Women's Group8-12-2008
to contribute to the rental of the village hall and the hiring of tutors
Awarded: £1,500

Age Concern Ilfracombe & District27-10-2008
to provide a helping hand service for all elderly people in North Devon
Awarded: £5,000

Combe Martin Senior Citizens27-10-2008
to provide a service to the residents of Combe Martin and the surrounding areas by offering a programme that meets their needs, this includes a range of activities and befriending service which is inclusive to all
Awarded: £4,965

Greener Ilfracombe27-10-2008
provision of free advice and information service to local residents in an area of deprivation to reduce their energy costs and carbon emissions
Awarded: £5,000

Witheridge Parish Hall27-10-2008
to purchase 28 new tables and 2 large wheeled storage trolleys for use by persons or groups using the Parish Hall
Awarded: £3,320

St. John Ambulance Ilfracombe14-10-2008
to repair a problem with our roof at the St. John Ambulance Headquarters in Ilfracombe
Awarded: £900

Community Action (Barnstaple)2-1-2008
to support staff salaries for youth inclusion work in North Devon
Awarded: £5,000

1st Ilfracombe Scout Group19-09-2008
for bringing our very old hall up to health and safety standards and fire regs
Awarded: £5,000

Chittle Cherubs Pre-School19-09-2008
offering a lunch club
Awarded: £1,976

Ilfracombe Youth Canoe Club19-09-2008
for winter pool sessions for members
Awarded: £3,000

Taw Explorer Scouts19-09-2008
a recruitment project, to develop publicity materials and hold events to attract adult volunteers into scouting
Awarded: £5,000

Clarity (North Devon Mental Health Service Users Forum)18-07-2008
to support a programme of physical activities for people with mental health problems
Awarded: £3,500

Freedom Social Projects25-04-2008
for commercial grade gym equipment for centre exercise room in community centre for socially excluded individuals
Awarded: £4,500

North Devon Child Contact Centre25-04-2008
to pay volunteers expenses to support a project for children from broken families to meet their estranged parents
Awarded: £500

Community Action (Barnstaple)4-10-2007
to run outdoor pursuits, sports, and arts development courses for young people aged 10-16
Awarded: £7,000

Community Action (Barnstaple)4-10-2007
to run outdoor pursuits, sports, and arts development courses for young people aged 10-16
Awarded: £2,433

2nd Bideford Scout Group31-08-2007
to purchase furniture for the Scout Hut to enable the group to provide a range of activities for scouts
Awarded: £2,670

3rd Ilfracombe Brownies31-08-2007
to purchase camping equipment for the Brownie group to go on short camping holidays
Awarded: £1,620

Chittle Cherubs Pre-School31-08-2007
to purchase educational materials and equipment for the group's transition from playgroup to pre-school
Awarded: £844

Clarity (North Devon Mental Health Service Users Forum)31-08-2007
for an Art and Craft Therapy Group for people who are suffering from mental ill health as a means to help people to develop new skills and increase their confidence and self-esteem
Awarded: £6,886

Croyde Youth Club31-08-2007
to improve the youth club by finishing the skate park and adding a new ramp
Awarded: £6,619

Launds Playingfield Committee31-08-2007
to establish a second access point for the playing field to meet with Health & Safety requirements
Awarded: £3,169

North Devon Special Needs Club31-08-2007
to provide an additional weekly session for a club offering social/ leisure activities for children with special needs and their friends and families
Awarded: £2,830

North Devon Voluntary Services31-08-2007
for a project intended to develop personal skills by providing supported volunteering/training opportunities based around the 'Cow Green' community eco-garden
Awarded: £5,335

to re-invigorate a club providing support to the siblings of young people with special needs
Awarded: £1,921

Tenchi Ryu Aikido31-08-2007
to run activities for children and young people which would build self esteem and confidence and teach some basic self defence strategies in a team building environment
Awarded: £5,628

Town Centre Ministries31-08-2007
to take on a worker to oversee teaching new skills to homeless, long term unemployed, and vulnerable people
Awarded: £5,000

Freedom Social Projects27-07-2007
to train homeless/vulnerable and disadvantaged people to become volunteers in the Freedom Trusts drop in centre café
Awarded: £9,250

Freedom Social Projects27-07-2007
to purchase 2 pool tables and gym equipment for the use of vulnerable and disadvantaged people with problems in their life due to homelessness, substance misuse etc
Awarded: £1,267

North Devon Child Contact Centre27-07-2007
to fund the provision of a venue for a child contact centre for children of divorced/estranged parents
Awarded: £763

for a musical activity group at the Forches Estate in North Devon for unemployed lone parents, people living in deprivation, carers, people with mental health needs and vulnerable/homeless people
Awarded: £7,553

Pathfield Activity Club28-06-2007
for an after school club for children and young people with special needs
Awarded: £6,900

Chittlehamholt Youth Club28-06-2007
for the purchase of a range of new equipment for a youth club offering activities to rurally isolated children and young people
Awarded: £1,995

Forches Community Association28-06-2007
to provide a summer programme of sports activities and a Saturday Sports Club for children and young people
Awarded: £6,996

Lee Memorial Hall28-06-2007
to establish a children?s play park in the village meadow
Awarded: £6,921

North Devon Pathfinder Trust28-06-2007
for a Pathfinder "One Stop Shop" for support, face to face help, advice and training in Ilfracombe
Awarded: £9,844

North Devon Pathfinder Trust28-06-2007
for a weekly Pathfinder "One Stop Shop" for support, face to face help, advice and training based at the Forches estate in Barnstaple
Awarded: £9,864

The Workshop28-06-2007
to run two workshops a month for young children and their carers from a Ilfracombe
Awarded: £2,549

Headway Devon25-05-2007
to provide a dedicated Employment Service for adults who live in North Devon (Ilfracombe, Barnstaple, Bideford, and Rural Torridge) and have acquired brain injuries
Awarded: £8,812

Noah's Ark Community Workshop25-05-2007
to run and purchase equipment for weekly family workshops
Awarded: £3,400

Saunton Sands Surf Life Saving Club25-05-2007
to purchase equipment,run a programme of weekend/summer tasters and to train some of the young members as coaches
Awarded: £7,000

Kings Nympton & District Pre-school27-04-2007
to run a 6 week forest school for preschool children
Awarded: £714

Home Grown Kids30-03-2007
to run a series of workshops and educations trips for home educated children and young people
Awarded: £3,629

Mini Monsters30-03-2007
to establish a parent and toddler group following a successful pilot project.
Awarded: £4,090

for a training and support programme for people with mental health issues
Awarded: £8,064

Stacked Wonky Dance Company30-03-2007
to run an alternative dance programme for boys and young men
Awarded: £4,350

Taw Explorer Scouts23-02-2007
to train, support and purchase equipment to enable Explorer Scouts to deliver workshops to younger Scouts, Beavers and Cubs
Awarded: £6,540

Age Concern Ilfracombe & District26-01-2007
towards the costs of an advice, information and advocacy service
Awarded: £200

Childrens Summer Club26-01-2007
to run workshops leading up to the groups entry in the Barnstaple Carnival
Awarded: £556

Taw Valley Ventures26-01-2007
to fund the Women?s day as part of a taster week of community activities.
Awarded: £200

Ilfracombe Youth Canoe Club24-11-2006
for equipment, rent, insurance and training
Awarded: £2,934

Woolacombe Surf Life Saving Club24-11-2006
for a kayaking project
Awarded: £5,400

Appledore CASH27-10-2006
for a feasibility study for the regeneration of an historic dry dock
Awarded: £500

Braunton Volunteer Bureau27-10-2006
for transporting the elderly and less able to medical appointments and aiding them to live independently in their own home
Awarded: £500

Ilfracombe Toy Library27-10-2006
to extend the mobile toy library service to cover more rural areas in North Devon
Awarded: £4,401

Tivey Amateur Boxing Club27-10-2006
to cover the costs associated with the young people competing and training
Awarded: £2,926

for a variety of workshops and sexual health training
Awarded: £6,040

Chittle Cherubs Pre-School29-09-2006
to purchase new and replace old and unsafe equipment for the preschool children
Awarded: £711

Barnstaple Young Generation28-07-2006
for microphones and technical equipment to be shared by theatre groups in Barnstaple and Tiverton
Awarded: £7,000

Re-cyc Junk Band29-06-2006
for a recycled instruments music project for children and young people
Awarded: £6,655

ME North Devon28-04-2006
towards core costs of supporting ME Sufferers
Awarded: £500

Noah's Ark Community Workshop28-02-2006
for weekly craft workshops and to extend holiday sessions
Awarded: £3,131

North Devon Deaf Childrens Society28-02-2006
for soccer coaching and training to aid the integration of hearing and deaf children and young people
Awarded: £1,500

Gateways Therapy Centre - Reflections Club27-01-2006
to purchase equipment to start up a pony club for children with ADHD, autism and asperges
Awarded: £6,980

Headway North Devon27-01-2006
to take 12 disabled adults and their carers to the Calvert Trust for an outdoor pursuits holiday
Awarded: £1,000

Brayford Boomerangs Pre-School16-12-2005
for ride-on toys for the preschool
Awarded: £1,133

Rural Devon Shakespeare Company Ltd16-12-2005
for drama and video workshops for young people who are rurally isolated
Awarded: £5,200

for start up costs for a youth football team
Awarded: £1,270

50th North Devon Scout Group30-09-2005
towards essential repairs to floor, guttering and drainage of the Headquarters building
Awarded: £3,550

1st Tawstock Scout Group29-07-2005
for camping equipment for the use of the Scouts, Cubs and Beavers
Awarded: £3,600

Loxhore Village Hall29-07-2005
for kitchen equipment to facilitate monthly lunches for the community
Awarded: £300

Little Oaks (Burrington) Pre School24-06-2005
for specialist equipment and volunteer training
Awarded: £2,952

Rackenford Village Hall Trust24-06-2005
to purchase and install fencing around a play area to provide a safe play environment for children and young people
Awarded: £3,500

Combe Martin Community Pre-school27-05-2005
to cover the cost of refurbishing the community pre-schools toilet facilities
Awarded: £2,480

Ilfracombe Toy Library27-05-2005
to cover the costs involved in extending the toy library service to more areas
Awarded: £2,415

Kings Nympton & District Pre-school27-05-2005
to update the outside play equipment and paint line markings on the play area
Awarded: £2,228

Barnstaple & Pilton Cricket Club28-04-2005
to cover the costs of training more volunteer coaches to extend and provide an inclusive sport facility
Awarded: £950

Chittle Cherubs Pre-School28-04-2005
for new equipment for the benefit of children living in rural communities
Awarded: £650

Barnstaple Town Majorettes18-02-2005
to set up a Senior Section for majorettes aged 13 to 18, including equipment, premises costs and trainers fees
Awarded: £2,906

Molton Area 200018-02-2005
to install a "chill out" covered seating area in a skate park
Awarded: £7,000

Marwood Pre School27-01-2005
for new equipment and a storage shed
Awarded: £2,276

Northern Devon Duke Of Edinburgh's Award Open Award Centre27-01-2005
towards the cost of employing an Award Group Leader and associated costs for a two year period for isolated young people in rural Northern Devon
Awarded: £12,000

Woolacombe Surf Life Saving Club27-01-2005
to fund training and the purchase of equipment for a 12 week programme of activities about life saving and beach safety
Awarded: £6,686

Waci Sun Fun Club1-4-2004
to meet the running costs of a programme of summer holiday activities for children and young people
Awarded: £4,254

Instow Parish Hall26-11-2004
to increase the size of the outside play area
Awarded: £1,860

Braunton Volunteer Bureau27-08-2004
to subsidise hospital transport costs for clients in rural locations
Awarded: £400

North Devon Deaf Childrens Society27-08-2004
to purchase equipment and software for a computer & IT suite for Deaf Children
Awarded: £4,961

Headway North Devon29-07-2004
towards the cost of providing social opportunities for people who have suffered a head injury
Awarded: £200

Homestart North Devon25-06-2004
to cover the cost of volunteer expenses for 12 months of home visiting families experiencing problems
Awarded: £5,150

to subsidise children's fees to attend the girls & women?s Summer Camp with their mothers/carer
Awarded: £6,645

Lyn Lawn Tennis Club28-05-2004
towards the running costs tennis coaching for children and young people from isolated and economically deprived rural areas
Awarded: £2,150

Rural Devon Shakespeare Company Ltd28-05-2004
to cover the costs involved in running a series of 6 developmental theatre workshops for children and young people from rural communities
Awarded: £2,738

BBAYC (Barnstaple Boarders Assoc Youth Club)29-04-2004
for equipment and associated costs for a photography and video club
Awarded: £6,223

Hannington Hall Martinhoe29-04-2004
towards improvements to the Community Hall for community groups
Awarded: £500

East Worlington Pre-School26-03-2004
to cover the cost of replacing the old flooring, and for external redecoration of the premises
Awarded: £650

Ilfracombe Toy Library26-03-2004
to cover salary costs allowing service to be extended to rural pre-schools and baby/toddler clinics
Awarded: £1,634

Witheridge Mother & Toddler Group26-03-2004
to purchase equipment and cover the cost of hiring premises for a year
Awarded: £1,907

Childrens Summer Club27-02-2004
for the set up costs of a football club for under 16's
Awarded: £1,177

Pathfield Activity Club29-01-2004
to improve the premises, buy activity equipment and help pay for staffing for a club for children with ADHD or Autistic spectrum disorders
Awarded: £6,776

Forches Community Association29-01-2004
holiday playscheme to run music sessions
Awarded: £5,673

West Buckland Youth Club29-01-2004
to purchase equipment to set up and run a club for 10-16 year olds from rural communities
Awarded: £2,254

Little Oaks (Burrington) Pre School18-12-2003
funding needed to pay for professional input and equipment
Awarded: £892

Beaford Arts30-10-2003
a fund a dance project for disabled and able bodied young people
Awarded: £6,987

Combe Martin Senior Citizens30-10-2003
to fund a Christmas Lunch for senior citizens
Awarded: £100

Barnstaple Poverty Action Group18-09-2003
to fund a rural crisis accommodation service for young people
Awarded: £11,083

Saunton Sands Surf Life Saving Club18-09-2003
for the purchase of equipment for children and young people to learn sea safety
Awarded: £3,008

Pip Centre21-08-2003
to run three groups of parent/carer toddlers for 36 weeks (12 weeks each, plus evaluation)
Awarded: £4,328

North Devon Deaf Childrens Society31-07-2003
To offer a summer morning activity programme for deaf children and their siblings over a four week period.
Awarded: £1,277

Little Learners Pre School19-06-2003
towards the cost of an annual educational trip for the children
Awarded: £260

North Devon Deaf Childrens Society19-06-2003
to run sign language courses for the siblings of deaf children
Awarded: £300

Clarity (North Devon Mental Health Service Users Forum)24-04-2003
to set up a support group for children aged 11-19
Awarded: £3,500

Ilfracombe Toy Library24-04-2003
for new equipment for the toy library due to expansion into more rural areas
Awarded: £1,500

Sunflower Playgroup28-02-2003
to secure two part time playworkers jobs for one year
Awarded: £4,725

Water Lane Close And Cottages Social Club28-02-2003
to carry out a feasibility study into the construction of a new community room for residents
Awarded: £500

Barnstaple Young Generation31-01-2003
to enable the youth group to expand and operate throughout the year
Awarded: £5,000

St John Ambulance (Barnstaple)31-01-2003
a contribution to the cost of an ambulance
Awarded: £500

The Tuesday Kool Klub28-11-2002
to provide transport to enable young people to attend the youth club serving a rural community
Awarded: £2,204

Young Devon28-11-2002
to help refurbish part of the building and provide an ICT resource area, enabling young people to build ICT skills and achieve AQA accreditation, alongside AQA unit accreditation in motor mechanics
Awarded: £7,000

Plough And Share Credit Union31-10-2002
Towards travel expenses for a trainer to carry out outreach work in rural surrounds.
Awarded: £500

Age Concern (Barnstaple & District)29-08-2002
towards the cost of electric blanket safety checks for elderly people who are particularly at risk when using faulty blankets
Awarded: £500

Saunton Sands Surf Life Saving Club29-08-2002
to purchase 4 "rescue tubes" for training, competition and life saving purposes
Awarded: £280

Pip Centre31-07-2002
towards staffing costs for 3 parent/carers toddler groups for a year
Awarded: £3,000

Instow Parish Hall25-02-2002
to purchase new kitchen equipment for community use at the parish Hall
Awarded: £300

Mr Roland Hart31-01-2002
to help meet the shortfall in income caused by foot & mouth
Awarded: £500

Mr F R Dart28-01-2002
to help meet the shortfall in income due to foot & mouth
Awarded: £500

Mr & Mrs G Wright28-01-2002
to help meet the shortfall in income due to foot & mouth
Awarded: £500

Knowstone Parish Hall Committee28-01-2002
to help meet the shortfall in income due to foot & mouth
Awarded: £300

North Devon Environmental Trust28-01-2002
to help meet the shortfall in income doe to Foot & Mouth
Awarded: £400

The Tuesday Kool Klub28-01-2002
to meet shorfall due to F&M
Awarded: £500

Mrs Pamela Holland12-9-2001
to help meet the shortfall caused by foot & mouth
Awarded: £100

E J Pedder12-9-2001
towards the costs of two evenings of Christmas entertainment following the foot & mouth crisis
Awarded: £200

Community Information Centre, South Molton9-5-2001
to help meet the additional expenditure on phone calls, printing and postage brought about as a result of the Foot & Mouth Crisis
Awarded: £100

Mr J Dyer19-11-2001
towards the cost of fencing and hedging
Awarded: £500

North Devon Family Mediation Service19-11-2001
towards the core costs of running the family mediation sessions
Awarded: £500

Miss Endymion Beer13-11-2001
to help meet the shortfall caused by foot & mouth
Awarded: £500

Beechfield Youth Club13-11-2001
towards the cost of a youth led project
Awarded: £300

Get Ahead Hats13-11-2001
to help meet the shortfall caused by foot & mouth
Awarded: £400

SJ & CB Huxtable & Son13-11-2001
to help meet the shortfall caused by foot & mouth
Awarded: £500

North Molton Community Workshop17-09-2001
towards the groups start up costs, enabling them to provide community led workshops
Awarded: £400

1st Braunton Brownie Pack23-02-2001
Awarded: £75

1st Combe Martin Guides23-02-2001
Awarded: £100

Cherry Tree Community Family Workshop23-02-2001
Awarded: £200

Childrens Summer Club23-02-2001
Awarded: £180

Dartington North Devon Trust Young Musicians Support23-02-2001
Awarded: £200

Ilfracombe & District Credit Union23-02-2001
Awarded: £140

Ilfracombe Disabled Fellowship23-02-2001
Awarded: £100

Lyn & Exmoor Museum23-02-2001
Awarded: £100

Newport Community Family Workshop23-02-2001
Awarded: £200

Noahs Ark23-02-2001
Awarded: £200

Parents as Partners23-02-2001
Awarded: £200

Puzzle Family Workshop23-02-2001
Awarded: £200

Taw Valley Community Minibus Association23-02-2001
Awarded: £200

The White Cane Club of Lynton23-02-2001
Awarded: £100

Chawleigh Millennium Project20-02-2001
Awarded: £300

Age Concern Ilfracombe & District10-3-2000
Awarded: £500

Ilfracombe & District Credit Union10-3-2000
Awarded: £500

Ilfracombe & District Credit Union10-3-2000
Awarded: £500

Ilfracombe & District Youth Band110-3-2000
Awarded: £500

Ilfracombe Carers10-3-2000
Awarded: £100

Ilfracombe Poverty Action Group (IPAG)10-3-2000
Awarded: £500

Ilfracombe Voluntary Community Ambulance10-3-2000
Awarded: £400

Royal British Legion Youth Band, Ilfracombe10-3-2000
Awarded: £500

Sea /Cadet Corps, Ilfracombe Unit 19310-3-2000
Awarded: £500

Awarded: £500

Ilfracombe Parent Support Project3-12-1999
Awarded: £500

Victim Support North Devon3-12-1999
Awarded: £300

Forches Regeneration Association4-11-1999
Awarded: £100

Braunton Volunteer Bureau30-09-1999
to fund volunteers recruitment and expenses
Awarded: £300

North Devon Housing Society Ltd30-09-1999
Awarded: £300

Youth Link30-09-1999
Awarded: £145