Where the money goes

The Friends of Wyndham House Surgery12-7-2017
supporting the annual running costs of a prescription delivery service to vulnerable patients in a rural area
Awarded: £1,000

Tiverton Co-Operative Learning Partnership4-4-2017
for a co-operative of Tiverton schools to distribute funds on an individual basis for educational purposes, to pupils experiencing hardship, reducing poverty and increasing confidence and opportunities for all students
Awarded: £5,000

Lapford Voluntary Car Aid3-4-2017
offering vital transport for older people in a rural a area to get to medical appointments, reducing isolation and providing important contact with the outside world
Awarded: £1,000

New Life Horse Care Sanctuary19-06-2017
providing equine therapy sessions to improve the well-being of disabled children and their families
Awarded: £1,000

The Tiverton Market Centre Co Ltd19-06-2017
providing support and guidance for young people through transition to adulthood, many of whom have complex and/or disadvantaged backgrounds, encouraging life skills, confidence and independence
Awarded: £1,000

Cullompton Family Centre19-06-2017
providing a safe and welcoming place for vulnerable individuals and families to receive support to help them feel empowered to make positive and informed life choices
Awarded: £1,000

Young At Heart Club30-03-2017
to provide somewhere for isolated or lonely people over 60 years old to make friends and have some fun
Awarded: £1,019

Unite - Carers In Mid Devon29-03-2017
to provide respite activities for young carers in Mid Devon to ease the pressure of caring for parents or siblings
Awarded: £1,898

Crediton Youth Theatre12-4-2016
funding for a Youth Theatre in Crediton helping to fill the gap the closure of the youth club has left, offering activities that the children themselves said they want and need, building confidence by teaching new skills and encouraging a sense of unity and team work
Awarded: £800

Newton St Cyres Parish Council11-4-2016
to support flood and community resilience in Newton St Cyres.
Awarded: £792

Tiverton Co-Operative Learning Partnership24-11-2016
for a co-operative of Tiverton schools to distribute on an individual basis for educational purposes to pupils experiencing hardship, reducing poverty and increasing confidence and opportunities for all students
Awarded: £5,000

The Rotary Club of Tiverton24-11-2016
for a literacy project for schools in Tiverton, one to one support helping children to reach the requiring reading level for their age or above, raising their confidence and achievement levels overall
Awarded: £10,000

Bampton Heritage & Visitor Centre24-11-2016
to equip volunteers with fleece jackets to wear during their volunteering and keep them warm particularly when they are based in the church, this work gives people the chance to come together and help their community giving them a sense of worth and wellbeing
Awarded: £450

DP FIRE15-11-2016
Exeter fire fund grant
Awarded: £680

2nd Tiverton Scout Group26-07-2016
for an educational trip for youngsters from Tiverton, helping to improve life skills and safety awareness
Awarded: £500

The Tiverton Market Centre Co Ltd26-07-2016
for an essential support service for young people in Tiverton, primarily the transition period through adolescence, a vulnerable time for young people especially those not supported by parents or family, helping to reduce anti-social behaviour and school absenteeism; raising aspirations and therefore achievement levels
Awarded: £5,000

Sandford and district passenger group23-03-2016
to assist with the cost of trips for vulnerable, less able people living in a rural area, helping to maintain their independence and self worth, giving access to arts and nature attractions and events they would not otherwise have the opportunity to visit
Awarded: £466

Silver Tops Club23-03-2016
to assist with transport costs to enable older people in Cullompton area to attend a social activity club, increasing their sense of well-being and reducing isolation and lonliness
Awarded: £1,000

The Ark (Yeo Valley Christian Felowship)23-03-2016
giving support to residents in an isolated rural area, creating their community hub that is open to all ages and activities, already offering food bank and meeting place/cafe with potential to use it for a mother and toddler group, youth club, prescription collection service and memory cafe, outreach post office and more, a great multi purpose facility building a strong, unified and resilient community
Awarded: £1,600

Cullompton Family Centre2-4-2015
running a weekly session for vulnerable families in Mid Devon empowering them to tackle life challenges in a supportive and understanding environment, helping to raise future aspirations and increase confidence
Awarded: £1,000

Moors Youth Sports Association2-4-2015
providing equipment for an under 15's football club for girls and boys in a deprived area, helping to encourage youngsters to be active and make healthy lifestyles choices and instill a sense of team spirit from an early age
Awarded: £1,000

The Turning Tides Project Community Interest Company2-4-2015
funding to give individuals with 'learning disability' or 'autism' labels, the opportunity to work with experienced artists and musicians to create a performance at a high profile well known community event, increasing social inclusion and raising their future aspirations
Awarded: £800

Unite - Carers In Mid Devon15-12-2015
to support activities for young carers in Mid Devon, giving them the opportunity to experience new things and have a break from the responsibility of caring
Awarded: £1,000

Young At Heart Club15-12-2015
funding to support 150 vulnerable older people living in rural Mid Devon, providing transport to a lunch club which offers warm meals and socialising opportunities to help reduce isolation and increase independence
Awarded: £2,000

The Filo Project15-12-2015
for day care for elderly people living in isolated areas, covering the cost of training of hosts to ensure they are confident and offering the very best support and reducing the isolation of these vulnerable people
Awarded: £1,958

Cheriton Fitzpaine Garden Club3-11-2015
Winner of the Rural Volunteer of the Year Award 2015
Awarded: £250

The Rotary Club of Tiverton21-09-2015
for a literacy project for schools in Tiverton, one to one support helping children to reach the requiring reading level for their age or above, raising their confidence and achievement levels overall
Awarded: £6,750

SB TEF21-09-2015
2013/14 - Attended Petroc College, TIVERTON, Devon for an Access to Higher Education course
Awarded: £1,000

Cheriton Fitzpaine Garden Club21-09-2015
funding to support a small rural gardening club building strong community spirit and well-being, ecouraging healthy outdoor exercise for all ages
Awarded: £200

Rainbow Craft and Recreation21-09-2015
to fund creative workships for a small arts and recreation club for disabled people in Mid Devon, to subsidise local trips, helping to ensure they have the opportunity of days out and activities that they would not otherwise experience
Awarded: £450

Unite - Carers In Mid Devon21-09-2015
to provide educational environmental activities for young carers in Mid Devon, activities they would not normally have the opportunity to experience, giving them other areas to consider for training and possibly future career options, helping to raise their confidence and aspirations
Awarded: £1,185

Tiverton Educational Foundation23-06-2015
supporting some of the most challenged young people in the Tiverton area with their education
Awarded: £10,000

Freelance Productions16-06-2015
taking Tiverton students, some have learning difficulties, into community settings and into National Trust properties, to present performing and visual arts, helping to raise future aspirations
Awarded: £5,000

The Turning Tides Project Community Interest Company16-06-2015
providing a safe and supportive environment for people who have a learning disability and/or behavioural challenges, to experience a pub jam, helping them to explore their creativity, maybe learn to plan an instrument and integrate with the community, raising their confidence and social inclusion
Awarded: £1,000

Tiverton Co-Operative Learning Partnership15-06-2015
for a co-operative of Tiverton schools to distribute on an individual basis for educational purposes to pupils experiencing hardship, reducing poverty and increasing confidence and opportunities for all
Awarded: £5,000

New Life Horse Care Sanctuary15-06-2015
funding to purchase a safety saddle and related safety equipment providing a safer more secure saddle for riders with health conditions or disabilities who might otherwise not be able to progress safely to the ultimate achievement of riding horses
Awarded: £950

Local Heroes15-06-2015
for a project where young people change attitudes by challenging discrimination with their peers to reduce bullying in schools, improving self-worth and well-being helping them to reach their full potential
Awarded: £3,000

Cheriton Fitzpaine Women's Institute15-06-2015
to hire a minibus with access for people with disabilities giving disabled and able-bodied members of a community group the opportunity to travel together to events enabling them to live a fuller and more enjoyable life helping to reduce loneliness and social isolation
Awarded: £800

Lapford Voluntary Car Aid26-02-2015
to support the car aid provided by volunteers for people in rural areas around Crediton, Morchard Bishop and Chulmleigh to attend their health centre or hospital appointments, helping to reduce their isolation and get out in their community
Awarded: £500

Unite - Carers In Mid Devon26-02-2015
providing support groups to offer carers with a break and the opportunity to learn from others in a similar situation, reducing their isolation and building confidence through respite and mutual support
Awarded: £1,000

Churches Housing Action Team (CHAT) Mid-Devon Ltd17-02-2015
to offer Tenancy Support and Fuel and Food Poverty relief to vulnerable people in need. Tenancy support tackles fuel poverty by assisting people on low incomes and benefits to manage their income and budget so that they are able to effectively cover the cost of their household expenses and fuel bills
Awarded: £1,000

Cheriton Fitzpaine Garden Club28-01-2015
for a small, rural garden club bringing people together to share knowledge and skills of growing flowers and vegetables
Awarded: £500

Churches Housing Action Team (CHAT) Mid-Devon Ltd6-2-2014
To offer homeless people or people threatened with homelessness advice, guidance and support.
Awarded: £3,711

Culmstock Pre-School Playgroup9-10-2014
supporting low income families with young children, living in a rural area, keeping the pre-school open to enable parents to work and the children to learn socialising skills
Awarded: £3,500

Kennerleigh Community Shop9-10-2014
to support a rural community to take on their local shop as the community hub - running the shop using local produce, involving local volunteers, hosting the health advice clinic as well as being a central meeting place for all
Awarded: £7,956

LJ Tiverton Educational Fund23-10-2014
towards a study trip to Sri Lanka
Awarded: £250

Childrens Diabetes Group Snackpack13-10-2014
taking children with diabetes on an outdoor team building weekend, increasing confidence and their sense of 'being normal', supporting them and their families
Awarded: £1,000

Churches Housing Action Team (CHAT) Mid-Devon Ltd24-06-2014
supporting a homeless prevention service which offers legal advice, tenancy support and food and fuel poverty relief, the aim is to help vulnerable people on low income or unemployed to cope with debt management, keeping them safe and giving them the knowledge they require to keep their homes
Awarded: £5,000

Singing to Remember15-04-2014
to provide singing opportunities for people suffering with dementia and Down Syndrome, helping to reduce the feeling of isolation and to increase their confidence, and offering Carers a chance to meet and exchange information
Awarded: £845

Lichfield Talking News15-04-2014
to enable twenty additional people to receive this Talking Newspaper, an essential service for blind people, which helps reduce the risk of loneliness and feelings of isolation
Awarded: £1,000

Cullompton Family Centre14-04-2014
supporting a 'drop-in' center to finance staff costs, rent and healthy snacks for service users, encouraging vulnerable people/families on low incomes with complex needs to come together, find help and advice in a environment where they are not judged and can feel comfortable and safe, encouraging positive change
Awarded: £900

Unite - Carers In Mid Devon21-02-2014
To provide support to young carers during the transition from primary to secondary school.
Awarded: £4,585

Wembworthy Village Hall Committee21-02-2014
To upgrade porch area of village hall.
Awarded: £1,000

Age UK Mid Devon20-02-2014
To introduce a new service to improve health, develop skills and restore self confidence and independence for older men.
Awarded: £1,000

Unite - Carers In Mid Devon20-02-2014
To contribute towards running costs of of carers' support groups in Mid Devon.
Awarded: £1,200

East Worlington Pre-School7-3-2013
To provide a science and nature garden area.
Awarded: £868

Sunningmead Community Association7-3-2013
To provide new equipment for toddler Group and 7 to 11's youth group.
Awarded: £750

Witheridge Pre-school7-3-2013
To fund a subsidised holiday club for disadvantaged children.
Awarded: £750

Mr AM Devonian4-11-2013
To purchase a reclining chair.
Awarded: £603

LC Devonian7-10-2013
To replace existing carpet with vinyl flooring for young person with cerebral palsy to use wheelchair
Awarded: £890

Churches Housing Action Team (CHAT) Mid-Devon Ltd14-05-2013
to support housing advice and advocacy service.
Awarded: £1,500

JP Devonian5-9-2012
To purchase a new electric wheelchair.
Awarded: £2,000

Tiverton Rowing Club7-6-2012
Towards the purchase of 2 sculling boats for adaptive use.
Awarded: £2,000

Unite - Carers In Mid Devon7-2-2012
to part fund a project worker
Awarded: £2,923

Churches Housing Action Team (CHAT) Mid-Devon Ltd25-01-2012
for the housing advice & aid service
Awarded: £5,000

Crediton International Social & Culture Organisation (CISCO)25-01-2012
for English Teaching for migrant workers to help integrate into the community
Awarded: £1,125

Home Start Mid Devon25-01-2012
to support and train a volunteer to enable them to support families
Awarded: £1,000

Honiton Children's Centre25-01-2012
To support the bonding process and development of relationships between families
Awarded: £988

Playback Youth Theatre25-01-2012
to arrange a series of open days for local young people in each of four towns/villages
Awarded: £1,000

Cullompton Family Centre8-2-2011
to run two art and craft junk modelling sessions on Tuesday mornings
Awarded: £184

to fund a kitchen adaptation
Awarded: £1,413

Churches Housing Action Team (CHAT) Mid-Devon Ltd20-10-2011
assisting those that are homeless to find decent, secure & affordable accomadation
Awarded: £5,000

Rainbow Craft and Recreation26-09-2011
To relieve sickness and distress and to provide facilities for recreation and other leisure-time occupations for people with disabilities and their families and carers.
Awarded: £100

Thorverton Pre School26-09-2011
to secure funding in order to furnish the inside of the new building
Awarded: £500

Witheridge Pre-school26-09-2011
to provide staff training in connection with a new breakfast and after school club
Awarded: £800

Singing Aloud - Tiverton Youth Choir19-05-2011
for on going costs for Tiverton's only Youth Choir for children aged 7 to 12
Awarded: £1,000

Awarded: £4,570

Lapford Voluntary Car Aid17-01-2011
To contribute towards the cost of volunteers mileage allowances.
Awarded: £250

Chawleigh Share9-7-2010
to provide a kiln for the pottery
Awarded: £500

Apple Seed Counselling Ltd12-7-2010
To provide low-cost counselling to people in Mid Devon.
Awarded: £500

Rainbow Craft and Recreation9-4-2010
providing recreational facilities for people with disabilities
Awarded: £900

Cadeleigh Village Hall1-4-2010
replacement of unsafe chairs and purchase of small tables and replacement of electrical cooker
Awarded: £2,500

Cullompton Rangers FC1-4-2010
providing children/young people with access to football
Awarded: £1,500

Tiverton Adventure Play Association1-4-2010
playscheme for children aged 8+ during Easter holiday 2010
Awarded: £900

Tiverton Singers1-4-2010
to buy an electric piano, stand and amplifier
Awarded: £500

Lapford Revel1-3-2010
to provide maypole dancing tuition at Lapford school this summer and facilitate maypole dancing at Lapford Revel
Awarded: £500

Cullompton Family Centre1-2-2010
Wednesday Munch Club Session for groups to budget, prepare, provide cooked meals, benefit from a healthier lifestyle and learn new basic skills, feel safe and have fun
Awarded: £2,000

Complex Care Team8-10-2010
to make a contribution towards the purchase and installation of a through floor lift and door opening system
Awarded: £2,000

Crediton International Social & Culture Organisation (CISCO)27-09-2010
to enable CISCO to develop its organisational capacity so that it can become a one-stop-service offering free and confidential advice and information through a drop-in centre to support migrant workers and their families
Awarded: £2,000

Crediton Youth Theatre27-09-2010
to stage two theatre shows for children and teenagers, with members of our youth theatre, giving them the opportunity to act, sing and dance with other young people, led by experienced tutors
Awarded: £2,000

Thorverton Amateur Dramatic Society27-09-2010
to provide new stage curtains and tracking to enhance our amateur dramatic performances
Awarded: £500

Withleigh Village Hall30-07-2010
to replace the main door to the hall, enabling us to secure the buidling
Awarded: £900

Culm Sampford United Youth Football Club (aka CSUnited)19-07-2010
to encourage children to develop their football skills with enjoyment
Awarded: £1,000

a drop-in centre for 11-18 year olds offering support and opportunities for social development
Awarded: £1,000

Silverton Youth Club19-07-2010
to provide a safe space for, and broaden the horizons of, the young people in the village
Awarded: £3,000

Tiverton Harriers19-07-2010
Updating equipment and improving provision for athletics.
Awarded: £855

Tiverton Sea Cadets19-07-2010
efficient, affordable heating for headquarters building
Awarded: £3,500

Bow Youth Club24-05-2010
the purpose of the youth club is to provide a service to young people in Bow and district
Awarded: £2,000

Crediton Rural Arts & Music Project24-05-2010
Band Lab" - a creative music-making project for disadvantaged young people living in rural communities
Awarded: £4,408

Hittisleigh Village Hall24-05-2010
Replacement of rotten floor in main hall.
Awarded: £5,000

Kentisbeare Cricket Club24-05-2010
to replace the fence and erect a 30ft net along the boundary, and to purchase a new lawn mower, equipment and covers
Awarded: £800

Morchard Bishop Allotment Association (MBAA)24-05-2010
to raise funds for a community shed for our village allotment
Awarded: £3,000

Tiverton Rowing Club24-05-2010
to purchase a second hand racing boat and blades
Awarded: £2,000

United Churches of Witheridge Luncheon Club24-05-2010
to bring the kitchen equipment up-to-date to facilitate a better working environment
Awarded: £3,000

Thornebuds Under 5s Stay & Playgroup23-04-2010
under 5s group now providing for babies and young toddlers and their carers
Awarded: £400

Tiverton Market Centre23-04-2010
to increase the limited counselling provision currently in place, in order to better meet the emotional and mental health needs of the students at Tiverton High School
Awarded: £4,250

Unite - Carers In Mid Devon23-04-2010
funding for 3 years rent to lease No 4 Bridge Street, Tiverton for the Kids Who Care Project
Awarded: £7,500

Mid Devon Messenger Talking Newspaper Association29-03-2010
purchase of equipment to facilitate change to digital recording and copying of weekly talking newspaper
Awarded: £4,000

Shobrooke Park Cricket Club29-03-2010
to contribute towards the cost of installing doors/windows, drainage and internal fixtures
Awarded: £1,000

Tiverton's New Generation Majorettes29-03-2010
to provide new uniforms and equipment to allow our members to compete in local competitions, support local schools and charity events
Awarded: £1,000

Halberton and Sampford Peverell Cricket Club22-02-2010
to refurbish/upgrade the existing cricket coaching net and the construction of a second (mobile) cricket coaching net
Awarded: £493

Devon County Adult Services22-01-2010
to purchase coal to heat the home, and to purchase a new fridge to correctly store her insulin
Awarded: £500

Colebrooke Youth Club3-7-2009
securing the continuation of Colebrooke Youth Club during a short period of financial difficulty so continuing to provide a safe, supportive and semi-educational meeting place for young people (7-18) from Colebrooke and adjacent parishes
Awarded: £860

Crediton International Social & Culture Organisation (CISCO)3-7-2009
to purchase new equipment for the group, and fund the production of the second newsletter
Awarded: £500

Cullompton Family Centre5-5-2009
to contribute towards the running costs of the Wednesday Munch Club
Awarded: £3,000

Hemyock Tennis Club5-5-2009
to cover the cost of training courses, mini-tennis equipment and a ball machine
Awarded: £1,000

Sampford Peverell Parish Plan Committee5-5-2009
to fund production, publication and distribution of the Sampford Peverell Parish Plan
Awarded: £1,000

Voluntary Support Scheme- CLOSED5-5-2009
to contribute towards the cost of running 6 all-day events on mental health issues over 2 years
Awarded: £4,800

Tiverton Little Stars1-5-2009
to purchase play equipment for the new pre-school
Awarded: £500

Mid Devon Youth Games Voluntary Group9-3-2009
to contribute toward the costs of training for and attending the 2009 Devon Youth Games
Awarded: £2,500

The Anglo-Polish Organisation9-3-2009
to contribute towards the costs of setting up additional drop-in support sessions across Devon
Awarded: £3,000

Culm Valley Comets Basketball Club14-12-2009
to provide a sustainable recreational and competitive basketball club in the Mid Devon area, providing opportunity for all to take part in an active and healthy lifestyle
Awarded: £2,000

Kids@Copplestone After School Club14-12-2009
provision of four specialist and otherwise unaffordable clubs in Spring/Summer 2010 to complement the ongoing clubs programme, clubs specifically targeted to provide outdoor activity/stimulation and experience of alternative cultures/skills
Awarded: £568

Crediton Area History & Museum Society26-10-2009
to establish a Museum and Heritage Centre in the Old Town Hall in Crediton
Awarded: £5,000

Singing Aloud - Tiverton Youth Choir26-10-2009
non auditioning children's choir
Awarded: £2,000

The Anglo-Polish Organisation16-10-2009
Polish Resettlement Camp Document Recovery
Awarded: £250

Carers UK Mid Devon21-09-2009
Christmas Tea afternoons, subsidising events for unpaid carers
Awarded: £2,275

Morebath Village Hall21-09-2009
to purchase crockery/cutlery to enable people to eat and socialise in the hall
Awarded: £2,000

Sandford & District Playgroup17-08-2009
the purchase of a laptop and mouse for the children's educational use
Awarded: £400

Voluntary Support Scheme- CLOSED27-07-2009
activity project to help improve low confidence and self esteem
Awarded: £6,000

Bow Playgroup15-07-2009
summer playscheme for children aged 2 1/2 to 8 years old
Awarded: £500

The Anglo-Polish Saturday School of Tiverton15-07-2009
migrant worker summer holiday activity programme
Awarded: £900

Withleigh Village Hall29-06-2009
to purchase new equipment for the kitchen, which will enable us to cater for up to 100 people at our own functions, and hire the hall and catering facilities out for weddings, conferences etc
Awarded: £750

Crediton & District Disabled Fellowship14-05-2009
to contribute towards the costs of the group's annual outing to Dawlish, and the annual Christmas Lunch
Awarded: £400

Bampton Players26-01-2009
to contribute towards the cost of raising the ceiling in the Riverside Hall, Bampton
Awarded: £2,793

Cullompton Family Centre16-01-2009
to contribute towards the running costs of the Wednesday Munch Club
Awarded: £500

Voluntary Support Scheme- CLOSED16-01-2009
to contribute towards the costs of staging a mental health Forum event in Tiverton
Awarded: £500

Cheriton Fitzpaine Garden Club8-12-2008
to purchase exhibition and show equipment
Awarded: £250

St John Ambulance Cadets (Tiverton)8-12-2008
to purchase a laptop, printer and projector, and fluorescent tabards
Awarded: £1,000

Tiverton Town Majorettes8-12-2008
to purchase new uniforms for the troupe
Awarded: £1,500

Cruwys Morchard Parish Hall10-11-2008
to pay for a Site Survey in preparation for demolition and rebuilding of the Parish Hall
Awarded: £900

Cheriton Fitzpaine Welcome Club27-10-2008
to continue running a luncheon club for elderly/disabled people in Cheriton Fitzpaine and surrounding areas
Awarded: £3,000

Crediton Special Needs Play Scheme27-10-2008
to provide a holiday playscheme for disabled children aged 5-16
Awarded: £5,000

Tiverton Singers27-10-2008
to buy new music for a ladies choir
Awarded: £500

Tiverton Market Centre15-10-2008
to offer support to young people at risk who are vulnerable and often in need of intense support
Awarded: £500

Cullompton Rangers FC19-09-2008
for providing children/young people with access to football
Awarded: £1,867

East & Mid Devon Deaf Children's Society18-07-2008
towards a summer play scheme for hearing impaired children
Awarded: £400

East Worlington Pre-School18-07-2008
for a new computer and printer
Awarded: £450

Upstream Healthy Living Centre18-07-2008
towards the cost of running three activity groups for older people
Awarded: £3,000

Home Start Mid Devon2-11-2007
to run parenting sessions for young and new parent/carers
Awarded: £500

Crediton Arts Centre27-07-2007
for a weekly music theatre programme culminating in a show
Awarded: £5,010

Cullompton Rangers FC27-07-2007
for equipment and kit to improve football training and to develop the children's enthusiasm to stay active in the spor and to accommodate increasing numbers
Awarded: £4,383

Just Another 5 Minutes27-07-2007
for camping equipment to enable the children to camp at the local school and further afield
Awarded: £1,880

Voluntary Support Scheme- CLOSED27-07-2007
to start a self help group for people with mental ill-health to help them on the first rung of the employment ladder
Awarded: £4,730

Churches Housing Action Team (CHAT) Mid-Devon Ltd28-06-2007
mediating between parents and children to prevent the child leaving home due to domestic issues
Awarded: £6,897

Kids@Copplestone After School Club28-06-2007
to increase provision in the performing arts and environmental education and develop new links to build sustainability and increase the groups skills
Awarded: £6,719

East & Mid Devon Deaf Children's Society25-05-2007
to purchase laptops with web cams to enable young deaf people to communicate through sign and to take them on a weekend to develop independence
Awarded: £6,685

Olive Tree25-05-2007
to establish a multi cultural network for unemployed BME women in Mid Devon and across the county
Awarded: £9,685

Cullompton Family Centre27-04-2007
to run a new Wednesday Club for hard to reach young families
Awarded: £4,768

Hemyock Pre-School27-04-2007
to install an outdoor play area for the rurally located pre-school
Awarded: £6,650

Kids@Copplestone After School Club27-04-2007
to run a programme of after school sporting activities
Awarded: £3,833

Mid-Devon Alliance for Special Children27-04-2007
to re-establish a Saturday Club for children with special needs
Awarded: £7,000

Sandford Cricket Club27-04-2007
to provide after school, evening and summer cricket coaching sessions for children and young people attending 11 of the local primary schools
Awarded: £6,335

Tiverton Action4Youth27-04-2007
to purchase equipment for a youth club following a successful pilot
Awarded: £4,247

Tiverton Town Majorettes27-04-2007
to purchase new uniforms for the majorette troupe
Awarded: £2,340

Telephone Box Performance Company30-03-2007
provide a 10-week participatory drama project to homeless and vulnerably housed young people
Awarded: £5,220

Cullompton Rugby Football Club23-02-2007
to train coached to levels 1 & 2 to train the children and young people
Awarded: £1,760

Youth Krew23-02-2007
for a radio project aimed at rurally isolated young people
Awarded: £5,175

Mid Devon CAB26-01-2007
to purchase a laptop computer for volunteers to log and record client information
Awarded: £500

Unite - Carers In Mid Devon26-01-2007
to provide respite activities for different age ranges
Awarded: £6,998

Devon Mediation Service24-11-2006
for peer mediation courses for young people to develop the skills of listening, communicating and cooperating
Awarded: £2,400

Queens Badminton Club27-10-2006
to offer free access to the badminton club to financially or rurally disadvantaged children
Awarded: £3,500

Tiverton Adventure Play Association27-10-2006
to establish a ?teenage? area in the Adventure Playground
Awarded: £4,396

St Johns Preschool & Out Of School Club29-09-2006
to create an interactive-learning IT suite for the use of the pre-school, after school and holiday club
Awarded: £3,209

Sunningmead Community Association29-09-2006
towards the running costs of a youth club in a socially and economically deprived area in Mid Devon
Awarded: £6,424

Churches Housing Action Team (CHAT) Mid-Devon Ltd28-07-2006
towards the cost of running the outreach housing advice services in the Mid Devon area
Awarded: £500

Moors Youth Sports Association28-07-2006
to set up a girls football team
Awarded: £3,120

Sandford Area Community Action28-07-2006
towards the cost of fitting out a newly community owned village store and post office
Awarded: £500

Sandford Community Tennis Club28-07-2006
towards the cost of resurfacing a tennis court for the use of the whole community where access to other sport faculties is very limited
Awarded: £2,400

Tiverton Opportunity Playgroup28-07-2006
to extend services to under 3?s and offer support to the parents of children with special needs
Awarded: £5,232

Cullompton Leat Conservancy Board28-04-2006
to conserve a natural island in the Leat running through Cullompton for the community
Awarded: £350

Kids@Copplestone After School Club28-04-2006
for an after school art & drama/activities club for children and young people from a small rural village
Awarded: £6,800

Sandford Cricket Club28-04-2006
for coaching courses for volunteers
Awarded: £950

TAPA Tots28-04-2006
for a covered outdoor play area and two storage sheds
Awarded: £2,790

Tiverton Harriers28-04-2006
to cover the costs of training new volunteers to become qualified coaches
Awarded: £1,250

Copplestone Park Group30-03-2006
for a youth shelter in a rural community with poor public transport links
Awarded: £6,165

Tiverton Market Centre30-03-2006
For an extension to a drop in counselling service for young people
Awarded: £6,000

St John Ambulance Cadets (Tiverton)28-02-2006
for residential training courses for cadets and volunteers
Awarded: £500

Blackdown Productions27-01-2006
to set up a new community group which aims to provide accessible entertainment to the community
Awarded: £400

Free Range Learning27-01-2006
for an environmental project for home educated children
Awarded: £3,335

Crediton Rugby FootBall Club2-8-2005
towards the cost of installing floodlighting to enable winter practice and matches
Awarded: £1,000

Poughill Youth Club16-12-2005
to purchase staging and lighting for the youth club to plan and perform drama events
Awarded: £4,917

Bow Young People's After School Club25-11-2005
for gymnastics, ceramics and drama workshops and equipment
Awarded: £1,104

Huntsham Village Hall28-10-2005
for four lightweight folding tables to replace the damaged heavy tables
Awarded: £400

Newton St Cyres Football Club (Youth Devision)28-10-2005
for equipment to start up a youth football team
Awarded: £400

Cullompton Junior Netball Club30-09-2005
to set up a new Junior Netball Club in Cullompton
Awarded: £1,478

Newton St Cyres Recreation Ground Committee30-09-2005
for new play equipment for the under 8's in the community
Awarded: £6,941

Mid-Devon Alliance for Special Children29-07-2005
to develop a programme of outdoor experiences for children with special needs and disabilities
Awarded: £4,500

Washfield Social Club29-07-2005
to set up and run a short mat bowls club for the community
Awarded: £1,600

Bradninch Cricket Club28-04-2005
towards the cost of cricket nets
Awarded: £976

Culmstock Youth Cricket Club28-04-2005
for a water proof cover and a coaching mat for the youth section team
Awarded: £500

Lapford Voluntary Car Aid28-04-2005
to cover the cost of providing transport for people living in rural communities to medical appointments
Awarded: £300

Mid Devon Mini Football League28-04-2005
for an end of football season tournament and awards presentation
Awarded: £2,747

Queens Badminton Club28-04-2005
to provide coaching for children usually unable to access the sports clubs for financial reasons
Awarded: £5,120

Rackenford Village Hall Trust28-04-2005
towards the cost of building a hard play area for community use
Awarded: £900

Rainbow Craft and Recreation28-04-2005
To run a health and fitness programme for people with disabilities, employing a specialist fitness trainer who has an understanding of the participants complex needs
Awarded: £1,500

Sunningmead Community Association28-04-2005
to employ trained youth workers and pay expenses for volunteers to support young people in exploring the transition to adulthood
Awarded: £5,646

Unite - Carers In Mid Devon28-04-2005
to set up a monthly social club for young carers in Mid Devon £6,964.00
Awarded: £6,964

Churches Housing Action Team (CHAT) Mid-Devon Ltd24-03-2005
for equipment, training, educational trips for young people who live in supported housing
Awarded: £3,400

Home Start Mid Devon24-03-2005
for costs associated with employing a part time project worker enabling the group to reach the rural , isolated communities of Mid Devon
Awarded: £4,096

Crediton Rural Arts & Music Project18-02-2005
to stage a music event aimed at children and young people who live in rurally isolated communities
Awarded: £6,900

Copplestone After School Cricket Club27-01-2005
to cover the costs of running 14 pro-coaching sessions for rurally isolated children and young people
Awarded: £1,060

Cullompton(Winterbourne) Blind Club27-01-2005
towards the cost of a day trip to Torquay for blind and visually impaired people
Awarded: £100

Sampford Peverell Hall & Recreation Ground Charity27-01-2005
to purchase equipment for a children's play area
Awarded: £7,000

Yeoford Youngsters After School Club27-01-2005
for a 16 week art and circus skills project for children are living in a rural community with little or no other activities
Awarded: £1,072

Tiverton Rugby Footbal Club (Junior Section)1-4-2004
for the installation of girls? showers to enable and encourage them to play rugby with the use of full facilities.
Awarded: £7,000

Valley Nursery School1-4-2004
for new equipment to replace damaged and unsafe soft play toys and ride on toys
Awarded: £829

Yeoford Recreation Ground Trust1-4-2004
towards the cost of installing a small skateboard area
Awarded: £750

Crediton Special Needs Play Scheme17-12-2004
for a residential activity holiday for 9 children who are physically disabled and/or have sensory and learning difficulties
Awarded: £2,000

Bickleigh On Exe Preschool26-11-2004
for a trip to Paignton Zoo and associated equipment for children and families on very low income and living in a rural area
Awarded: £2,217

Sampford Peverell Caring Friends Group26-11-2004
for CRB checks for volunteers to provide transport to people who are isolated and vulnerable
Awarded: £200

Silverton Pre School Playgroup26-11-2004
to run a two term (spring and summer) programme of arts activities at the Wednesday After School Club
Awarded: £6,366

Tiverton Harriers26-11-2004
to purchase equipment and to train volunteers to coach a junior running section
Awarded: £5,713

Moors Youth Sports Association18-10-2004
for CRB checks and training workshops for 14 volunteer coaches
Awarded: £3,952

Kentisbeare Playing Fields27-08-2004
For the purchase of equipment for Kentisbeare Community Playing Field
Awarded: £6,589

Cheriton Fitzpaine Welcome Club29-07-2004
to fund a luncheon club for elderly and disabled people
Awarded: £100

Lapford & District Pre-School Playgroup29-07-2004
to buy equipment for pre-school playground
Awarded: £997

to fund new activities during our summer playscheme for children with Special Needs.
Awarded: £3,224

Uffculme Canoe Club29-07-2004
towards start up costs of a canoe club for children and young people from a rural community
Awarded: £6,921

Colebrooke Youth Club25-06-2004
to run a drama club for rurally isolated children and young people
Awarded: £3,800

Copplestone School Association25-06-2004
to run a series of circus workshops, training and equipment and to fund a performance by Circus Berzercus
Awarded: £2,450

Friends Of Tiverton Skate Park25-06-2004
to extend the skate park facilities for beginners and younger children
Awarded: £5,932

Haymans Close Residents Association25-06-2004
to run a series of fun workshops for families on low incomes
Awarded: £3,485

Hemyock Cobras Youth Fc25-06-2004
to cover the cost of a programme of pro-coaching sessions throughout the summer holidays
Awarded: £1,500

Bow Young People's After School Club28-05-2004
towards the running costs of a series of culturally enriching workshops
Awarded: £936

Culmside Majorettes28-05-2004
to establish and equip a new majorette troupe
Awarded: £2,094

Tiverton Bmx Club28-05-2004
to maintain and repair the BMX track and purchase safety barriers and equipment
Awarded: £2,779

Two Moors Before & After School Club28-05-2004
for a summer holiday playscheme for children from low income families
Awarded: £4,291

Butterleigh Cricket Club29-04-2004
for an all weather practice net at the cricket pitch
Awarded: £6,204

Cullompton Rugby Football Club29-04-2004
to increase the quality, safety and structure of the club by offering equipment and quality training
Awarded: £3,500

to fund attendance to a supported family camp for children and parents who are experiencing difficulties in their home life
Awarded: £5,704

Help Group (hemyock Education And Leisure Project)29-04-2004
for the purchase and installation of a portable youth shelter
Awarded: £6,750

Tiverton Town Majorettes29-04-2004
to provide transport for children who are often experiencing difficulties within their home lives to attend events and competitions
Awarded: £1,200

Bickleigh Breakfast After School Club26-03-2004
towards the cost of running workshops for an afterschool club
Awarded: £6,600

Bradninch Old School Community Trust26-03-2004
to establish and develop a forum to encourage/assist children & young people to discuss and contribute to community development
Awarded: £4,290

Sampford Peverell Youth FC.26-03-2004
for the construction of a footpath to the village recreation ground that the young people will help build
Awarded: £5,228

Thornebuds Pre-school26-03-2004
to purchase story sacks, educational game and other equipment for a new Resources Library
Awarded: £800

Tiverton Adventure Play Association26-03-2004
to fund the provision of extended access to the resources of the Adventure Playground for children and young people
Awarded: £7,000

Tiverton Pyramid Scheme26-03-2004
for a programme of therapeutic activities designed to help children make friends and to build their self esteem, confidence and social skills
Awarded: £7,000

Withleigh Village Hall26-03-2004
for equipment and a storage shed for the youth club
Awarded: £7,000

Twyford Spartans Youth Football Club27-02-2004
to fund children and young peoples participation in a major national youth tournament in Blackpool, 40% of the children who would not otherwise be able to attend due to financial circumstances
Awarded: £6,500

Crediton Neighbourhood Family Centre29-01-2004
for a Forest School programme from children and young people at risk of children of being excluded from school
Awarded: £6,990

Tiverton Twins Club29-01-2004
for the general expenses and affiliation fees for a club giving support to families with twins
Awarded: £100

The Starburst Club20-11-2003
for equipment and general running costs to cater for the widening ability level of the children attending the club
Awarded: £3,549

Tiverton Market Centre30-10-2003
towards the cost of 2 year core funding for a youth counselling service that provides free, voluntary and confidential 1:1 Counselling for young people aged 13-25 years
Awarded: £12,000

Voluntary Support Scheme- CLOSED18-09-2003
to purchase software and peripheral equipment for a PC to produce materials for the 17 community groups
Awarded: £250

Bow Playgroup21-08-2003
to improve and refurbish an outdoor space which is currently unsuitable due to vandalism and disrepair, enabling the group to work towards a quality assurance award
Awarded: £6,000

Sandcastles Pre School21-08-2003
To cover the costs of replacing the roof on the porta cablin that houses the pre-school
Awarded: £7,000

Bampton Pre School31-07-2003
to re-open a blocked door and purchase books and musical instruments
Awarded: £1,000

Crediton Youth Focus31-07-2003
to cover the salary costs of a worker to recruit train and co-ordinate volunteers who will be involved in supporting young people
Awarded: £6,950

Crediton Special Needs Play Scheme19-06-2003
for a series of summer holiday activities for children and young people with special needs
Awarded: £1,325

Langford Environmental Education Project15-05-2003
for the 'Access for All' project for children and young people with physical disabilities
Awarded: £3,490

Rackenford Village Shop Company15-05-2003
towards the cost of stocking the new community owned shop
Awarded: £400

for a programme of outings for children with communication problems and learning difficulties
Awarded: £3,000

Haymans Close Residents Association24-04-2003
for a programme of activities over the summer holidays
Awarded: £2,730

Mid Devon Voluntary Gardening Scheme14-03-2003
for volunteers training and expenses and repairing/replacing equipment
Awarded: £500

Unite - Carers In Mid Devon14-03-2003
to set up a new charity for carers in Mid Devon
Awarded: £500

Bradninch Old School Community Trust28-02-2003
towards costs of an activity, advice and guidance centre for children and young people 4 times a week
Awarded: £6,000

Moors Youth Sports Association28-02-2003
for a trip to the Isle of Wight for young people from low income families
Awarded: £5,000

St Paul's Day Nursery (Tiverton)28-02-2003
towards the cost of employing a play worker for the baby unit
Awarded: £7,000

Bampton Scout Group31-01-2003
to cover the running costs of the mini bus to transport Scouts to activities where there is no public transport
Awarded: £500

Forest Inspirations31-01-2003
to train an additonal four Forest School volunteer Leaders
Awarded: £6,987

Hemyock Cobras Youth Fc31-01-2003
to fund the youth football teams purchases of equipment and kit for children and young people from rural areas
Awarded: £2,424

to fund a residential trip to a specialist outdoor centre for young people with special needs
Awarded: £5,040

Tiverton Opportunity Playgroup31-01-2003
to employ a play worker for 6 months while the playgroup relocates to larger premises
Awarded: £6,897

Cheriton Bishop Parent & Child Holiday Playscheme2-7-2002
for the cost of running a rural summer playscheme for local children
Awarded: £1,000

Yeoford Youngsters After School Club28-11-2002
for running costs and the purchase of two Dell computers for the after school club
Awarded: £4,000

Mid-Devon Alliance for Special Children31-10-2002
to establish a youth club for young people over 16 with a disability
Awarded: £7,000

Tiverton Adventure Play Association31-10-2002
for the cost of purchasing and installing outdoor play equipment at a free access community playground
Awarded: £6,995

Tiverton's New Generation Majorettes31-10-2002
for start up costs of a new majorette group which aims to encourage confidence and self esteem
Awarded: £300

Home Start Mid Devon26-09-2002
to cover the cost of staff and volunteers' expenses to enable them to offer support to families experiencing stress
Awarded: £7,000

Crediton & District Community Transport29-08-2002
towards the cost of office furniture for the Community Transport office - supporting elderly people and people with disabilities who cannot use public transport
Awarded: £320

Moonbeams Summer Club (Morchard Bishop)25-07-2002
to purchase new equipment and to subsidise places for children from low income backgrounds on a summer playscheme
Awarded: £250

towards transport costs for children with special needs to take part in trips and activities
Awarded: £250

Tiverton Adventure Play Association27-06-2002
to fund the a sessional worker for the adventure play park, to enable the provision of play and meeting facilities in one of the most deprived areas of Tiverton
Awarded: £500

Silverton Community Hall26-02-2002
to help meet the shortfall in income due to foot & mouth
Awarded: £380

Tillerton Farm26-02-2002
to help met the shortfall in income due to the outbreak of foot & mouth
Awarded: £500

South Street Baptist Church Palace Gate Centre30-01-2002
a contribution towards the cost of installing a lift to the 1st floor to provide disabled access
Awarded: £300

Mr M J Brice28-01-2002
to help meet the shortfall in income due to foot & mouth
Awarded: £500

Kids@Copplestone After School Club13-11-2001
towards the cost of staff and equipment to expand the out of school club facilities, enabling more children and young people to benefit
Awarded: £500

Mr Bryan Keenor19-09-2001
to help meet the shortfall caused by foot & mouth
Awarded: £300

Holcombe Rogus Pre-school23-02-2001
Awarded: £100

Lapford Youth Club23-02-2001
Awarded: £100

Sunningmead Community Association20-02-2001
Awarded: £200

Tiverton Adventure Play Association20-02-2001
Awarded: £250

Tiverton Market Centre20-02-2001
Awarded: £250

Awarded: £200

Tiverton and District Volunteer Centre3-12-1999
Awarded: £500

Awarded: £100