Where the money goes

Lympstone Parish Council20-09-2017
to fund resources for the community of Woodbury Salterton to work together to create an emergency resilience plan
Awarded: £250

Accessible Coach Holidays19-06-2017
contributing to the cost of day trips and breaks for disabled people and their carers, accessing specialist transport and suitable hotels, without which this would not be affordable
Awarded: £1,000

Le Marais Summer Fete12-4-2016
a gardening project for older people in Jersey, creating seating and windbreak area and a plot for growing vegetables, the gardens will offer a social and recreational focus for the community
Awarded: £1,000

Health and Local Food for Families12-4-2016
for cookery sessions for children 9 to 16 in two youth clubs in East Devon, helping youngsters with difficult home life to learn valuable skills for the future
Awarded: £924

Broadhembury Community Centre CIO12-4-2016
funding towards computer equipment for a rural community centre used by young and older people, helping residents access the internet and encouraging inter-generational community support
Awarded: £900

Read Easy Honiton12-4-2016
supporting a project helping adults to learn or improve their reading, providing a library of specialist books, increasing their confidence and opening so many new opportunities to learn
Awarded: £1,000

Woodbury Salterton Resilience Group8-12-2016
to fund resources for the community of Woodbury Salterton to work together to create an emergency resilience plan
Awarded: £250

NR FIRE15-12-2016
Exeter fire fund grant
Awarded: £1,700

Health and Local Food for Families24-11-2016
support for people living alone so that they can learn how to improve their diet, through cooking healthier food, food planning and budgeting, nutrition and labelling, understanding more about how food affects health and wellbeing
Awarded: £4,977

Pete's Dragons26-07-2016
contributing towards the first suicide bereavement support service in Devon, offering one to one and group sessions, essential support at a time of crisis, facilitating contact with others with a shared experience and building emotional resilience
Awarded: £2,000

Honiton55 Day centre26-07-2016
for IT equipment for a computer club for elderly residents in the Honiton area, helping them to learn how to access information and services online
Awarded: £750

Accessible Coach Holidays26-07-2016
contributing to the cost of day trips and breaks for disabled people and their carers, accessing specialist transport and suitable hotels, without which this would not be affordable
Awarded: £2,000

Pete's Dragons23-03-2016
to support those bereaved by suicide and to support suicide prevention initiatives throughout Devon, initially Exeter and East Devon
Awarded: £3,000

EDVSA - The Project23-03-2016
for an allotment project for young people with mental health issues, to build skills and coping strategies also to redevelop the website for the support group to a much more interactive site which will extend the reach of support young people in rural areas
Awarded: £3,124

Different Together23-03-2016
funding a group that provides information and support to the adult spouses/partners of people affected by Asperger?s Syndrome, giving these partners the opportunity to meet and share experiences, helping to reduce the loneliness, anxiety and depression they may experience
Awarded: £2,899

Glenorchy Work Club23-03-2016
to support a weekly job club for long term unemployed in the Exmouth area, offering encouragement and advice, increasing confidence and reducing the isolation of being out of work
Awarded: £4,000

Newton Poppleford & Harpford Parish Council18-02-2016
To fund meetings for the community ofNewton Poppleford & Harpford to work together to create an emergency resilience plan
Awarded: £250

Broadclyst VIP (villagers improving play)9-4-2015
to support flood and community resilience in Broadclyst.
Awarded: £2,500

Chardstock Community Hall Trust8-4-2015
to purchase indoor bowls equipment for older members of the rural community hall, providing the opportunity to learn new skills, as well as encouraging a healthy lifestyle and socialising helping to reduce isolation
Awarded: £954

A Brighter Tomorrow8-4-2015
training volunteers in order to provide a peer support service in East Devon for parents of disabled children, helping to increase social inclusion, build confidence and raise future aspirations
Awarded: £1,000

Health and Local Food for Families2-4-2015
supporting monthly cookery sessions for disadvantaged young people in East Devon, helping them to develop life skills such as healthy eating and intergenerational socialising
Awarded: £990

Otter Rotters Ltd2-4-2015
funding an environmentally sustainable garden waste project, volunteers are people fighting addiction problems, focused on this horticultural project they learn new skills and re-build their sense of worth, giving them a positive future and chance of employment
Awarded: £1,000

Growing Together (Community Gardening) CIC15-12-2015
funding to support social and therapeutic horticulture in care homes in East Devon, these gardening clubs encourage older people to get involved with light exercise and social interaction, reducing isolation and promoting a sense of well-being
Awarded: £3,043

Axminster Health and Wellbeing Centre15-12-2015
to help fund a support group for people with Cancer, in East Devon, reducing the isolation and desperation felt after diagnosis, on offer is complimentary therapy treatments and emotional support for their families and carers
Awarded: £1,000

providing transport to people in rural areas of East Devon to enable them to attend activities and access support for mental health issues, reducing isolation and raising general well-being
Awarded: £995

Seaton&District Memory Cafe16-06-2015
supporting a memory cafe to continue their work with people suffering dementia and their carers, helping to reduce the isolation and fear of this illness, making the future more positive
Awarded: £1,000

Accessible Coach Holidays26-02-2015
to subsidise the cost of a coach holiday for disabled people from deprived areas around east and mid Devon, giving them the opportunity to get away with the support they require and allowing respite for their carers
Awarded: £5,000

Growing Together (Community Gardening) CIC26-02-2015
supporting a community project that uses gardening to support the wellbeing of older people and their carers, bringing about improved social interaction and better physical and mental health
Awarded: £1,000

Read Easy Honiton26-02-2015
to purchase manuals and associated reading materials, increasing adults' ability to read, resulting in better mental health, employment opportunities, relationships, community involvement, physical health and greater self-esteem
Awarded: £402

Canned Sunshine17-02-2015
to replenish and sustain seldom donated stock of foods for a Foodbank, thus being able to support vulnerable people at times of hardship, crisis or disadvantage who are unable to afford to buy food
Awarded: £1,000

KM Devonian9-10-2014
to enable an individual to upgrade their backdoor to give them increase mobility and independent access to their garden.
Awarded: £897

Broadhembury Community Centre CIO13-10-2014
to offer friendly, relaxed space in the community for older people to gain computer knowledge and young people to up skill, complete homework and assignments increasing inter-generational socialising
Awarded: £900

GH Devonian8-1-2014
To make adaptions to the interior units and fittings of a campervan for a person with secondary progressive MS.
Awarded: £2,000

Littleham Family Activity Centre15-04-2014
to provide outside play equipment for use by families with low income, disadvantaged and socially excluded, living in areas identified as high deprivation which will increase confidence levels and help to reduce isolation
Awarded: £1,000

Community Action Team, Honiton20-02-2014
To provide emergency support to people facing homelessness.
Awarded: £5,000

Honiton & District Disabled Fellowship Club7-3-2013
To provide trips for older people and people with disabilities to go on outings.
Awarded: £500

Ottery + District Skate + BMX Trust7-10-2013
BBC Radio Devon Give a Gift Grant
Awarded: £500

Mr RG Devonian7-10-2013
Purchase of an appropriate single seater chair with arms on either side and of an appropriate height.
Awarded: £399

Accessible Coach Holidays21-10-2013
To subsidise the cost of coach holidays for wheelchair users.
Awarded: £3,300

Honiton 729 Gateway Club21-10-2013
To provide a special event for adults with learning disabilities.
Awarded: £900

Open Door Exmouth21-10-2013
To provide a volunteer co-ordinator to supervise and train volunteers at community centre in Exmouth.
Awarded: £3,500

Health and Local Food for Families24-06-2013
To support the former Axminster Carpets employees to learn to cook on a very low budget, and help them to learn budgeting skills that they will be able to apply to their whole lives.
Awarded: £8,673

HM Devonian14-05-2013
to provide chairbed for individual with MS.
Awarded: £1,650

Health and Local Food for Families17-04-2013
Devon Funding Network 2013 payment
Awarded: £3,126

Accessible Coach Holidays7-6-2012
to subsidise the cost of the holidays
Awarded: £2,500

Broadclyst VIP (villagers improving play)7-2-2012
To refurbish the young people's shelter
Awarded: £1,000

Ottery St Mary Scout Group23-10-2012
To train scouts in leadership, practical and life skills through activities such as lifesaving, first aid, basic aeronautics and map reading and Outward Bound challenges.
Awarded: £2,500

Cranford Badminton Club24-01-2012
for 2 sports chair which will enable 2 players to play badminton in our sessions safely.
Awarded: £700

Exmouth Gateway Club24-01-2012
to replace some of the equipment that the members use during their evenings at the Gateway club
Awarded: £750

East Devon Joint Agency for Children with Special Needs11-8-2011
To purchase a Buggypod
Awarded: £100

Honiton 729 Gateway Club8-2-2011
to help purchase a portable PA system with speakers for the club members
Awarded: £200

Orcombe Court Residents Social Club8-2-2011
To contributre towards the cost of coach hire for an outing to Clarks Village for the residents.
Awarded: £150

Reece Strawbridge Centre11-2-2011
to purchase furniture for the cafe/kitchen
Awarded: £756

Honiton & District Disabled Fellowship Club3-10-2011
to provide transport for the majority of our members to meetings
Awarded: £500

Orcombe Court Residents Social Club26-09-2011
To provide a 'Christmas Dinner outing' for residents and 'disabled friendly' coach transport.
Awarded: £430

Exmouth & Budleigh Salterton Explorer Scouts19-05-2011
summer camp to Jersey
Awarded: £1,400

Complex Care Team27-01-2011
to contribute towards the cost of a specialist chair
Awarded: £593

Complex Care Team27-01-2011
to replace the old perished front door unit improving access
Awarded: £1,000

Accessible Coach Holidays17-01-2011
to provide respite holidays for the physically disabled
Awarded: £2,500

Orcombe Court Residents Social Club7-6-2010
Christmas social outing for dinner for residents
Awarded: £703

Woodbury Scout and Guide Hut9-4-2010
to replace broken LPG boiler with electric water heater for kitchen and WCs
Awarded: £900

Devon Racqueteers Wheelchair Badminton Club1-4-2010
to purchase two wheelchairs and cover the costs of transport and accommodation to tournaments
Awarded: £3,900

3rd Exmouth Scout Group1-2-2010
to improve facilities for the Scouts at Marpool Scout Hut
Awarded: £1,000

Accessible Coach Holidays1-2-2010
to enable disabled people to have a respite holiday
Awarded: £5,000

Broadclyst Art Society1-2-2010
to provide Art Tutors for the group's sessions
Awarded: £510

Honiton 729 Gateway Club1-2-2010
providing club nights each Monday 7-9pm, plus trips and outings when funds permit
Awarded: £2,500

Sidmouth and District Dyslexia Association1-2-2010
to provide a workshop for adults with severe dyslexia in the Sidmouth area, involving weekly meetings with two specialist dyslexia teachers
Awarded: £2,000

Lympstone Amateur Boxing Club27-09-2010
boxing awards course
Awarded: £1,000

Senior Council for Devon (Seaton & Area)30-07-2010
installing a barrier at the top of a grass bank to prevent anti-social driving
Awarded: £310

1st Beer Scout Group19-07-2010
repair to Scout Hut roof
Awarded: £636

Honiton Swimming Club19-07-2010
to enable the members/swimmers to achieve their true potential
Awarded: £1,230

The Axe Valley Community College PTFA19-07-2010
new computers for community adult learning
Awarded: £2,000

5th Exmouth Sea Scouts24-05-2010
to purchase new equipment
Awarded: £2,000

Kilmington Village Hall24-05-2010
to comply with recent Fire Regulations and modernise these facilities in our 25 year old building
Awarded: £1,000

Littleham Family Activity Centre24-05-2010
A safe and nurturing environment for children and their carers to play and learn.
Awarded: £5,000

Children & Young People's Services23-04-2010
to purchase a tandem bike for the entire family to use.
Awarded: £219

Children & Young People's Services23-04-2010
Awarded: £250

Devon & District Racial Equality Council23-04-2010
providing a playground at Broadclyst Traveller site
Awarded: £5,000

Sidmouth Patchers & Quilters22-02-2010
to enable everyone, of whatever ability or disability, to realise their potential with the help of equipment
Awarded: £800

East Devon Enabling Support Service (DCC)22-01-2010
to purchase a recliner chair
Awarded: £300

Rainbow Under 5s Playgroup22-01-2010
inclusion project to help us include a child with physical disabilities
Awarded: £500

Mudbank Crafts Group10-9-2009
to take our disabled group for their Christmas Lunch outing using a wheelchair coach
Awarded: £520

Exmouth Archers1-9-2009
equipment for junior archers
Awarded: £895

Minabb Social Group3-7-2009
to contribute towards the costs of taxi fares for members, table games and the summer outing
Awarded: £300

Dalwood Village Hall Trust5-5-2009
to contribute towards the renovation of the village hall's kitchen
Awarded: £1,000

Exmouth Lawn Tennis Club5-5-2009
to resurface 2 hard court tennis courts
Awarded: £3,000

Grandisson Archery Club5-5-2009
to purchase new archery equipment and to contribute towards the costs of a new storage container
Awarded: £500

Kerswell Playing Field Association5-5-2009
to purchase new play equipment to comply with current safety regulations
Awarded: £1,000

Seaton Martial Arts Centre5-5-2009
to purchase and fit new matting in the dojo, and to refurbish the toilets and showers
Awarded: £2,000

Sidford Social Hall5-5-2009
to contribute towards replacing emergency doors, redecorating the kitchen and replacing the staging curtains
Awarded: £1,000

Whimple Cricket Club1-5-2009
to contribute towards the cost of a sighscreen for the cricket pitch
Awarded: £200

Kilmington Village Hall9-3-2009
to cover the cost of installing a new heating system for the hall
Awarded: £1,500

Ottery St Mary Explorer Unit9-3-2009
to provide team building, confidence building, opportunity for personal development and experience a wider community for the young people
Awarded: £800

Sid Vale Sharks Swimming Club9-3-2009
to contribute towards the cost of pool hire for the group over 3 years
Awarded: £3,000

Tipton St John Tennis Club9-3-2009
resurfacing of Tennis Courts following flood damage
Awarded: £1,000

Yarcombe Jubilee Hall9-3-2009
to replace the exisiting leaky felt roof, and replace two internal pillars in the hall
Awarded: £1,000

Exmouth & Budleigh Salterton Scout Active Support Unit14-12-2009
building work at Scout Hut
Awarded: £4,000

Health and Local Food for Families14-12-2009
setting up a food centre in Axminster to help people to increase their knowledge and confidence in growing, cooking and eating healthy food
Awarded: £4,990

Poltimore Parish Plan Steering Committee14-12-2009
to produce a Parish Plan and action points for the future
Awarded: £750

Tipton Owlets Playgroup14-12-2009
to provide a safe and stimulating outdoor play area and garden for our playgroup children
Awarded: £1,514

Upottery Pre-School14-12-2009
to have an outdoor canopy installed to the pre-school building, allowing the children to play outside all year
Awarded: £2,500

Broadclyst Rifle Club30-11-2009
remedial electrical work - rewiring and earthing
Awarded: £300

Honiton & District Disabled Fellowship Club2-11-2009
transporting our disabled members to monthly meetings and on outings
Awarded: £850

Orcombe Court Residents Social Club19-10-2009
providing a Christmas Lunch outing for approximately 35 people including specially adapted coach
Awarded: £495

Clyst St Mary Recreation Committee21-09-2009
a new piece of apparatus for our play area for older children
Awarded: £1,000

Exmouth Eagles Youth Football Club21-09-2009
youth league football club with FA affiliation
Awarded: £1,000

Ottery St Mary Scout Group21-09-2009
to create a community response unit made up of young people from Ottery Scouts and Explorers who can step in and support local people and organisations in times of distress
Awarded: £1,000

Clyst St Mary Village Hall Committee15-07-2009
provision of new floor to main hall
Awarded: £900

Feniton Youth Centre29-06-2009
to cover the cost of installing new double-glazed windows throughout the Youth Centre
Awarded: £1,500

Honiton Cricket Club29-06-2009
to contribute towards the cost of purchasing new sight screens and covers for the club
Awarded: £750

Little Rotters Eco Club29-06-2009
to contribute towards the cost of purchasing various gardening equipment for the club
Awarded: £250

Newton Poppleford Village Hall Committee29-06-2009
to re-decorate the shabby toilets and to replace the outdated chairs in order to enhance the village hall for all its users
Awarded: £1,000

Sidford Playgroup29-06-2009
to cover the cost of replacing out-dated and worn equipment within the playgroup
Awarded: £500

Alfington Parochial Church Council29-05-2009
to contribute towards the price increase on the new cooker for the hall
Awarded: £250

Littleham's Associations, Residents & Friends (LARF)18-05-2009
to purchase 3 banners and 1 A-board to use for advertising purposes for the activities of the group
Awarded: £374

1st Lympstone Scouts26-01-2009
to contribute towards the costs of installing a mains electricity supply to the Scout Hut
Awarded: £4,272

Axmouth Playground Association26-01-2009
to contribute towards the cost of new play equipment for the park
Awarded: £5,000

Clyst Hydon Cricket & Sports Club26-01-2009
to purchase new, extended cricket nets and fixing equipment for the cricket pitch
Awarded: £1,000

Exmouth & Budleigh Salterton Explorer Scouts26-01-2009
to purchase a projector, basic camping equipment and help with hall and minibus rental
Awarded: £3,083

Seaton & District Club for the Visually Impaired26-01-2009
to contribute towards the costs of taxis to take members to/from their monthly meetings
Awarded: £700

Seaton & District Club for the Visually Impaired26-01-2009
to contribute towards the costs of taxis to take members to/from their monthly meetings
Awarded: £500

Sid Valley Horticultural Society26-01-2009
to cover the hire cost of a larger marquee for the annual show
Awarded: £2,000

Sidmouth Town Junior Vikings AFC26-01-2009
to contribute towards the running costs of the Club
Awarded: £2,826

Smeatharpe Allotments Trust26-01-2009
to cover the cost of ploughing and harrowing the plots, to install mains water and purchase a notice board
Awarded: £1,500

Upottery Playing Fields Association26-01-2009
to contribute towards the cost of building a double tennis court in the village
Awarded: £5,000

Budleigh Salterton Cricket Club16-01-2009
to purchase gravel to re-cover the car park and parts of the driveway
Awarded: £500

1st Beer Scout Group8-12-2008
to provide canoeing activities for members of the Scout Group
Awarded: £4,364

1st Lym Valley Scout Group8-12-2008
to update and decorate the meeting room, put in a false ceiling and decorate the scout hut
Awarded: £1,750

Exmouth Ceramic Group8-12-2008
to refurbish two garages to make into a community pottery studio
Awarded: £4,868

Honiton Twirl Stars8-12-2008
to provide the troupe with the equipment and training to perform military displays in training and competitions
Awarded: £1,500

Kilmington Pre-School8-12-2008
as part of a new project at the pre-school to build an outside play shelter for the children
Awarded: £3,000

Rockbeare Village Hall8-12-2008
to renovate Rockbeare Village Hall
Awarded: £1,500

Sidmouth Stroke Club1-12-2008
to contribute towards the fees of speakers, and towards the costs of transport for summer outings
Awarded: £400

Axminster Cricket Club27-10-2008
to support a three year cricket skills course for primary school age children
Awarded: £4,560

Honiton 729 Gateway Club27-10-2008
the provision of social activities for members with learning disabilities
Awarded: £1,000

Offwell Recreation Ground & Village Hall Charity27-10-2008
to update the ladies and gent toilets in the pavillion
Awarded: £4,000

Sidmouth and District Dyslexia Association27-10-2008
to provide a workshop for adults with severe dyslexia in the Sidmouth area, involving weekly meetings with two specialist dyslexia teachers
Awarded: £3,000

Sidmouth Patchers & Quilters27-10-2008
to help fulfil the members potential and to enable anyone to take part, giving the help and equipment needed
Awarded: £1,000

Rainbow Under 5s Playgroup15-10-2008
Aim to provide playground shelter to enable children to access outdoor play in wet and hot weather.
Awarded: £500

Committee for Uplyme Playground19-09-2008
to provide a slide for the playground
Awarded: £5,000

Lympstone @ Play19-09-2008
for the purchase and intallation of a MUGA unit in the multisports area of our youth group play area
Awarded: £4,995

Tale Valley Trust19-09-2008
to restore the water meadow on the river Tale
Awarded: £5,000

RSVP Devon25-04-2008
to recruit and encourage older people to make a difference to their community by volunteering
Awarded: £500

Otter Rotters2-11-2007
to engage adults with learning disabilities in a horticulture project at Barnfield Farm, Luppit
Awarded: £6,753

to support those with learning disabilities who are about to leave home or college and who are looking to find meaningful roles in their community
Awarded: £2

to support those with learning disabilities who are about to leave home or college and who are looking to find meaningful roles in their community
Awarded: £3,928

Awliscombe Little Otters31-08-2007
to formally establish and improve facilities for existing pilot parent and toddler group
Awarded: £808

Blackdown Hills Business Association31-08-2007
to run a self-employment programme to increase self confidence and gain a better understanding of the necessary financial and IT skills needed to start your own business
Awarded: £3,500

Blackdown Hills Business Association31-08-2007
for a series of taster sessions raising awareness of the possibility of self employment for young people
Awarded: £1,100

Blackdown Hills Business Association31-08-2007
for a series of taster sessions raising awareness of the possibility of self employment for young people
Awarded: £7,000

Honiton Community Church31-08-2007
to support the preschool children attending the crèche whilst parents attend a parenting course
Awarded: £682

After Schools Football27-07-2007
for an after school football club in Otterton
Awarded: £3,605

Puffins At Beer Pre-School27-07-2007
to purchase waterproof clothing and play equipment
Awarded: £824

Committee for Uplyme Playground28-06-2007
to provide play equipment for the older children/young people (11-16) of the village
Awarded: £7,000

Dunkeswell Children's Play and Leisure Group28-06-2007
to provide sheltered meeting place for young people living in a rurally isolated village.
Awarded: £4,185

Puddleduck Pre School28-06-2007
to improve and make safe the outside area for the children to play in and buy education and fun outside equipment
Awarded: £4,863

to run a Step by Step project to develop the practical and life skills people with learning disabilities
Awarded: £6,172

Ottery St Mary & District Later Life Forum27-04-2007
to fund the production and distribution of the group newsletter
Awarded: £300

Ottery St Mary Hub Club27-04-2007
to formally establish, promote and carry out community consultation for the Hub Club
Awarded: £500

Health and Local Food for Families30-03-2007
to run a programme of cookery sessions for parents of children, young babies and toddlers to learn to cook nutritionally appropriate food
Awarded: £5,525

Lympstone Young People's Society23-02-2007
to provide summer trips and activities for children from both the Junior and Senior youth club
Awarded: £1,246

East Devon County Netball Association15-12-2006
to establish 3 satellite academies for netball across Devon
Awarded: £2,963

to run a 6 month pilot child bereavement service and set up a dedicated referral phone line
Awarded: £6,940

Home Start Exmouth24-11-2006
to support children in Honiton
Awarded: £4,596

for a six month pilot advocacy project for young people with learning disabilities
Awarded: £3,797

Honiton Twirl Stars29-09-2006
to purchase equipment to set up a new group of majorettes, providing children and young people with structured, healthy activities
Awarded: £2,653

Lympstone @ Play29-09-2006
to purchase and install a swing in the teenage section of the play area
Awarded: £4,514

Devon Folk28-07-2006
towards the cost of teaching a group of children and young people various folk dances for a festival
Awarded: £440

Devon Young Farmers28-07-2006
for a mixed hockey tournament and a mini sports day of the younger members of the Association
Awarded: £2,980

Littleham Family Activity Centre28-07-2006
for a summer holiday programme for children from an area of social deprivation who are generally from low income families
Awarded: £2,008

Cloakham Lawn Sports Centre26-05-2006
to set up and build a new skate park facility for the children and young people from the largest local authority housing estate in East Devon
Awarded: £5,965

Musbury Village Hall28-04-2006
for improvements to the acoustics of the village hall for the benefit of the community
Awarded: £500

Seaton & District Club for the Visually Impaired28-04-2006
towards running costs of running the social/support group for visually impaired people of all ages
Awarded: £500

Committee for Uplyme Playground30-03-2006
towards the cost of playground equipment for the use of children and young people living in a rurally isolated community
Awarded: £7,000

Honiton Rugby Club27-01-2006
to buy portable floodlighting in order to extend the youth teams after school practice and match times
Awarded: £4,000

Talaton Village Shop Association28-10-2005
towards the cost of the relocation of the new community owned village shop
Awarded: £500

Yeti Project28-10-2005
to purchase safety equipment for young people to ride scooters to and from work/training
Awarded: £500

Age Concern Devon29-07-2005
for an East Devon pilot exercise project for older people
Awarded: £1,000

Honiton & District Ring & Ride29-07-2005
for a new computer to co-ordinate transport for elderly, disabled and socially excluded residents of 38 villages in east Devon
Awarded: £342

Lympstone Young People's Society28-04-2005
towards the cost of re-roofing Lympstone Youth Club Hut
Awarded: £7,000

Littleham Family Activity Centre25-02-2005
to pay the rent for 2 days a week during March due to the transient membership of the centre
Awarded: £80

Lympstone Young People's Society24-02-2005
to service and safety check the gas boiler in the youth club premises
Awarded: £75

Dunkeswell Youth Club27-01-2005
to purchase a digital camcorder to enable young people to provide evidence of a need for a dirt bike track
Awarded: £628

Plymtree Parish Hall & Recreation Ground Charity1-4-2004
to fund the reestablishment of a youth club
Awarded: £1,513

Sidmouth Strikers Girls Fc1-4-2004
to purchase equipment and cover transport costs in order to compete in an all girls under 12's girls football League
Awarded: £2,000

Children's Diabetes Group Snackpack17-12-2004
for an adventure weekend for 40 children with Type 1 diabetes
Awarded: £4,000

Tale Valley Trust17-12-2004
to run community led environmental projects, trails and workshops for children and young people
Awarded: £3,000

Yeti Project17-12-2004
to purchase new bikes enabling the service to be extended to more rurally isolated young people
Awarded: £7,000

Axmouth Pre School26-11-2004
for maths and science equipment for the children
Awarded: £1,260

Littleham Family Activity Centre28-09-2004
for salaries and equipment to enable the centre to extend its opening times, widening access to families from low income households
Awarded: £1,809

Lympstone @ Play28-09-2004
to build an activity trail in Lympstone for children from the local community
Awarded: £7,000

Ottery St Mary & District Later Life Forum29-07-2004
towards the cost of publishing the next four issues of the community newsletter
Awarded: £200

for admin costs and transport for visually impaired and blind people to attend meetings and social events
Awarded: £250

Heathpark Community Project29-01-2004
funding for young 14-18-year-olds to learn car mechanics and safety
Awarded: £1,500

Lympstone @ Play18-12-2003
to pay for the services of Devonplay who will write a Report on the viability of a play area in Lympstone
Awarded: £100

Coleridge Pre-school Playgroup20-11-2003
to improve access to the building for future pre school members and other users of the building
Awarded: £4,815

Factory Action Steering Group20-11-2003
To research & evaluate the extent of local community support for the outline proposals to save and use the void cutler hammer factory and to gain community, cultural, employment & environmental benefits
Awarded: £375

Open Door Centre30-10-2003
for a parenting skills development project for hard-to-reach/loan parents
Awarded: £5,960

Yeti Project31-07-2003
to buy additional scooters and equipment to enable more rurally isolated young people to travel to work or further education
Awarded: £6,000

Littleham Family Activity Centre19-06-2003
to meet the salary of a play worker to extend services to more children
Awarded: £3,120

East Devon Activity Weekend Group24-04-2003
for a residential activity weekend for children with special needs
Awarded: £3,876

Exmouth Girls Football24-04-2003
for equipment and groundwork to encourage more young women into sporting activities
Awarded: £2,386

The Loft Club24-04-2003
to fund a worker and accompanying resources to run a weekly sexual health advice sessions for young people
Awarded: £3,580

Yeti Project24-04-2003
to purchase crash helmets, reflective strips and other safety equipment for rurally isolated young people who need access to transport
Awarded: £500

Exmouth Youth Council28-02-2003
Youth Arts project for young people focussing on hopes and dreams for the future
Awarded: £6,935

Lympstone Pre School28-02-2003
to pilot a scheme to extend lunch club by two extra sessions during the summer term
Awarded: £699

Exmouth & Distrtict Volunteer Centre15-01-2003
to update publicity materials to include new areas and to advertise the resurrection of the Voluntary Car Service
Awarded: £100

East Devon & Exeter Branch of MGA31-10-2002
to cover the cost of room hire for the first two meetings for sufferers of Myasthenia Gravis, a chronic neuromuscular disease
Awarded: £100

Lympstone Toddler Group31-10-2002
to cover a 36 week funding shortfall due to transient population
Awarded: £108

Stoke Canon Benefice Youth Project31-10-2002
towards the cost of employing a youth worker to expand youth services to local young people
Awarded: £4,000

Heathpark Community Project27-06-2002
to purchase materials for a community playscheme
Awarded: £469

Axmouth Playground Association27-03-2002
towards the cost of equipment for a new community playground
Awarded: £415

Ottery St Mary & District Later Life Forum30-01-2002
towards the cost of a senior citizen group to produce their own newsletter and create a permanent community information display
Awarded: £300

Mr Allan Candy28-01-2002
to cmpensate for loss of income due to foot & mouth
Awarded: £100

East Devon Special Needs Action Group28-01-2002
towards the cost ofarts and crafts activities for people with disabilities
Awarded: £300

Exmouth Ceramic Group28-01-2002
to fund the relocation of the ceramic workshop to Exmouth YMCA to reach a wider community audience
Awarded: £300

Lower Pithayne Farm28-01-2002
to help meet the shortfall in income caused by foor & mouth
Awarded: £500

Membury Merrymakers28-01-2002
towards the cost of a pantomime
Awarded: £350

Seaton Monday Club for the Visually Impaired17-09-2001
to fund weekly meetings that provide a much needed social and support network facility to visually impaired people
Awarded: £100

Honiton Voluntary Car Scheme23-02-2001
Awarded: £200

The Axminster & District Forum23-02-2001
Awarded: £200

Dalwood Community Shop Association20-02-2001
Awarded: £250

Side-by-Side in East Devon20-02-2001
Awarded: £250

Tennyson Way Community House Project20-02-2001
Awarded: £200

HomeStart Exeter25-01-2000
Awarded: £100

Sidmouth Help Link10-9-1999
Awarded: £100

Payhembury 60+ Club & Payhembury Day Centre3-12-1999
Awarded: £100

Blackdown Support Group4-11-1999
Awarded: £100

Exmouth Youth Action Agency4-11-1999
Awarded: £100

Age Concern Devon5-10-1999
Awarded: £100

East & Mid Devon Victim Support19-10-1999
Awarded: £87

East Devon Volunteer Support Agency28-09-1999
Awarded: £100