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Summary of last audited accounts 2017-2018

Summary of Accounts 2017-2018 £
Total Grant Making £1,113,243
Total Income  £1,874,235
Endowment at 31st March 2018* £6,665,615

Grants awarded 2017-18

Income Grants Programmes  £1,000,538
Income other £873,697
Cost of generating voluntary income  £128,470
Administration of grant making & governance £297,749

*Consolidated accounts including other assets 

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Accounts 2017-18

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Investment – a safe pair of hands
Devon Community Foundation recently linked with Wiltshire and Swindon Community Foundation and Somerset Community Foundation to work together on appointing investment managers and negotiating a collective agreement, the first partnership of its kind in the country for Community Foundations. The result of this collaboration has been the appointment of two investment managers: Smith and Williamson Investment Managers and Ruffer LLP. Reinvesting with our new managers has brought about significantly reduced fees and a much improved return on investment. In addition, Community First Funds which have attracted the 50% endowment scheme matched funds are managed by CCLA Investment Management Limited.